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Al Gore’s marriage is ending and it’s George Bush’s fault

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Al Gore’s marriage is ending and it’s George Bush’s fault

This is the new narrative over at CBS news regarding Al and Tipper Gore’s divorce. No, seriously. Apparently, George Bush should have given up his presidential victory to save the Gore marriage.

Family friend Sally Quinn told CBS News correspondent Sharyl Attkisson that Gore winning the popular vote for president but losing the electoral vote may have done the marriage irreparable harm.

“He’s obviously suffered a lot,” Quinn said. “He’ll never get over that and neither will she.”

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If only that heartless bastard hadn’t won, then Al and Tipper would still be happily making out in public.

This divorce, by the way, is as earth-shattering to leftists as Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s divorce was to celeb junkies. The way they’re carrying on about this is ridiculous. It’s as if their marriage was the only healthy marriage in all of politics, and now it’s been revealed to be fake. How sad.

I hate to point out the obvious, but George and Laura Bush are still going strong.

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  • physics geek says:

    I hate to point out the obvious, but George and Laura Bush are still going strong.

    That, too, I blame on Bush.

  • POWinCA says:

    Recall that their romance was the basis for “Love Story.”

    I guess this is the sequel.

    Tommy Lee Jones is shaking in anger.

  • We need some major reform right now.

    Public service is exactly that, a service. There shouldn’t be any prestige attached to it. And if it has an effect on a marriage at all, winning an elected office should destroy marriages, losing the election should save marriages.

    It shouldn’t be like possessing some kind of an asset, it needs to be the precise opposite. A liability. A huge pain in the ass, a headache that’s with you every waking moment and you can’t wait to hand it off to someone else.

    This guy had to become President in order for his marriage to endure? Heh heh. I’d love to hear what Thomas Jefferson or Alexander Hamilton would have to say about that.

  • Smithwick says:

    Chalk that up as an added bonus of the 2000 election.

    But seriously, is there anything Bush can’t do?

  • RuthenianCowboy says:

    But seriously, is there anything Bush can’t do?

    Preserve the Republican brand by preventing the massive expansion of government?

  • Steve L. says:

    Even as a still image, that kiss is painful to look at.

  • Ladies…..he’s available, y’know.

  • ck says:

    This is called protecting assets. They’ll still have half the loot from the carbon trading scam after al gets drug into court.I bet they keep the new beach house and let the Tenn. mansion go.

  • Steve says:

    I just wanted to say I really enjoy your blog! Keep up the great work!!

    Common Cents

    ps. Link Exchange??

  • dprosenthal says:

    If Ms Quinn was really a friend of the Gore family, she would have kept her mouth shut about the situation and only reminded people that it is a personal matter and that the couple deserves the right and respect of their own privacy.
    By the way, Bush also is to blame for the BP disaster and the floods that hit Atlanta last fall.

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