After the Fiscal Cliff bill, Obama’s back in Hawaii to finish Vacation

After the Fiscal Cliff bill, Obama’s back in Hawaii to finish Vacation

They create the fiscal cliff and then reward themselves for avoiding it. A bloated and feckless government, whose spending far exceeds government revenue; with major Federal programs facing potential bankruptcy. Why is that? Because said bloated and feckless government, aka Congress, can’t seem to understand how to exercise any sort of discipline when it comes to spending money that isn’t technically theirs.

Once the SHTF, they whip everyone into a frenzy – especially the spineless Republicans – about “The Fiscal Cliff,” passing a tax hike that will do NOTHING to stop or slow the financial disaster America is headed into over the next decade. And as if to add insult, Senators got the 154-page Fiscal Cliff bill 3 minutes before they voted on it. Weak-kneed Speaker John Boehner apparently cut some sort of deal with the WH, and after avoiding the cliff, Obama headed back to Hawaii to finish his luxury vacation at a cost of $3.6 million dollars on top of the 4 million the American taxpayer has already spent this time around. By the way, that estimate? It only considers the expense of operating Air Force One at around $180,000 per hour.

This is so like President iWonTwice, isn’t it?

His contempt for America is so clear. His lack of sensitivity and grace is palpable. And now, we find out that he left DC without signing the Fiscal Cliff bill that he was freaking out about.

Back to the imperial vacation…let them eat cake.

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