Actor Says Trump Silence Condones LGBT Persecution

Actor Says Trump Silence Condones LGBT Persecution

Actor Says Trump Silence Condones LGBT Persecution

Alan Cumming is a Scottish-born actor and naturalized U.S. citizen. With a new television show coming out, publicity is needed. Best way to get publicity today is to trash President Donald Trump. Alan Cumming is reported in Page Six to have said that by his silence,

Trump condones violence against the gay community. The actual quote is:

“the president is actively condoning, by his silence, violence and persecution against the LBGT community.”

Alan Cumming, actor.

Alan Cumming is a good enough actor. For those who don’t remember, he was in “Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion. Here he is, at the end, Lisa Kudrow says “no” to him.

That was a good movie. Fun, funny. High school did suck, for most of us. The movie didn’t beat anyone over the head with a message.

There is a good reason why I haven’t watched network television in over a decade. Yawn. Tired sitcoms, retread scripts, crime drama, crime drama, crime drama, lather, rinse and repeat. Last movie that I saw, in a theater, was “American Sniper”. Why go spend your hard earned greenback dollars to see a movie written by someone who thinks the average American is a racist, bigoted, homophobe; produced by a cave troll who is assaulting women most of the time; and starring people who use their money to fund things the average American doesn’t believe in.

Which brings us to Mr. Cummings and his “condones” statement. His new show is a “procedural” crime drama. The crime is solved in the hour of the show and the show producer says the show, called “Instinct” is done “with a light tone”. Let’s add this all up, shall we. A crime of the week show, starring a gay character, married to a another man, is done “with a light tone”. Sledgehammer is more likely.

Besides, doesn’t every movie, tv and telenovela have a gay main character. Like I said, I haven’t watched broadcast television in a decade, but I do read Page Six and magazines.

In order to get publicity for his, um, television drama, Mr. Cumming calls on that evil fiend, President Donald Trump. Mr. Cumming asserts that President Trump actively condones by his silence, violence and persecution against the LGBT community. So, he “participates in absolving, by not speaking, violence and persecution against the LGBT community. Man, that is a stretch. But, when one is looking for publicity, one will stretch. It did make my beloved Page Six in the New York Post.

And, President Trump hasn’t been silent, Mr. Cumming. Behold:

Unlike say, former President Obama, Mr. Cumming. Mr. Obama talked a great game, but then he bowed and scraped and gave cover for regimes that imprison, torture and murder gay people. Iran and Egypt come to mind. According to the UK Guardian LGBT relationships are illegal in 72 countries. You want to call someone out, Mr. Cumming, call out the Mullahs or say the Pope. That won’t get one much publicity.

According to, more LGBT persons were killed in 2017 than 2016, but only if you leave out the 49 persons murdered at the Pulse Nightclub. They don’t count because it isn’t politically expedient. And, the organization that collated the information didn’t get hard data, only anecdotal information:

Without obtaining the official numbers, the NCAVP collected data based on the murders reported in the media, from family and friends of victims and other non-profit organizations in the country.

We call that “bias confirmation”. So, Mr. Cumming, there is no quantifiable data that indicates Mr. Trump is condones anything against the LGBT community, except in your need for publicity.

Now, Mr. Cumming, if you learn to cook or rehab and flip houses, I will watch. But, please leave the President and LGBT bullying out of it.

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  • Nicki says:

    Also, silence by its nature is passive, not active. So Trump can’t be “actively” condoning violence against gays by his silence.

    And By the way – the biggest mass murder agains gays occurred under Obama, not Trump. Anyone remember the Pulse?

  • Nelida says:

    Yet another TV show I will never watch. Just where, except in their paranoid and oversensitive imaginations, is this persecution of the LGBTQWTF communities taking place?

  • michael says:

    Bwahahaha! Desperate for attention much? Oh, and much of a hypocrite? Cummings rarely mentions he was married to a woman for 8 years, or that he became a U.S. Citizen a decade ago. So most of his attacks on others must be Projection. Why else would he be screaming about gay pride and how awfully homophobic the U.S. and its current leadership is? Especially interesting to me would be his answer to questions about why he didn’t express this back when “early Obama” was a big supporter of DOMA and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, when he became a citizen?

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