A Warrior Rises For The Children

A Warrior Rises For The Children

A Warrior Rises For The Children

When the world needs a warrior, one will show up just at the right time. The sick transgender ideology is about to go down in flames. The perfect voice to call out the Trans Radical Activist Bullies. I don’t know her politics or her religion. Don’t care. The honest, straightforward voice of “X” user @MsListerssis is the voice of our time against the destructive trans ideology.

MsListersis has a lively feed on “X”. Here is the video that’s gone viral:

I have transcribed the words of this warrior for you:

“This is a message for all the trans allies out there. Everything about trans ideology is a lie. And, it’s a lie that is the exact opposite of the truth. Let’s start with the basics: Transwomen are not women, they are the opposite of women. They are men. And, transmen are not men, they are the opposite of men. They are women.

Trans rights are not human rights granted to all. But special privileges demanded by a few that remove the human rights of women, homosexuals and children. And trans rights activism is not a civil rights movement, the natural successor to gay rights, but a homophobic cult that has attached itself leech-like to Gay Rights and is steadily killing the host. Within the double-think dystopia of the trans cult, gender-affirming care is sex denying abuse that mutilates healthy bodies and creates life-long patients for profit. And, protecting trans kids is, in fact, grotesque child abuse that destroys their puberty, fertility and future. And so, your allyship is, in fact, your complicity in the greatest medical scandal since lobotomies. And, in this dark and tragic chapter of human history, you are not the hero, babes, you’re the villain.

Holy cow! It wasn’t just what she said, it was the way she punched just the right words like “leech-like”, “grotesque” and “babes”. Perfection! J.K. Rowling, Carlos Santana and Alice Cooper cannot be salt of earth and plainspoken the way that MsListerssis can. Alice Cooper, the 75 year rocker, got cancelled by an unknown makeup company for telling the truth:

Mslisterssis has an inner strength and clarity in her words that no one else has. Except, that when we look for a warrior we need to look right in the mirror.

The absolute truth is that Gays and Lesbians are not natural allies of the trans community. Most trans people just want to be left alone. They would prefer never to be noticed. The Trans Radical Activists want to erase the Gays and Lesbians. Our warrior, MsListerssis is on that too. Check this:

Not only is she right, but have you noticed that some men wearing women face will get in a real woman’s face? I have.

I have know trans people almost all my life. They were never bullying jerks. This “movement” we are dealing with now is driven by hate. Turning children into sexless medical patients is not a healthy way forward for a society and it’s certainly not sustainable into the future.

Be like Mslisterssis and be a WARRIOR.

Featured Image: Charles Hutchins/flickr.com/cropped/Creative Commons

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  • NTSOG says:

    “… your complicity in the greatest medical scandal since lobotomies.”

    I suggest that the medical professionals supporting the trans cult are actually the inheritors of medicine as practised by Joseph Mengele. He, for those who have forgotten, experimented on children notably twins. After his ‘experiments’ on them ended the twins were killed.

    I can’t see much difference between Mengele’s ‘experiments’ and the real-life experiments being conducted on minors today to turn them into grotesque mannequins apparently to suit the social-political ambitions [perversions] of deviant, even predatory adults.

    • GWB says:

      Arguably worse, actually. Those kids Mengele was experimenting on were likely to die anyway, being in concentration camps. These kids have potentially full lives in front of them (admittedly, the nihilists of progressivism are pushing them toward suicide).

      And they’re not doing it just to have sexual play toys. No, they’re doing it to advance humanity – much like Mengele. They are doing it because a prime pillar of fundamentalist progressivism is the idea that man – through technology, or simply by the highly evolved power of his own mind – can overcome nature and shape himself to be whatever he desires. They do this with the approval of their own seared consciences.

      • NTSOG says:

        Yes, the children on whom Mengele preyed died and were ‘released’ from their suffering, though not out of compassion from/by Mengele. The victims of the current trans cult will suffer for years to come while those who promoted the abuse will claim that they really ‘cared’ and wash their hands.

  • Carol Marks says:

    Whew Lordy!! THANK YOU!!

    And dude note: I actually wrote about Alice Cooper on my own blog.

  • Joe R. says:

    We’re not certain about how F’d up the transmutilators are.

    We’re just certain about how F’d up the transmutilators are going-to-be.

  • GWB says:

    And trans rights activism is not … the natural successor to gay rights
    Oh, but it is. Because “gay rights” has never been about actual rights, either. It has always been about destroying morals to allow and encourage hedonism. And for those who like hedonism but recoil at the transhuman doctrine of Progressivism, the two should not be conflated. But, the woman fighting back against the splinter in the eye of “trans allies” can’t see the log in her own.

    (And, I’ll say the same about Cooper. He is happy with where his progressive doctrine has brought him: on top of the heap and living in a culture that celebrates hedonistic excess. But don’t bring that transhumanism thing ’round here!)

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