The Left and its Loathsome Leavings

The Left and its Loathsome Leavings

I’ll get straight to the point today. Most of humanity is gifted a sense of empathy and a soul, and then there are those who should be fed broken glass thrice daily with gasoline chasers to wash it down. I like to call those people “liberals”.

The world had stolen from it another hero this past Saturday when Chris Kyle was mercilessly shot in the back by a fellow veteran who had enlisted his help. Let that sink in: Shot. in. the. back. A coward’s choice. And now, even in death, he is again being attacked by cowards who speak ill of and celebrate the death of a hero.

“Live by the gun, die by the gun.”

“(M)aybe if he wasn’t so happy taking lives of brown people this may not have happened.”

“This malignant Christian warrior can now battle Muslims in “Heaven”  for the right to rape virgins.”

Those are a few of the milder ones. I refuse to reiterate any of those that are even worse. From a faction who proselytizes that conservatives should be kinder, more tolerant, less judgmental, and curb the sharpness of our tongues, I find the irony enough to piss off the Pontiff. Frankly, I am not surprised at the lack of couth and general malice with which they post as they are shrouded by the anonymity afforded them through both the interwebs and their parents’ basements, but I am disgusted by the magnitude at which it permeates citizens who enjoy the freedom for which such a man fought.

And from my beloved Jonn over at ThisAintHell, it looks like even that guano loco bringer of bullshit Ron Paul has weighed in on the subject:


To what level of depravity has society stooped when even its representatives in government can behave so callously and without tact? Those posts that I refuse to post are even worse, revelling in Mr. Kyle’s death, saying he deserved it, that he was an idiot and had it coming for taking a veteran to shoot (en entirely different topic that I’ll save for another post), and that now his kids know what the kids of those he killed feel like. These people just have no souls.

So, the next time one of your liberal acquaintances bemoans an Elmer Fudd charicature (no offense, Mr. Fudd) of the President, or even when someone immaturely refers to him by his middle name, I want you to look them square in the eye and say:

“Bless your little hypocritical heart, fuck you.”

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Obsessively grammatically correct and unapologetically politically incorrect Mom, better half, friend, mad scientist, Papist, and bibliophilic conservative hippie with an internet connection.

  • A.Men says:

    Fat ass Moochelle, wife-in-name-only to poser Obomba should stop stuffing her face at taxpayers’ expense.

  • Godspeed, Chris Kyle.

    Kudos to you, ROS. The only thing I would question is calling Eddie Ray Routh a coward. I don’t think anyone suspected the depth of his PTSD or realized he was close to a psychotic break. Of course, this doesn’t excuse what he did.


  • ROS says:

    You make a very valid point, ECS.

  • Charles Haygood says:

    Godspeed to Chris Kyle from me as well. I am one of the millions in America he fought to defend, physically incapable of doing so myself. He. along with all other of our troops, wherever they serve, stood between us and those who would do us harm. And ROS, next time, don’t hold back. Tell us how you really feel 🙂

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