Ted Cruz renounced Canadian citizenship as soon as he knew about it.

Ted Cruz renounced Canadian citizenship as soon as he knew about it.

Ted Cruz renounced Canadian citizenship as soon as he knew about it.

Victory Girls posted earlier about why Ted Cruz is a natural born citizen – he was born in Canada but he gained U.S. citizenship through his mother. He did not need to be “naturalized” to become a U.S. citizen. Case closed, right. But, but, but, he only renounced his Canadian citizenship 15 months ago. Carly Fiornina says we should ask him why, seeming to imply that he’s got some dual-aspirations in addition to dual-citizenship.


According to the Washington Post, Ted Cruz renounced Canadian citizenship almost as soon as he learned of it. The WaPo reported in 2013:

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) announced Monday evening that he will renounce his Canadian citizenship, less than 24 hours after a newspaper pointed out that the Canadian-born senator likely maintains dual citizenship.

“Now the Dallas Morning News says that I may technically have dual citizenship,” Cruz said in a statement. “Assuming that is true, then sure, I will renounce any Canadian citizenship. Nothing against Canada, but I’m an American by birth and as a U.S. senator; I believe I should be only an American.”

While some may try to impugn Ted Cruz by questioning his timing, none of his actions indicate to me that he would have anything but the best interests of the United States at heart. There are other important things to debate, but this is not one of them.  Total non-issue. This time there really is nothing to see here. Move along.


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  • David Farrar says:

    “According to the Washington Post, Ted Cruz renounced Canadian citizenship almost as soon as he learned of it.”

    The only loony logic being employed here comes from Sen Cruz, a Harvard Law graduate, magna cum laude, asking us to believe he revoked his Canadian citizenship in 2014, after some 40-odd years of being a Canadian citizen, because he never realized he had been a citizen of Canada. I mean; really, folks?

    • Jenny North says:

      Some countries require an affirmative act to continue citizenship after the age of 18. Apparently Canada does not. I don’t find it that unbelievable. To not believe it seems to suggest he’s got divided interests. I don’t see that to be true either.

    • Carolyn says:

      It is easy to believe. That fact that he was a Harvard graduate, and a brilliant man, has nothing to do with whether it would have occurred to him that he might have Canadian citizenship. He was born American, moved back to USA before he started school, went to school in USA, and wouldn’t have had reason to think about Canadian citizenship until something like this.

    • Annette says:

      My husband has the same situation as Cruz: born in France of American parents, on a US Air Force Base in France. Technically he was entitled to dual citizenship, a fact he didn’t find out until he was 27. He renounced it, and that was that.

  • Diana Bailey says:

    To say in one breath he is an exceptional man because he is a blah blah blah graduate and a this and a that but when it comes down to it totally discredit all the things the man has done thru out his life as nothing because he is a conservative or even a Republican really does not make those who encourage this bull as logical nor “smart” nor knowledgeable of our Constitution. It truely points out your hypocrasy.
    I can understand for a man who has ALWAYS LIVED IN THE U.S. AND HAS BEEN A LOYAL AMERICAN CITIZEN to not question his “Americaness” just because he happened to be born on the other side of the border. At least he lived his entire life in the U.S. so did his mother unlike the foreign student who’s radical mother hated her own country and taught her son to feel the same way and who know calls himself our president. A son who totally destroyed our health care system for the mother who came back to the U.S. to saddle us with her medical treatment cost. Isn’t that funny. We were good enough to take care of her in the end just not good enough for anything else in her life.
    For everything mr obama has done to this country there is a connection to his upbringing involved. Now if anyone really wants to debate citizenry I think starting with the current president would be a good thing.

  • Jacmo says:

    I have a son who also was born overseas. My wife, his mother, was, at the time, not an American citizen and I am a citizen having been born here to two born here American parents.. My son is not nor has he ever had any ambition to run for political office. That being said and getting to the issue of Senator Cruz my son and I have discussed this. Regarding duel citizenship, he had never given it a thought that he could also possess a passport from his mothers’ homeland, especially since he has only had an American passport since birth.
    I am not defending Senator Cruz just giving a different viewpoint and further explanation of CarolA’s comment above.

    • Jenny North says:

      I have a similar situation with my son born overseas. It’s not something you consider or even discuss when when you are already an American citizen, in my opinion.

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