VA hospital may have infected 1,800 veterans with HIV

Life News Kagan pressured a second medical group on partial-birth abortion

Elena Kagan’s partial birth abortion distortion

Shannen Coffin dropped a bombshell on the Elena Kagan confirmation hearings, bringing to light the fact that Kagan manipulated the findings of the American College of Obstetricians…

Fascist Feminism: The Idea That Women Are Too Stupid To Think For Themselves

Originally posted at Newsreal: Amanda Marcotte About a month ago, Sarah Palin had the gall to describe herself as a feminist. Then, a crop of Republican women…

Hot Air Time to start planting money trees, America

Union thugs attack construction workers with bats at Toys R Us

There’s a reason we call them union thugs. There’s a reason unions have such a bad name. Here’s a prime example: union workers were protesting at the…

The Other McCain How to lose $56 million a year

Posse Incitatus Feminism dies from global warming

Legal Insurrection Charlie Crist sued for return of donations

Pete Stark is a sanctimonious jerk

Pete Stark is a sanctimonious jerk

I know, I know — tell you something you don’t know, right? Pete Stark has always been completely unhinged, so it isn’t exactly a surprise that he…

The Hill Petraeus is putting Democrats in such a tough spot

Hot Air Kagan’s SCOTUS deception to defend partial-birth abortions

Right Wing News Ohio Dems seek gun records to harass gun owners

Newsreal The TRUE top 30 conservatives the left hates

Green Room Internet “Kill Switch” bill quietly makes its way to the Senate floor

Wired Petraeus: I’ll change the ROEs in Afghanistan

Jammie Wearing Fool Aw: NASA says no sex in space

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