for unto you is born

for unto you is born

in the city of david a savior, which is christ the lord. luke 2:11


a joyous christmas to each of you and may this next year bring life, love, and happiness to all of you.

like a thief in the night, the senate votes on healthcare

like a thief in the night – under the cover of darkness – the senate voted for cloture, sending their feckless HCR bill to conference. the vote…

arlington at christmas

always beautiful, especially at christmas. arlington national cemetery

Christmas in the White House

Perhaps I have a problem. But after I made my video, I thought, “Gee, how hilarious would it be if we had Obama and all of his…

Merry Christmas video

This video cracked me the eff up. I couldn’t resist posting it. Send your own ElfYourself eCards

al qaeda’s al-zawahiri’s wife recruits female suicide bombers

muslim women unite! or at least those who want to participate in jihad. that seems to be the message from the wife of AQ’s 2nd in command….

obama’s nobel peace prize, y’all

just one more reason to love texas!

Time for some Christmas cheer

Well, it’s the Christmas season again! Hopefully all of you are able to spend it with the people you love. Matt and I will, happily, be able…

US National Debt exceeds limit set by Congress; Obama meanwhile signs a new spending bill

Since Obama has taken office, our national deficit has more than quadrupled. Earlier this year, as part of the stimulus package, Congress set a statutory debt limit….

British woman claims loud sex is a human right

It’s interesting what passes as a human right now. While sex is definitely a great thing, I’m pretty sure that loud sex isn’t considered a right. A…

jack bauer interrogates santa

jack bauer interrogates santa

it’s come to this… heh.

allen west is refreshing and unafraid

allen west is refreshing and unafraid

thanks to the incompentent obama administration’s ‘hell-in-a-handbasket’ style of governance, conservatism across the country is on the rise. this conservative comeback hasn’t been about democrats or republicans….

Climate change cultist cries over coral and corn

Climate change cultist cries over coral and corn

In the most absurd posting of the day, enviromoonbat Bill McKibbin (a guy who spells Earth with two As) explains how he sobbed at a church in…

White House trying to extort Sen. Nelson by threatening to close AF base?!

This is lower than low: While the Democrats appease Senator Lieberman, they still have to worry about other recalcitrant Democrats including Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson. Though Lieberman…

Men, women, and humiliation

Have you ever read a female memoir? Ever browsed an article about relationships written by a married or divorced woman? You’ll notice that they all have a…

creating a terrorist-based economy

remember president bush’s famous line about ‘taking the fight’ to the terrorists so that we wouldn’t have to fight them here at home? it seems in the…

The Senate health care bill has a strange loophole in it…

What was that about no rationing? Death panels being an exaggeration? It turns out that there’s a funny little loophole in the Senate health care bill. This…

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