Time for some Christmas cheer

Time for some Christmas cheer

Well, it’s the Christmas season again! Hopefully all of you are able to spend it with the people you love. Matt and I will, happily, be able to spend the holiday together again and we’ll be joined here in North Carolina by my parents as well.

I’m going to ask that any of you who are feeling generous this holiday season please send me a Christmas gift by way of hitting the tip jar over to the right. I try not to ask for donations too often, but every now and then I do, and you guys are always great about pulling through for me. I’m certainly not in an awful financial situation — we’re both employed, and that in and of itself is a miracle! — but money is tight, with it being the holiday season and having our first mortgage payment due right around the corner. I would appreciate your donations so very much. I definitely do not get the traffic, the notoriety, or the ad revenue that many of my conservative colleagues get, so please don’t think that this is coming from some greedy blogger trying to mooch of off her readers. It’s not and like I said, I try not to ask too often. I know many of you are probably just as strapped for cash this time of year as I am. But, for any of you who can spare it and are feeling generous right around now, I couldn’t tell you how much a donation would mean to me.

On a side note, I had a few readers asking for a few new pictures. So, here are two for you, with a few more after the jump. Thanks in advance to all of you for reading, and for your generosity, which is what helps keep this blog going!

This is me with our little Christmas tree, now a little bit mangled thanks to our rottweiler, Ripley.


Here is the picture we used for our Christmas card, sent to our family and friends. (And yes, I did put reindeer antlers on Ripley’s head. Maybe I’ll be the next Rachel Lucas with the dog blogging!)


UPDATE: I know you guys can do better than this! I could really use your help right about now, so please, if you can, hit the tip jar. Thanks everyone!

Here is an another shot that we considered using for the card.


Here’s me and Matt peeking in the corner at a Dane Cook show we went to recently in Raleigh.


And here’s one last picture, of me before Dane Cook came on stage… and looking slightly evil, in my opinion. What do you think?


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