How Obama is letting the poor down-again

How Obama is letting the poor down-again

ObamaCare has done it AGAIN. “Done what?” you ask, created regulations that on their face intend to save certain populations money-but actually cost those same populations more money. Ridiculous. This time the administration is causing problems for college students with the college tuition regulations within the monstrosity called ObamaCare. Within the text of the “Affordable Care Act” (aka ObamaCare) college programs receiving government funding that goes to students (with the nationalization of student loans-pretty much all of them) must have tuition  that will allow the students to graduate with a less than 12% debt to income ratio or  a debt to discretionary income ratio of less than 30%.

As Townhall contributor Ken Blackwell explains in his article “Obama Regulations Disenfranchise Minority, Low-Income College Students”, if President Obama had graduated under his own regulations from Harvard Law (his alma mater) Harvard would have been in violation of the ObamaCare stipulations.

“Take President Obama for example. He graduated from one of the most prestigious law schools in the country – Harvard Law. Doing so, he incurred a debt in excess of $42,000 on tuition of less than $14,000. Since the early 1990s, tuition has increased by 320 percent. Adjusting the President’s debt by the same proportion, his debt would balloon to upwards of $134,000.

The median salary coming out of Harvard Law now: roughly $130,000. That means that the President’s own law program – and one of the premiere programs in the country – would have failed ED’s regulations. But still no red flags for ED or the regulation-heavy Obama Administration.”

In a study  of college graduates conducted in 2009 by the Department of Education (DOE) 39% of graduates from private non-profit institutions would have incurred debt in violation of the new regulations, and those graduating from for-profit institutions (the bane of this Administrations educational philosophy) incurred 35% would have suffered the same fate. And yet, the Administration is not granting wavers for this portion of the law. And if you think that students in the public college systems across the country have been left out-fear not they would also be in violation of the law with a 29% deviation from the ObamaCare regulation.

So what will happen when these programs have to shut down, which they will since they will be in violation of the law (just like the private pay insurance policies recently canceled by medical insurance companies across the country)? Who will that affect most? Ironically enough, it will affect low-income, minority students disproportionately since they are the largest group benefiting from these programs.

 And that makes what kind of sense from this President? The king of the downtrodden and the welfare dependent. Now he is perfectly happy to condemn the young men and women who could use his help the most to going deeply in debt to pursue their American dream? Just like the rest of his policies, its a lie. A cruel, cruel lie.


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  • ALman says:

    The night he was elected I was in a warehouse. As the news spread of the election outcome, there were any number of people cheering, some even running the aisles as they did so. I dreaded the results. I had some general notions of what to expect, though not to the extent that it has been. I also wondered whether they would be cheering as enthusiastically and loudly at the end of four years as at the beginning.

    The cruelty is not only in the lies. It’s also that many cannot admit that they were so deceived. So, they look for everything and everyone else to blame for the way things are except for the one who is rightly deserving of scorn and blame.

    Thus, once again, we realize the wisdom of Winston Churchill’s observation: “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” bho is transforming the nation alright. He’s spreading the wealth, of misery!

  • Opinionated Vogon says:

    Obamacare is a disaster from beginning to end.  A point I make with my new parody video with lines like “another zinger from ObamaCare”

    A Day In the Life (under ObamaCare)



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