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Now you can’t even die without a “feminist” objection….

Now you can’t even die without a “feminist” objection….

So now the New York Times is “revising” obituaries to suit the political “correct” notion of what a woman must accomplish in the course of a lifetime – at least according to the feminists who had a snit fit and demanded the NYT revise it.

Imagine the audacity of an obituary placing the accomplishments of a woman raising a loving family BEFORE the description of her career.  Wasn’t the passion of feminists supposed to be the freedom of choice for women?  Uh, no.

I believe the true underlying motive for fit throwing progressives/feminists is fear.  Fear that their narrow, limited, controlling vision of “feminism” won’t make them any happier or fulfilled in life and fear that the women who do choose anything outside of their self-absorbed sphere of modern feminism WILL end up with a lovely obituary where a son states that his Mother was the “world’s best Mom”.


Every last “feminist” (and I’m talking about the modern day screeching harpies…not the true pioneers of women’s rights) I know or read about is deeply, profoundly, annoyingly unhappy.  They take great and vocal exception with women who choose life over abortion and choose raising children over careers.  They are dismayed by women who love to please their husbands, who take great pride in lovely homes and gardens, who choose to build a life around family and home…and God.  Yes, a family centered around God is the biggest source of modern feministic rage and derision.  They call faith – patriarchy.

I have to wonder…why do they care?  If they don’t appreciate the love and hard work that does go into maintaining a family and home and God centered life and see it as limiting, why do they find it necessary to deride this choice and take every opportunity to demand ridiculous concessions to their own beliefs?

I venture that these women aren’t even feminists.  They are fear and agenda driven control freaks who want to put their heavy and mean-spirited hand into every situation that distracts from their view of what constitutes womanhood.  They are eager for governmental regulation (that they write and control, of course) over every aspect of being a woman…..health, birth, marriage, work, and now…death….everything.

Which, ironically, is quite patriarchal.

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  • Hardchoice says:

    While I agree that feminists today are unbearable and completely ignorant, I argue that even the “pioneers” were used to shame men into a disposable role. Just look at the feather girls of 1914, who were women used to give white feathers to men who had not signed up to fight in WW1 as an act to shame them into fighting. Ultimately, this lead to emasculation at the time and caused sexism by initially putting women into a role of redefining what a man is. The true role of feminism from the start was a sexist view of “You’re strong and gorgeous. However, you are a woman. And as a woman, you won’t be recognized without the powerful men in control getting tired of you complaining about your role in society.”

  • Sarah says:

    Not shure if you understood what feminism means…

  • Mia says:

    And there it goes with ” do you even know what feminism is? ” – so-called argument! AHAHAHHAHAHAH! Most women today are severely brainwashed to their core! I sincerely pity them and worry about their future. Good text, btw, just keep writing! Much love…

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