Campus Rape per the DOE is morning after blues?

Campus Rape per the DOE is morning after blues?

Campus Rape per the DOE is morning after blues?

I never really liked the idea of colleges handling rape charges. I do agree this is an underreported crime (lots of reasons for that) and do agree that campuses have a big problem.  It’s rape and how all parties are treated throughout the investigations. Where the Department of Education (DOE) and I part company is this: Campus rape per the DOE is 90% drunk hookups or regret afterwards. The Daily Caller discusses that here

An official for the Department of Education said that 90 percent of sexual assault accusations amount to drunk sex or regret after sex, according to a Wednesday report.


Candice Jackson, who heads the civil rights division of the Department of Education, made these remarks and others in an interview with The New York Times, published a day before Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ meeting with campus sexual assault activists, including both alleged victims and accused students.

The meeting makes sense and yes the accused still have rights. They are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty.  Not guilty until proven innocent.

The comments like Ms. Jackson’s are not going to help the unjustly accused or the victims. Really badly said Ma’am. Drunk = unable to consent. Non consensual sex = rape.

Colleges acting as judge and jury is a very bad idea. The accused are frankly not treated as if they are innocent until proven guilty. And accusers who lie get away with it on campus.  And everyone loses.

Impact or unintended consequences:

Ms. Jackson has apologized for her remarks (seriously stupid remarks) but the damage is done.  And she has undermined every good thing her boss is doing.

Then there is Twitter and I agree (I am rather annoyed but not triggered by the way).  Rape is not the morning after blues but it happens on college campuses in supposedly safe spaces.

What you say matters Ms. Jackson.  And it will hurt Betsy DeVos when she tries having a sane conversation.

I welcome a conversation and welcome colleges getting out of the business of being a detective. The problem is not alcohol use. The problem is the colleges not handling this new role well and the wrong messages being sent to victims and the accused that rape is a political tool. It is not. It is a crime. Let the actual courts and law enforcement handle the investigation and support your students. And the DOE civil rights division doing their jobs.   Rape on campus happens.  A sane conversation about the topic is long overdue.

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  • Merle says:

    Makes me wonder how they came up with those numbers?

    Sadly, the same thing happens outside campus – morning after regrets lead to accusations & pretty much the same situation – guilty until proven innocent!

  • GWB says:

    Drunk = unable to consent.

    Drunk = prior consent.
    Look, if you want to be in control of yourself, you can’t get drunk. It’s that simple. I’ve argued for decades that a drunk driving accident that kills someone should be considered pre-meditated. They made the decision to drink beyond their capacity. Period. These college kids are making a decision to drink beyond their capacity. Sorry, but you’ve already given up any defense based on consent by getting inebriated, knowing it clouds/eliminates your judgment.

    Having said that, no gentleman would take advantage of a woman in this state.

    On the gripping hand….
    Take a look at almost all of these cases where the baloney “convictions” take place. They are overwhelmingly cases of “regret rape”, where the woman is mad because the guy isn’t in love with her after some (literally) besotted bit of bacchanalia, or “revenge rape” where he splits from his girlfriend and she is gonna get him back. Why do you think almost none of these accusations end up with a police investigation? Because they don’t fit the legal description of an actual rape.

    Coincidentally all who experienced an ‘honest’ college rape

    Really? Please give us some evidence of this. Maybe your definition of an “honest rape”? Since your twitter bio says “Journalist. Feminist.” and you cover “civil rights”, I’m betting your definition of rape and the law’s definition of rape might have a large gap between them.

    Personally, I think rape is a heinous crime, and should be punished severely. (In my world there would be no need to put a rapist on a “sex offender registry”.)
    But, feminists have destroyed the ability of an accuser to be taken seriously by crying “Wolf!” every time a sheep bleats.

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