Operation Protective Edge: Israel Fights Back

by Kelley Kruse on July 9, 2014

It’s called “Operation Protective Edge”. Israelis are defending themselves against the barrage of rockets and missiles fired on them by Hamas terrorists hell bent on the destruction of Israel and all Israelis. Tuesday, the 8th of July the IDF launched its campaign to end the Hamas rain of terror which they believe is mostly sponsored by Iran.

Hamas leaders are a cowardly bunch, and have no compunction when it comes to hiding themselves behind women and children which is why, in death tolls, you will oft times see that women and children are among the dead as well. Hamas also put their rockets and missiles atop of schools, Mosques, and apartment buildings. The bastards are using human shields. The short clip below is a leader bragging just how far they will go to use women, children and the elderly as their shields.

In contrast, a teacher had composed and  taught to hundreds of schoolchildren within Hamas rocket firing range a wonderful song to help calm them when the sirens blare warning of incoming destruction.

From the Jewish Standard

Shachar Bar, an art therapist who teaches in Sderot, became increasingly alarmed after seeing the thousands of children of the western Negev suffering the cumulative effects of trauma due to the ongoing barrage of Kassam rockets from Gazan Palestinians. Teachers reported the fear and panic being heightened each time the recorded alert “Color Red” sounded, giving students 15 second to run for cover.

The IDF targeting Hamas leaders has led them to turn off the water and electricity in their respective homes. Yes, their water and electricity. Apparently Judea and Samaria’s water and electricity is reliant on Israel. As the Palestinians occupied and renamed Gaza, they also refused to pay their bill. It would have been inhumane for Israel to turn off the water and electricity. Had the tables been turned, what do you suppose would have happened?

As Assad in Syria continues to kill his people and the many different factions of rebels try to fight back, and as Iraq implodes and ISIS grows ever stronger looking towards Jordan, Iran innocently asks for many more centrifuges than it could possibly need for a ‘peaceful’ nuclear program. All, of course, have vowed death to Israel. Is it any wonder they are finally fighting back?

Oh, and by the way. Palestine tries to play the oh poor me, look at us, we are so innocent BS all the time. Well, the BBC, which is usually on their side caught them in the act of the lie.

From the BBC:

Over the past week the hashtag #GazaUnderAttack has been used hundreds of thousands of times, often to distribute pictures claiming to show the effects the airstrikes.

Some of the images are of the current situation in Gaza, but a #BBCtrending analysis has found that some date as far back as 2009 and others are from conflicts in Syria and Iraq.

So there, you lying puss filled pimple on sheep arse.


I’m saying it – Obama is a traitor to America

by Catherine Wilkinson on July 9, 2014

Any doubts about the “crisis” at the border being absolutely arranged and endorsed by the Coyote-in-Chief?

Any lingering questions about any intent to deport disease ridden and criminal invaders of our country?  (DON’T SKIP THAT LINK!)

Anybody wondering about if he gives a damn?


Hell, NO.  Americans are on their own.  No borders, no protection, no action.  While Obama raises funds for his political party, our ENTIRE country is spiraling out of control.   He has made his priorities clear, and the welfare of this country isn’t on the list.

And people are aghast at Sarah Palin calling for impeachment.

Impeachment would the gentlest of all punishments for a POTUS that has all but abandoned his post and completely invalidated his oath of office and put the citizens of this country in extreme and immediate danger.   



Do you think I am being over dramatic?

How about y’all check back here 30 days from today and I’ll do an update, k?  It’s a promise – I’ll be here on, say, September 11, 2104, and we’ll review.  If it takes that long.   The welcomed invasion of America is just one of the many traitorous actions this petulant progressive pretend constitutional professor has wrought upon America.

Meanwhile, God bless the patriots and militias – they’re all we have.

Arizona Boycott Protest


Senate Democrats have introduced a bill to stop corporations from refusing federal healthcare coverage mandates on religious grounds.

“The legislation will ban employers from refusing to cover healthcare services that are otherwise guaranteed under federal law. It would also clarify that the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act does not allow companies to disobey ObamaCare’s birth control coverage rules.”

So let me get this straight, so I know what you are talking about Senator Murray.

You are proposing a law that would FORCE corporations to comply with mandates from government under FORCE OF LAW (Point of a gun basically), even if they are contrary to their religious beliefs.  You know, mandates say, involving how they feel about birth control.

Some of you may be familiar with Senator Murray’s work.  She is a ringleader in the U.S. Senate Oxygen Thievery Ring.  I should not be surprised that Patty is doing something stupid, as this nugget spewed forth after 9/11 about Mr. Bin Laden:

“He’s been out in these countries for decades, building schools, building roads, building infrastructure, building day-care facilities, building health-care facilities, and the people are extremely grateful. He’s made their lives better.”

So Senator Murray’s belief on how Osama Bin Laden was a misguided humanitarian who didn’t care enough notwithstanding, her contention is that government should force corporations to pay for things they don’t believe in and the feminists contention is that government should keep it’s laws off of their bodies and not be involved in a woman’s right to choose anything related to her body.

I would no more want my employer involved in decisions regarding my uterus than I would government or any random employee from Taco Del Mar.  I would think feminists would have the good sense to not want to trade one big sugar daddy for another.  Oh., Wait…

It sounds to me like Senator Murray wants corporations to be the filthy handmaiden that is forced to handle government’s business while negotiating the fee they have to pay to get it done.  You know, like telling your dirt-bag brother in law to hire you a hitman and expecting him to pay for it because you don’t want to be involved in a murder, you know.

This is why liberalism is a mental disorder.

Senator Murray, I have some homework for you this weekend; I need you to read the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and follow that up with the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

After you finish that, I have a question for Senator Murray to answer; what is the government’s plan when a corporation is owned by Muslims who have decided they don’t believe in birth control at all? Or a corporation held by Universal Unitarians who are religiously opposed to ingesting pills and only provide IUDs?  Or a corporation held by Buddhists who only offer chakra alignment as the form of birth control they will offer in their benefit plan?

I want to see that play out.  I think it would be delicious to watch this go down.

The best part?

“The Democrats, aware that the House would never defy the court’s ruling but confident the public sides with them, want to draw the GOP into a political fight over birth control in order to energize women voters.”

Please Democrats, let’s have that political fight wherein you talk all about vaginas and who wants to control them.  You guys look so smart when you do that.  That is a sure strategy to win.

Let’s talk about Hobby Lobby and the 16 kinds of Birth Control that the benefit plan offered by them, and many others like it offered by many others companies (and benefit plans for state and federal employees as well).  Let’s have a spirited debate about how the Democrat Party thinks that women’s top voting priority is centered around their vagina and not around the issues affecting their families, wallets and businesses.  Let’s have town hall meetings where you can tell all the folks there how the Republicans are evil white men who only want to control women’s uteri while fielding question after question about the economy, the collapse of the Middle East, and government overreach.

The fact that Senator Murray thinks that this will be something that energizes women voters instead of the trivial issues of unemployment, high taxes, high food prices, high gas prices, and more regulation tells me exactly the kind of women in her circle of friends.

It is summertime, so Senator Murray better get to that homework .  All of her empty headed friends are waiting outside to talk about how important their vaginas are.

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For Liberty

by Kit Lange on July 9, 2014

For several years now, I have read through my Facebook newsfeed to get a feel not for what’s going on in the world, but for how my network feels about it.  I have a fairly diverse number of folks whose stories show up in my feed: Christians and atheists, gays and straights, feminazis and chauvinists, and one guy who is convinced that the oppressive patriarchy is the worst thing on earth because, rape culture.  (I keep him for entertainment.)  It’s always interested me how people view what goes on around them—and it maddens me when they don’t care.  For some time now, the far majority didn’t care a bit.

In the last few months, however, I’ve seen more people posting news links.  More people saying, “Hey, wait a minute.”  More people asking the questions and not liking the answers.  It has gotten more prevalent in recent weeks, until I noticed something distinct last night as I scrolled through reading people’s reactions to the news that the government planned to send riot troops to control them, to force them to accept lawlessness and disease, criminals and violence.  In between the one lady who always rants about corporate greed and the guy who always posts photos of his food, I started realizing that the same statement was showing up in my feed.  Over and over.  The further down I scrolled the more I saw it.  People from all over the nation, of every color, of different religious beliefs or none at all, unrelated people who have never even heard of each other somehow keep posting the same thing:

Enough is enough.

Enough of federal overreach.  Enough of having violent gang members forced upon us, and being told we must support them financially.  Enough with being exposed to diseases not seen here in decades, or ever.  Enough scandals, enough lying, enough dead Americans, enough making America the world’s laughingstock, enough pretending they “had no idea”, enough surveillance and constitutional disregard and land grabbing and ammo hoarding and gun taking and lawbreaking and filling the federal government with radical Islamists and the military with illegals.  Enough of laying America open like a wounded deer in front of a pack of ravenous wolves, other countries who have waited decades for this moment.

There is a low rumble in the air like a faraway summer thunderstorm that you know is coming, you just don’t know when.  It’s like standing in the shallows of the ocean and watching a wave build in the distance.  It looks like just a calm little ripple way out there, but by the time it reaches the shore it has a force you never expected.  That is what it feels like right now, like thousands of people are wiping the sleep from their eyes and looking around to find that, like in Rip Van Winkle, the world is not what it was when they went to sleep.  Is it too late? Perhaps, maybe even probably.  But we have no other choice.  We must wake up.  We must stand up.  We must draw that line in the sand and say no further.  It has already gone so much further than it ever should have.  We must be willing to stop it.  We must be willing to say “over my dead body” and mean it.

There is another phrase I keep seeing over and over in my emails and my social media feeds, and it gives me hope.  It makes me believe that just maybe there is a little time left for this nation we love so dearly.  Time and time again I see these two words, and every time I see them my heart jumps in my chest.

For liberty.

For everything we believe in.  For the ones who died for us.  For the idea that we are free men.  For the barefoot, freezing soldiers on the Delaware and the Marines who died at Belleau Wood.  For the nameless ones at the Tomb of the Unknown, who gave up not only their lives, but their own names.  For the belief that we deserve to be left alone to live in peace.  For the pilots and the paratroopers and the ground-pounders and the tunnel rats.  For the terrified souls who thought that jumping from the World Trade Center was better than burning to death, and the men who to this day are listed as “Missing in Action” in a land we’ve never seen.  For the baby you hold in your arms today, and the child she will hold tomorrow.  We owe so much, and we have so great a responsibility.  We have failed in that responsibility for so long that now we have come to the point Winston Churchill spoke of: It is not enough that you do your best.  Sometimes you must do what is required.

Enough is enough.

You are not alone; others all over the country are standing up.  Be counted.  Do not cower and think that you are the only one.  We need every person we can get, everyone who understands what liberty costs and is willing to pay that price.  We must do what is required, no matter the cost.

For liberty.


Underage and Illegal MS-13 Gang Members Being Released in the US Openly Talk About Torture and Murder

July 9, 2014

As if ebola, lice, scabies, dengue fever, and tuberculosis weren’t enough, now another nightmare is full-blown reality.  While Sheila Jackson Lee talks about how the illegal children need lollipops and Nancy Pelosi gushes that they “shine,” there’s something else they’re leaving out of their description.  While many of these illegals being bused in may be […]

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La Raza Attempts to Intimidate Murrieta Illegal Immigration Protesters

July 8, 2014

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Today Lions Stand in Murrieta

July 7, 2014

Today many of us are waiting to hear the results of the impending standoff in Murrieta, California, where federal riot troops are planning to be deployed against American citizens who are standing in opposition to an invasion.  It is something we have dealt with far too often recently: waiting for the day when the federal […]

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Obama moving “Forward!” toward Amnesty while ISIS moving “Forward!” toward Jihad

July 7, 2014

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Showdown: Federal Government Bringing in Riot Troops Against Citizens Trying to Stop Illegal Invasion

July 7, 2014

Tensions are rising very quickly in Murrieta, CA this morning, as citizens have been told that the feds are bringing in riot troops to deal with the blocking of buses carrying disease-infested illegals.  Last week six protestors were arrested; the citizens were blocking the buses full of illegals from getting into the facility and unloading.  […]

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