Virgin Galactic has been working hard on promoting and perfecting future space tourism. Today, their partner, Scaled Composites, did a rocket-powered test flight of Space Ship Two.

Virgin Galactic Space Ship Two

Virgin Galactic Space Ship Two

This flight did not go as planned.

The experimental plane, which Virgin Galactic says was on its 35th free-flying flight, has crashed into the Mojave Desert in California.

There were two pilots aboard. According to California Highway Patrol, one pilot is dead, and one is seriously injured.

The injured pilot has been medevaced to a hospital. Be praying for that pilot.

Updates as we learn more news.


Mom, because of all those radio ads yelling about abortion against that Gardiner guy, is Colorado going to have to change its Constitution?

Mom, this new radio ad is stupid. Is there really a condom shortage? I don’t understand what that has to do with climate change.

Those are questions asked by my 15 year old last month and today. Colorado has had three months of radio and tv bombardment from Mark “Uterus” Udall and other Democrat supporters of his campaign on a single topic. Abortion. Its been so pervasive that on two different days I counted 6 and 9 different radio ads (on the same station) by Udall or supporters within 90 minutes on the sole and single topic of abortion. Its been so invasive according to the Gazette:

The single-issue campaign became downright embarrassing for Udall on Tuesday when the Denver Post’s Lynn Bartels, arguably the dean of Colorado’s political press corps, asked him during a debate whether he took the whole social issues thing a bit too far.
“Mr. Udall, your campaign has been so focused on women’s issues that you’ve been dubbed ‘Mark Uterus,'” Bartels said, eliciting laughter from the crowd.
Bartels wrote in September: “If Colorado’s U.S. Senate race were a movie, the set would be a gynecologist’s office…”

Yes, a veteran political reporter at the Denver Post provided a CO US Senate candidate with a new nickname that will be remembered long after this mid-term election is done. You see, it doesn’t matter that Mark “Uterus” Udall comes from a family that has served in political office (we REALLY aren’t supposed to mention that), or that he voted for Obamacare, or that he got caught trying to “persuade” the Colorado Division of Insurance to change the facts regarding policy cancellations. NOPE! Those things aren’t important! Its Abortion stupid!

Let’s see, what else do we need to know about this candidate? Well, as permifried Debbie Wasserman Shultz wants you to know, Republicans are the enemy, NOT ISIS or EBOLA. Well, how would “Uterus” Udall know? He’s missed 60% of the Senate Armed Services and Intelligence public committee meetings, where he would’ve, if he’d been paying attention, realized how serious the threat of ISIS is, and wouldn’t have had to walk back his comments concerning James Foley and Stephen Sotloff. He missed 60% of the public meetings, you have to wonder how many of the classified meetings he missed.  But you see, those issues don’t matter!  According to Fox News:

Democrats have done what they can to make these races more about local issues.
Justin Barasky, spokesman for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, brushed off talk of Democrats running away from Obama.
“Unlike the Republicans, who like to nationalize their races, our races are different and will be won on local issues,” he insisted.

Evidently, according to the DNC, the ONLY local issue Colorado is most concerned about is Abortion/Contraception/Women’s Issues. Never mind the deep concerns a cross-section of voters in this state have regarding the economy, education, national security, business growth, the problems with the legalization of marijuana, and the newest issue of Ebola crisis management; the Udall campaign continues its single-minded focus on Abortion!

Two days ago another organization doubled down on behalf of this one-note campaign.  NARAL Pro-Choice debuted a pithy little radio ad. It’s a doozy.  Here is the radio version:


Yes “Sweetpea,” this is the ad that prompted my 15 year old to ask in all seriousness if there is a condom shortage and what it has to do with climate change. Readers, if you can figure out the tie between the two, please let me know.

Colorado is a battleground state for the United States Senate. It used to be that a battleground state would involve two highly qualified candidates touting their versions of ALL the issues that the voters are concerned with.  That hasn’t been the case here in Colorado.  Because right now all I know is this, Mark “Uterus” Udall is good enough to play a round of golf with the Putter in Chief, has a campaign that focuses on one issue and one issue only, and when he’s asked questions about other issues, books, or music?

I can tell you this, Mark “Uterus” Udall’s campaign of “overheated rhetoric” has accomplished one thing.  My 15 year old will listen to anything BUT a political ad.  Excellent job Senator “Uterus”,  your absurd on-note campaign has created a very reluctant future voter.


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Another Halloween is finally here, and while we’re out collecting goodies with our kiddos, carving pumpkins, and handing out sweets to trick-or-treaters in scary masks and playful costumes, we’ve also got plenty of genuine Treats, alongside the typical Tricksters, running for Congress. Here are just a handful of those offering premium boxed chocolates, alongside those offering stale, hollow hard-candies, like the ones stuck to the bottom of your candy bucket that no one ever eats:

First, the Treats:

Mia Love, running for Congress a second time after losing by a slim margin two years ago, is staring directly at a likely win Tuesday night. Mia is one of the most exciting new faces in the GOP. She’s the child of legal immigrants, and the former mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah. She also scares the bejeezus out of the Left: She’s a strong, conservative, self-reliant woman who also happens to be black, and with a win Tuesday night, Love will become the GOP’s first black woman elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. But her race and gender are merely incidental. Unlike a particular former Sec State, Mia is highly qualified and knows the issues facing America. She loves our country, and wants it restored to what our Founders intended. Here’s her inspirational speech from the 2012 National Republican Convention. It is stand-up-and-cheer phenomenal:

The GOP, in desperate need of a fresh, new face to articulate its time-tested policies and broaden its base, would do well to make Mia Love its go-to spokesperson.

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This morning the Fox News affiliate in Philadelphia broke the horrifying news of nurses abusing a 76-year old Alzheimer’s patient. Myfoxphilly reports:

Two staff members at a nursing home in Winter Haven are facing serious charges after police say video captured them “tormenting” and battering a 76-year-old Alzheimer’s patient.
Their names are Yashika Zenobiaha Jones, 28, and Rose Dorlean Blaise, 35. Police released video Thursday showing several different incidents.
It was captured by the victim’s son, Dale Wilson, who had noticed random bruising on his father. In early October, he set up a hidden camera at the Palm Gardens Nursing Home on Cypress Gardens Boulevard.
What he captured was disturbing.

The actions of those two nurses moves beyond horrifying into the realm of unfathomably cruel. Here we have a man whose memory is leaving him in increments. One day he can remember who he is, where he lives, who his family and friends are. And the next day, or weeks/months down the road, much of that is gone. Can you imagine what it must be like to KNOW that you should know the person you are talking to? Can you imagine the emotions when you all of a sudden realize that the person you are talking to, whom you couldn’t remember 10 seconds ago, is your husband/daughter/granddaughter/best friend? To know for certain one day that you were President of the United States, and the next day you cannot remember that your name is Ronald Reagan? Embarrassment, pain, anger, and sorrow would be just a few of those emotions a patient battling Alzheimers deals with.

Lets look at it from another point of view. What if you are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and realize that no matter what you do, your talent such as painting or music will soon be lost in the fog of your mind? William Utermohlen knows:

When he learned in 1995 that he had Alzheimer’s disease, William Utermohlen, an American artist in London, responded in characteristic fashion.
“From that moment on, he began to try to understand it by painting himself,” said his wife, Patricia Utermohlen, a professor of art history.
Mr. Utermohlen’s self-portraits are being exhibited through Friday at the New York Academy of Medicine in Manhattan, by the Alzheimer’s Association.
The paintings starkly reveal the artist’s descent into dementia, as his world began to tilt, perspectives flattened and details melted away. His wife and his doctors said he seemed aware at times that technical flaws had crept into his work, but he could not figure out how to correct them.


Glen Campbell, currently in stage 6 of Alzheimers disease, most certainly knew what it would do. He was diagnosed in 2011, and with his family decided to embark on the Glen Campbell Goodbye Tour. It was a tough tour, even more so when Glen’s Alzheimer’s would manifest itself at unexpected times as his daughter Ashley, who toured with him knows.

But Ashley will also admit that living with someone with Alzheimer’s can be a true strength-tester. “It’s a roller coaster, a very emotional one,” Ashley says. “You never know what you’re gonna get. On the one hand, that’s my dad so it’s great to spend time with him and be in his work environment.” At that, Ashley pauses, as if trying to stifle a tear. “But it’s also heartbreaking to see this disease robbing him of what he does best.”

The fans who attended all his concerts knew what they would see during the tour.  Did they respond with cruelty or jeering?  Far from it, they responded with the utmost compassion and respect.  Last month, Glen’s wife Kim wrote in Fox News:

His last show was at the Uptown Theater in Napa, Calif., on Nov. 30, 2012.
The first 15-20 minutes were a train wreck. He was having difficulties. His guitar wasn’t loud enough. It didn’t have the quality he wanted. He became very agitated on stage. He kept turning his back to the audience. His band was very uncomfortable. It was a tough show.
But the audience, again, was so supportive. They cheered for him without fail and without question. They loved him unconditionally.
He snapped back and finished the show strong. It was good, but it was clear it was time for us to end the tour and say farewell.
He closed the show with “A Better Place.”
Daily we pray for grace and mercy as he approaches the final stages of this illness and are so thankful for the moments we see Glen being Glen

Caring for Alzheimer’s patients is extremely difficult.  They are daily losing their sense of self, their sense of worth, their talent, and their memories; especially when they move into the last stages of this insidious disease.  As the disease progresses, caregivers need to draw upon every ounce of grace, humility, and compassion they have for the patient.  Yashika Zenobiaha Jones and Rose Dorlean Blaise, along with 4 other employees at that facility horrifically exhibited and demonstrated the opposite when caring for Mr. Wilson’s father and other patients at the Palm Garden Nursing Home.

One day, those two ladies will need caregivers as they approach the end of their lives. As this writer knows extremely well, the very best caregivers can bring joy, peace, grace, and comfort to the patient AND their families as the time to say goodbye approaches.  As appalled and horrified as we are by Yashika and Rose’s callousness, as much as a part of all of us would wish them harm, this writer can’t.  Because one day both ladies will need a caregiver who will not torment them, but instead treat them with grace and compassion whether they deserve it or not.  One day, they too will need “A Better Place.”


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