While we sleep, Daesh is creeping

by Gail Boer on July 1, 2015

While Americans were fussing about  flags and gay marriage, Daesh was doing their sick perverted version of an outreach. Normal people do things like open houses, Vacation Bible School, door to door or street evangelism like the LDS, Jehovah’s Witnesses, or the Chabad women passing out candlesticks. Daesh outreach is lethal. They are busy trying to kill anyone not fitting their model of a perfect Islamic man or woman. Arab News columnist Osama Al Sharif stated the following:

The world is engaged in a war against Daesh. But the franchise is expanding quickly and new battlefronts are emerging in Muslim countries as well as in Europe and North America. The most immediate danger comes from lone wolf attackers, who may not be directly tied to Daesh, but carry out their attacks in its name.

These secondary battlefronts will soon become primary ones. Daesh will eventually be defeated in Iraq and Syria, provided that countries that support it out of sympathy or for political expediency realize that they will eventually become targets as well. But the longest confrontation will take place within Muslim societies where the romantic appeal of the Islamic State “model” attracts even those who are classified as moderates.

But that can’t happen here. Right?

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#HillaryEmails: Bombshells, Lessons, And Lies

by Nina Bookout on July 1, 2015

Last night, the State Department released the first of several document dumps to the media and world. Why is this of interest you ask? Well, the documents dumped were approximately 3,000 of the 55,000 so-called “private” emails that Hillary Rodham Clinton sent in 2009 while Secretary of State. You can read them here. The emails themselves are entertaining on multiple levels. So grab your glass of wine and a giant bowl of popcorn and get ready to enjoy the show!


In fact, as you read further you’ll understand why many across the media, social media, and political spectrum are alternately laughing, cringing, shaking their heads in disbelief, and expressing valid concerns about her abilities to function.

Who is Santa? As the Daily Mail points out, it could be any number of people such as a hairdresser, Secret Service agent,… its anyone’s guess at this point. [click to continue…]


Be alert and be aware. Former Homeland Security Secretary, Tom Ridge took to Fox News earlier this week to state that the terror warnings of lone wolf attacks for Independence Day were not “business as usual.” Current Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson says his department is encouraging law enforcement “to be vigilant and prepared” ahead of the holiday in the U.S. following those three attacks. Johnson says people should attend Independence Day events as planned but “remain vigilant” and report any suspicious activity. The warning focused specifically on military and law enforcement, however all were instructed to be aware of the threat.

And as if impending threats upon military and law enforcement from those outside are not enough, entering from stage left is an organization known as Disarm NYPD. Who are Disarm NYPD? This is who they are (according to their Facebook Page):

The United States, with its roots as a slave holding society, has normalized the practice and the belief that the lives of black people as a whole, and poor people in general are expendable. We are here to prove otherwise. We are here to take away the power from the powers that be. We are calling for the immediate disarming of the NYPD, and the immediate demobilization of the police from our neighborhoods.

The NYPD has proven it is an illegitimate institution. Every year another life is callously taken away and we refuse to continue living like this. We will begin living a dignified life, and that starts with the removal of the murderous tools from their hands, and the removal of them from our lives.

How do they plan to get their name out there? Taking their lead, no doubt from Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan by taking our flag down and going one step further and burning it.

Last week, we created an event called “Burn the American Flags”, which has invoked quite a reaction from people, both positive and negative. What we had intended to be a decidedly small, unspectacular gathering of burning symbols of oppression has been shared thousands of times and has been picked up by the press. We feel that we should take this opportunity to further clarify our position on the subject.

We maintain, unwaveringly, that both the Confederate flag, and the American flag are symbols of oppression. We must keep in mind that the Confederacy only lasted four years. Between the years of 1776 and 1861, slavery was upheld by the United States of America, not the Confederacy. In the years following the war, Jim Crow, segregation, and the extreme expansion of the prison industrial complex were all upheld by the United States of America, not the Confederacy. And now, in the 21st century, foreign wars are fought in our name for capitalist imperialist interests, while at home, systemic racism is alive and well.

Despite this, many people are rather offended by our decision to burn the American flag. We find it a sign of the times that people can care so much about a piece of cloth, while at the same time be so quiet about black churches being burned all over the country. Perhaps this is the great difference between us and the so-called “patriots”. While they express their loyalty to symbols, we express our loyalty to the lives of the oppressed.

We do not believe the ideals of America are anything to be revered. We are building something that will be much better than America. While the so-called patriots yell that we should just leave, we instead choose to dream. We dream of what real freedom looks like: freedom from paramilitaries occupying our communities, beating and killing our sons and daughters; freedom from our communities being destroyed by the speculative capital of gentrification; freedom from mass surveillance; and freedom from systemic racism.

So, we will burn the American flag, a symbol of oppression and genocide, and in the same action, dismantle our stunted, cynical expectations of what is possible in the world. The current trajectory of history is unsustainable. It is completely unrealistic to desire things stay as they are, and more unrealistic, even abominable, to desire to “go back to our roots”. We, the dreamers, are the true realists. We know things can’t continue this way, so we commit to building a better world. A world better than America.

Disarm NYPD plans to host another one of their “Burn the American Flags” events at Brooklyn’s Fort Greene Park tonight at 7:30pm to “set fire to this symbol of oppression.” according to The Blaze. Yep…I heard it and felt it….the Face Palm that occurred all across America right now. Unless, of course you are in their camp, that is. Then, (I know how it goes as it’s not my first rodeo), you’re calling me a ridiculous, stupid redneck who “supports” cop killers and white supremacy (with the emphasis on “stooooopid” because I know you all are rocket scientists with degrees in physics who just happen to work at the local pizza delivery joint and demand a hike in your minimum wage to pay for said degree hanging on your wall.) [click to continue…]


Hillary’s Homes are a Shocker for Young Adults

by Kim Quade on June 30, 2015

Hillary Clinton is for the “little guy,” right? The middle class schlub? The vast numbers of the 99%? After all, in the speech she gave for her Campaign Rollout 1.0 in April, she declared, “Americans have fought their way back from tough economic times. But the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top.” She repeated much of that theme at Campaign Rollout 1.1 on June 13.


Hillary’s little people

So this little video recently presented to young adults in Washington DC was quite the eye-opener. They were asked to match the pictured mansion with the presidential candidate. It will surprise you. I know I was left speechless.

In case you’re curious about the homes of two other candidates mentioned multiple times in the video, here is Marco Rubio‘s home in West Miami. He purchased it in 2005 for $550,000.

Marco-Rubio-West-MiamiThis is the home of Dr. Ben Carson in West Palm Beach, Florida, which he purchased for $775,000 in 2013.

Ben-Carson-IbisYes, those are high dollar homes. But they are, respectively, the homes of a successful attorney and a neurosurgeon. Both Rubio and Carson came from humble beginnings, and worked rigorously to get to their current stations in life. They didn’t achieve their status by riding the coattails of a political powerhouse like Hillary Clinton did.

And they certainly have never appeared on national television to complain about being “dead broke,” and “in debt” in years gone by after having recently reaped $5 million dollars in speaking fees.

Seeing Hillary’s multiple multi-million dollar mansions puts that kerfuffle over Marco Rubio’s fishing boat into real perspective, doesn’t it?


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Announces He’s Running For President [VIDEO]

June 30, 2015

Whether you love him, hate him, or are simply ambivalent, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has thrown his hat into the ever-growing pool ocean of potentials for the GOP presidential nomination. Here’s his full announcement from earlier this morning: It was a decent speech, I’ll give him that. But Governor Christie has a proverbial uphill […]

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#IranTalks: Forget Movable Deadlines, Kill The Negotiations Now

June 30, 2015

Today is the DAY! You know… that day that the Obama Administration said we’d have Smokin’ HOT nuclear deal with Iran! According to Obama and John Kerry, the world will be so much better, prettier, safer, and full of rainbows and unicorns with this terrific deal. WELLLLL – Not. So. Fast. When it comes to the […]

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The Left Now Calls for Ending Tax Exemptions for Churches

June 29, 2015

Gay marriage won’t hurt Christians, they said. It’s all about love and equality, they said. And they encouraged us to place rainbows on our Facebook portraits. But when it comes to the Left, having same-sex marriage is never enough. Now progressive writers are calling for stripping churches of their tax exempt status. As a result, it may end […]

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#SCOTUS Issues Three More Rulings, all 5-4 Decisions on EPA, Lethal Injection, and Redistricting

June 29, 2015

Three more decisions were handed down by the Supreme Court this morning. All the decisions were 5-4, which continues to signify the ongoing swingy-ness of Justice Anthony Kennedy. With the mostly even split of liberals and conservatives on the court (Chief Justice Roberts’ two rulings on Obamacare being noted here), Emperor Kennedy is enjoying his […]

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Greece Stalls Against Default By Closing Banks, Markets Nervous

June 29, 2015

The euro is in trouble, and this could get very ugly for the world economy. The ongoing financial crisis in Greece, which has lasted now for five years, took a very dramatic turn as the European Union bailout is set to expire tomorrow. The long and the short of it is that Greece is in […]

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#SCOTUScare: Congressman Wants to Serve SCOTUS a Helping of Obamacare

June 28, 2015

Conservatives were infuriated this past week when the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act in King v. Burwell. Justice Antonin Scalia, who eloquently dissented from the majority, denounced the decision as “SCOTUScare,” something that, ironically enough, does not require members of the Supreme Court or their staff to acquire for themselves. If U.S. Representative Brian Babin (R-TX) has […]

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