Granted, the position is currently filled, but if the embattled Roger Goodell is somehow ousted from his lofty position as NFL Commish, a movement, which started more as a whisper in past days, is reportedly seriously and rapidly growing, from all political persuasions, for Condoleezza Rice to replace him. And not in a Barack Obama, politically-correct, feel-good kinda way. But because she’s qualified.

Condi Rice, the next NFL Commissioner?

As far back as 2002, Condi Rice has regarded the position of NFL Commissioner as her “dream job.” We all know that the former Secretary of State is highly educated, has a brilliant mind, is extraordinarily accomplished, and is as competent and tough as they come. She’s no community organizer; she’s the real deal, and the league would be fortunate to have her.

To his credit, Goodell is reportedly placing four women from various fields, all who appear qualified, in position to help shape future league policy. It’s a start, though an inordinately belated one. You can read the text of the letter Goodell released to teams and NFL staff and the qualifications of the four women here. Here’s hoping this isn’t just a case of affirmative action in hopes of silencing his critics.

The question remains, however, whether or not the current rash of scandals plaguing the NFL will cost Goodell his job. If indeed it is proved that Goodell knew, and ignored, the fact that Ray Rice brutally assaulted his future wife—he certainly could easily have killed her in that elevator—it could very well merit his resignation. And someone with knowledge of the league, who’s trustworthy and competent will be required to clean up the mess Goodell has allowed to fester until being pushed into addressing it. Condi Rice could very well be a perfect fit for those shoes, and wear them well.

In light of the breaking news that Adrian Peterson is allegedly not a one-time child abuser, but reportedly a serial offender, and the list of other players who find themselves embroiled in their own legal challenges with regard to assault, perhaps it is well past time for new leadership over at the offices of the NFL. Rice is not the only qualified potential replacement, of course, but she’s proven herself more than able to handle adversity and more than adept at problem-solving. And she’s already expressed a desire to add the position of NFL Commissioner to her vast resume.

The numbers of football fans who also happen to be women are growing, and now make up nearly half of the fan base. But scrutiny is up, and ratings are down. And it’s not yet known if the most recent rash of assault charges against a handful of league players is the reason, but it’s surely having some impact. Between you and I, I hope the position of NFL Commissioner is vacated. And soon.

Anyone have Condi’s number?


If you think that the Adrian Peterson case is a simple matter of a parent being allowed to discipline a child, it isn’t. No matter what his new apology might say.

Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings

Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings

Even if you believe in spankings, there is no way you can agree with this:

Now imagine those cuts on the thighs and hands, plus bruising on lower back and bottom, of a 4 year old child.

And now the news is breaking that Peterson – who will not admit publicly to how many children he may have fathered (and only discovered that he was the father of a two-year-old shortly before that child was murdered by his mother’s current boyfriend) – is also accused of abusing and injuring ANOTHER one of his children.

The latest incident allegedly occurred last June, while the boy, who lives out of state, was visiting Peterson at his gated home in The Woodlands. A photo, allegedly texted by Peterson to the boy’s mother, shows a head wound to the boy covered by two bandages. Other photos, allegedly taken weeks later, reveal a scar over his right eye.

The NFL and the Minnesota Vikings re-activated Peterson this week after not allowing him to play last Sunday. Given the current state of the NFL’s PR goodwill, they had better reconsider this decision quickly. This is not a father trying to discipline his children. This is an adult inflicting physical pain and damage on children. And if someone without some shred of decency and responsibility doesn’t intervene soon, the next headline about Adrian Peterson could be much, much worse.

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Remember Spanish clothier Zara‘s highly insensitive (okay, profoundly stupid) garment designed for infants that looked nearly identical to the shirts Jews were forced to wear in Nazi concentration camps? Well, looks like Urban Outfitters doesn’t want to be outdone in the “edgy” dumb-as-a-box-of-pet-rocks department. So they came up with this little gem:

Urban Outfitters Sweat Shirt.

Urban Outfitters “Vintage” Kent State Sweatshirt

Apparently, for Urban Outfitters, nothing says Kent State like a “blood-soaked” sweatshirt for their fall collection. Not surprisingly, the outrage from those of us who actually know our tragic history came swiftly.

Tweet 4Though the sweatshirt was quickly pulled from Urban Outfitters’ online store, it was not without a lame attempt by UO to cover their insensitive and/or ignorant behinds, offering this non-apology apology:

“Urban Outfitters sincerely apologizes for any offense our Vintage Kent State Sweatshirt may have caused. It was never our intention to allude to the tragic events that took place at Kent State in 1970 and we are extremely saddened that this item was perceived as such. The one-of-a-kind item was purchased as part of our sun-faded vintage collection. There is no blood on this shirt nor has this item been altered in any way. The red stains are discoloration from the original shade of the shirt and the holes are from natural wear and fray. Again, we deeply regret that this item was perceived negatively and we have removed it immediately from our website to avoid further upset.”

Agreed. Do us all a favor, Urban Outfitters, and just be honest: You’re either completely ignorant of our history, or you’re completely insensitive to it. Or you’re both. But please don’t insult our intelligence and suggest you meant no “offense.” Pull up your big-girl panties, admit you made an elephantine-sized faux pas, because you own this. You’ve succeeded in bringing attention to yourselves. And not in a good way. And, somehow, I suspect many Americans like myself will be choosing to shop elsewhere.


Chalk this one under the “insane” category.

Kathy Rowe bid on her “dream home” in San Diego’s Carmel Valley area. She said the home was perfect for caring for her disabled daughter and her husband, who was recovering from a heart attack. But, as happens every single day in real estate, she was outbid. So she got petty.

The couple, who bought the house for $779,000, was… bombarded by unwanted magazines, books and junk mail addressed to “Jacques Arse,” which Rowe is accused of arranging.

Rowe also allegedly sent romantic Valentine’s Day cards from the husband to his female neighbors.

Stupid and harassing, yes. But then she got criminally crazy and ugly.

Rowe is accused of signing the wife up for sex ads online, including one she titled “Carmel Valley Freak Show,” encouraging visitors to drop by unannounced while her husband is at work, according to court documents. She allegedly told men who responded to the listings to push their way inside the home, and gave men the couple’s new address.

One man responded to the ad and showed up at the couple’s doorstep, according to court documents.

Rowe has now been formally arraigned on “felony charges of solicitation of rape and sodomy and misdemeanor charges for identity theft and repeated harassment by electronic communication.” She was arrested in October 2012, but the charges were initially dismissed. An appellate court reinstated them, and Rowe is pleading not guilty.

How messed up do you have to be when you soliciting a rapist because you are mad at someone? And all this poor couple did was BUY A HOME. They didn’t know Kathy Rowe. And let’s be crystal clear – neither party had owned this house previously. Kathy Rowe was not foreclosed on – she was simply outbid. But because she didn’t get what she wanted, she decided to be mean and spiteful – and eventually, if the charges are proved in court, criminally dangerous. However, she considers herself a victim.

“Losing that house was devastating to my family and broke our hearts,” Rowe wrote in a statement provided to prosecutors.

Rowe has said she never knew she was scaring the couple, according to police, and called her actions “stupid pranks.”

I’d hate to see what she considers an actual felony.

Jezebel picked up the story and roundly condemned her for her alleged actions. A few commenters, however, seemed to have some alternative views.

“If this is her first offense, she still might get some kind of probation. I’m not saying she really deserves it, but they might take the family hardship into account.”

Too bad she didn’t think about her disabled daughter and ailing husband when she placed ads soliciting home invasion and rape.

“I absolutely don’t condone what this woman did, but I do wonder, she must’ve been stressed beyond belief. Women are often left to undertake caretaking duties, and I think this is an extreme case where she simply couldn’t take it anymore. If the American healthcare system was better and provided home care at an affordable price, she might not have been driven to this extreme.”

The house in question was eventually sold for $779,000, so that “affordable health care” argument is kind of moot, huh?

And let’s not even get started about these idiotic “rape fantasies” comments on that thread. It will reduce your IQ if you actually read them.

This is the crazy world we live in now, where everyone deserves what they want and should be excused for going off the deep end because they didn’t get what they wanted because it “broke their hearts.”

She’s looking at up to nine years in prison if convicted. I can’t say that I feel one bit sympathetic or sorry about that.


Barack Obama and David Cameron want you to know – ISIS is not Islamic

September 15, 2014

David Cameron spoke yesterday on the horrific beheading of David Haines: “They are not Muslims. They are monsters.” I completely agree with the his use of the word “monsters”.  I also know that if a Christian or Jewish State committed atrocities like this, I would consider them to be “monsters” too.  Civilized people will always call […]

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Pelosi Accuses Republicans of Fear-Mongering Hours Before Brit David Haines Is Beheaded by ISIS

September 14, 2014

Last week I noted how Democrat Debbie Wasserman-Schultz made a grossly inaccurate analogy about Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker when she said he has backhanded women and dragged them around by the hair. This week, not to be outdone in the theater of exaggeration, the Drama Queen of the feminazi kingdom–in which Wasserman-Schultz is a fawning […]

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Chairman of House Foreign Affairs Committee To Grill Secretary of State Kerry On ISIS Strategy

September 13, 2014

So Obama thinks we can defeat ISIS with a coalition of “frenemies” and without putting American boots on the ground. We have been engaging in “pinprick” drone attacks against ISIS for the past few months and that doesn’t seem to be slowing down their murderous rampage across the Middle East. According to multiple analysts, including […]

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UNWRA is past it’s expiration date

September 13, 2014
Thumbnail image for UNWRA is past it’s expiration date

Hamas threatens UN personnel, steals supplies, uses them as human shields. UNRWA staffers were threatened with death.   In one of the most appalling examples of Dhimmitude (Dhimmis being non Muslims in Islamic lands) this response from the Jerusalem Post: UNRWA spokesman Christopher Gunness, however, denied the reported details, saying “I have checked and double checked […]

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$700,000 (tax paid) border patrol homes in Ajo, AZ where the average home costs $90,000

September 12, 2014

Our tax dollars hard at work.  $700,000 tax paid homes for border agents in the middle of the desert where $90,000 was the median price for similar houses sold the same year. Who says the government isn’t wasteful?  Ok, besides a liberal Democratic communist? I have lived in Arizona my entire life and have been […]

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War is a Very Bad Word

September 12, 2014

On the eve of the 13th Anniversary of 9/11, President Obama took to the airwaves and declared: Our objective is clear: We will degrade, and ultimately destroy, ISIL through a comprehensive and sustained counterterrorism strategy. I don’t know about you, but I’d say using words like degrade and destroy means we are going into battle […]

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