Scott Walker Narrative Backfires On Feminist Left

by Deanna Fisher on February 28, 2015

The left is desperate to take down Wisconsin governor Scott Walker. As has been pointed out this week, as the Wisconsin legislature voted to make the state a “Right to Work” one, the left-wing political machine bears great responsibility for turning Scott Walker into a national figure.

Governor Scott Walker

Governor Scott Walker

Had the Democrats not targeted Walker with a recall, that massive fundraiser network, the national profile, the party unity, and his highly developed get-out-the-vote team almost certainly wouldn’t exist. He may have still won re-election, but he would be just another Midwestern Republican governor who enacted reforms and faced push-back, not the conservative folk hero of a party longing for a win. He would most likely resemble Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, a reformer but hardly a man with a cult following. There would still be plenty of new problems with the governor his opposition could cite, instead of leaving him mostly vetted for 2016.

So there is a desperation akin to hysteria on the left to “get” Walker on something. Witness the attempts to “get” him on evolution or on Obama’s spiritual life.

So, while combing over the Wisconsin state budget, Jezebel was certain that they had found a “gotcha.” And they wasted no time in spreading the news, far and wide, that Scott Walker wanted colleges to stop reporting rapes.

At which point The Daily Beast decided to join in the fun.

The author of the Daily Beast piece was good and pleased with himself about it, too.

There is just one small problem, as brilliantly illustrated by Brian Cates (who tweets under @drawandstrike)… it’s not true. [click to continue…]


Amanda Marcotte Wonders Why Women Vote Republican

by Cassy Fiano on February 28, 2015

amanda marcotte

Today is the last day of the Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC. This has spurred liberals everywhere to become inexplicably confused at the idea of conservatives gathering somewhere and openly speaking about what they believe. Even more crazy is all of the different kinds of people there. CPAC attendees include men, women, minorities — why, it’s almost as if people can have their own individual opinions on stuff! Liberal minds are being blown at the thought at this very moment. One such mind is that of Amanda Marcotte, who just can’t figure out why women vote Republican. [click to continue…]


In an ever growing game of Islamist Whack-A-Mole, there has been an arrest of a Bosnian immigrant in Indiana for providing material support to ISIS. According to Jihad Watch’s blog posting  detailing the arrest, the man arrested is Nihad Rosic, an immigrant from Bosnia. You see the truck driver was living a double life according to FBI agents and was providing ISIS with everything from cash to combat boots, US military uniforms, tactical gear and firearms accessories such as rifle scopes and range finders. Evidently this has been going on for years and the FBI arrested him at the beginning of February when his plans to join ISIS on the battlefield in Syria came to light. [click to continue…]

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Putin Critic Boris Nemtsov Murdered in Moscow

by Deanna Fisher on February 27, 2015

The name Boris Nemtsov is not well-known to Americans. A former deputy prime minister, Nemtsov was a visible critic of Vladimir Putin. Today, he was shot and killed in Moscow.

Boris Nemtsov (file photo from 2009)

Boris Nemtsov (file photo from 2009)

Interior Ministry spokeswoman Yelena Alexeyeva told reporters on the scene that Nemtsov was walking with a female acquaintance, a Ukrainian citizen, when a vehicle drove up and unidentified assailants shot him dead. The woman wasn’t hurt.

Opposition activist Ilya Yashin said on Ekho Moskvy radio that he last spoke with Nemtsov two days before the killing. Nemtsov was working on a report presenting evidence that he believed proved Russia’s direct involvement in the separatist rebellion that erupted in eastern Ukraine last year.

Nemtsov was quite aware that by speaking out against Putin, he was putting a target on his own back. [click to continue…]


John “Lurch” Kerry Says Terror Threat Is No Big Deal

February 27, 2015

I’m beginning to wonder if Secretary of State John “Lurch” Kerry has been sniffing the Heinz Ketchup a bit too much. That’s the only explanation I have for his recent statements. According to Breitbart News: Tuesday while testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on the 2016 budget request, Secretary of State John Kerry […]

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ISIS Pied Piper Of Evil Strikes Again: 3 In Brooklyn Arrested

February 26, 2015

Yesterday, it was announced that three upstanding personages were arrested in Brooklyn. Why is this news? Well, they are the latest crop of misguided children who’ve decided to follow the Pied Piper of Evil that is ISIS. Fox News Edmund DeMarche reports: Three New York City residents — two with Uzbekistan citizenship, and one a […]

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Obama to ICE: Executive Amnesty or Else

February 26, 2015

In a town hall style meeting on MSNBC, Obama talked about his executive amnesty and the role that he expects Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents to play in its implementation.  The short version is:  Do what I say, or else. “Until we pass a law through Congress, the executive actions we’ve taken are not […]

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Dozens of Christians abducted by Islamic militants in Syria

February 25, 2015

Daesh is uniting the Arab World. What the impact will be on the region and the world remains to be seen. But calls for reform are being made by prominent Islamic clerics.  And the response from Daesh was abducting between 70-90 Assyrian Christians yesterday in Northeastern Syria. Daeshbags raided the villages in this predominantly Christian area going […]

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NYT: “Inequality” Becomes More Visible in Cuba

February 25, 2015

The Old Gray (Communist) Lady never fails to disappoint does she? “As Cuba opens the door wider to private enterprise, the gap between the haves and have-nots, and between whites and blacks, that the revolution sought to diminish is growing more evident.” “That divide is expected to increase now that the United States is raising […]

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Guilty Verdict in American Sniper Trial

February 24, 2015

It took less than three hours for jurors to deliver a verdict in the murder trial of Eddie Ray Routh. Jury has found Eddie Ray Routh guilty of murdering Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield, finding that he was not legally insane as he had claimed — Manny Fernandez (@mannyNYT) February 25, 2015 Routh was found […]

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