About Those Nude Celebrity Photos…

by Kim Quade on September 1, 2014

It’s a holiday, we’re overwhelmed by the bad news coming from just about everywhere, and sometimes we need some fluff information to keep us from exploding.

So how ’bout those nude celebrity photos leaked from the iCloud over the weekend? 


No, I don’t have the pictures. Heck, at my age I don’t even know who half these women are. Nor do I particularly care, since I’m basically a curmudgeon when it comes to celebrities. The last awards show I watched was the Grammys from one? two? years ago when Mumford & Sons received a Major Award, and I watched only because I’m a fan of their music.

It appears that someone (or maybe multiple people) hacked into the iCloud accounts of various celebrities, found some nekkid pics, and posted them to 4Chan. 4Chan is sort of the Wild West of websites — no account needed, no registration, photos and comments can be posted with complete anonymity. The fact that 4Chan was started by a 15-year-old in his New York City bedroom tells you a lot. 

Reactions to this kerfuffle range from the sympathetic who think we need more laws:

The mind behind this is evil — and he is to blame. This is why we need more and more laws, because people don’t care about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for others. Lawrence and other celebs might have been naive, but to lay this at their feet is besides the point. What kind of dead, cold heart does this to another human being?

. . . to the people who are downright mean.

I wonder why these so-called “actresses: are all upset over their publicity photos? These are the same folks who can’t get enough photographers to take their pictures in the nude when they’re coming up but hate them after they’ve made it! Cry me a river!

The cruel hard fact of life in this information age is that nothing, nothing is totally safe from hackers (many of whom must be sociopathic) who are able to breach into ‘secure’ systems. Do a web search on how to keep your information safe, and you’ll find 107,000,000 results from brainiacs who have the answers, but eventually hackers will arise who delight in defeating every firewall or system used.

Britain’s cyber expert Edd Hardy, head of security assessment at CNS Hut 3, an IT security firm, puts it this way:

“If you’re a celebrity and you’re taking photographs of yourself, they probably shouldn’t be on your phone, they probably shouldn’t be sitting on the cloud – it’s that simple really.
“It’s generally about – don’t take it with your phone,”

Yes, a crime was committed when the private photos of celebrities were stolen from cloud storage. Yes, it appears that posting of those photos may comprise a crime as well.  But, as in so many other aspects of life, a little responsibility can go a long way to avoiding harm.

In the comic words of Garrison Keillor on A Prairie Home Companion show, 2009:

You put raw meat under the broiler, don’t be surprised when it gets cooked. Okay? If you didn’t want to go to Chicago, then why’d you get on the train?

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What does Allah say?

by Catherine Wilkinson on September 1, 2014

What does Allah say about kidnapped and sold, raped, tortured, and slaughtered girls and women?

“I abducted your girls. I will sell them on the market, by Allah… There is a market for selling humans. Allah says I should sell.” — Abubakar Shekau, leader of Boko Haram.

“The reason they want to kill me is very clear — it is because of being a convert to Christianity.” — Hassan Muwanguzi, Uganda.

What does Allah say about raping Christian nuns?

“Despite how unsavory and barbaric Islamic groups and persons around the world have been acting—whether Nigeria’s Boko Haram, Mesopotamia’s Islamic State, Somalia’s Shabaab—perhaps few things are as disgusting and cowardly as the Muslim rape of nuns: defenseless Christian women who sacrifice much of their lives to help sick and needy Muslims.

The latest such attack comes from Bangladesh, which is over 90% Muslim in population.  In early July, dozens of men armed with machetes, knives and iron rods attacked the convent of PIME (Pontifical Institute of Foreign Missions nuns in Boldipuku), a village mission in north Bangladesh.

In the words of Bishop Sebastian Tudu “the nuns were beaten and molested, ending when police arrived.”


What does Allah say about gang rape while rapists scream “Allahu Atbar!”?

“Much more interesting are the arguments the article makes to justify the rape of Christians: it claims that Muslim rage (for this particular incident) was prompted by accusations that a Coptic man had raped a Muslim girl.   Accordingly, Muslims were merely retaliating in like manner (along with raping Christian girls, Muslims also rioted, burned, and destroyed Christian shops and homes, as is customary).

Of course, even if all this is true—if Muslims were merely exercising “an eye for an eye” logic—the ultimate significance of the video is this:  If a Coptic man raped a Muslim woman, he certainly did not do so in accordance to any Christian teaching.  He did it as a base man exercising base instincts—instincts which have nothing to do with race or religion.

On the other hand, what are we to make of Muslims screaming Islam’s two most distinct slogans—“Allahu Akbar” or “God is Great” and Islam’s very profession of faith, “there is no god but Allah”—while raping Christian women?   What does that say about Islam, or at least how Muslims—from the videotaped rapists to the Muslim clerics who issue fatwas permitting rape—understand Islam?”

WARNING:  Graphic and disturbing video below!

As my fellow Victory Girl writer, Deanna, asked, where are the moderate Muslims?

If Islam is truly a religion of peace  as so many Islamic apologists claim and these rapes and murders are the bloody work of just a small number of extremists, why haven’t “moderate” Muslims risen up in greater numbers and condemned, confronted, and smashed this “small” lunatic fringe of Islamic murderous animals?

What does Allah have to say about such horrific treatment of other humans, particularly women and children?

And while I’m asking burning questions, where are the liberal feminists (you know, those brave defenders of women) who spend their time bravely dumping rocks on their heads?  Where is their outrage at this mass persecution of Christian women?  Their stupid hypocrisy makes me sick:

In Rotherham there is a real-life “rape culture.” But you will not learn anything new about it from Salon, the Daily BeastJezebel, or Slate. It has gone unmentioned atFeministingBitch Media, or the Feminist Majority Foundation. There have been no outraged op-eds from Jenny Kutner, Jessica Valenti, or Samantha Leigh Allen.

These are, apparently, not the rapes they are looking for.

It is hard not to interpret the feminist blogosphere’s silence on Rotherham as an indication of the movement’s ultimate lack of seriousness. Perhaps they are not interested in confronting the ethnic and religious homogeneity of many of the perpetrators: Emma and the majority of the 1,400 victims were abused by “Asian” men — i.e., Muslim men typically from Rotherham’s Pakistani community. Local government leaders, social services, and law enforcement — for fear of being labeled racist — ignored numerous reports they received.

So, unsurprisingly, the liberal feminists aren’t speaking for the victims of a true and awful rape culture.  They’re too busy being outraged about nail polish.

As far as that peace lovin’ peacenik Allah – what he’s saying is coming through loud and clear, regardless of the scholarly chatter about what Islamic “peace” means.

You can’t hear what Allah is saying?  Let me explain:

Severed heads and the persecution of the raped, tortured and murdered Christian nuns, women and children are doing all the talking for Allah.



The concept of diplomatic immunity has been troublesome for many Americans since its inception. The fact that a foreigner can come to the United States, commit a serious crime, and get away without any punishment through our criminal justice system is infuriating. But that is what our laws provide since our national representatives are supposed to get the same treatment from other countries.

But stories like one this week, which happened a few miles from my home, call into question the wisdom of diplomatic immunity.

It seems the ambassador from the tiny African nation of Equatorial Guinea was a very bad father, to say the least, this past week. For reasons as yet unknown–and which possibly may never be known–Ruben Maye Nsue Mangue took a chair leg and beat the hell out of his 16-year-old daughter. Someone at the family’s residence in an upscale neighborhood of Arlington, Virginia, called 911 and reported the beating on Monday, August 25. When police responded, they found the daughter bleeding and battered, and she had to be taken to the hospital for treatment.

None of the pictures of Mangue that have been published in the media I have reviewed show the image below of the Ambassador with President Obama, even though this photo is displayed prominently on the Flickr account of Equatorial Guinea.

Photo of Obama and Ambassador Mangue taken September 24, 2013, in the Oval Office

Photo of Obama and Ambassador Mangue taken September 24, 2013, in the Oval Office

What I am wondering is this: Did Mr. Obama have a discussion with Mr. Mangue about the real War on Women that is inherent in domestic violence? If not, maybe Obama should extend another invitation to his fellow African to give him some pointers on how to control his anger and to pick someone of his own sex.

Better yet, Equatorial Guinea’s government should waive diplomatic immunity in this case and let Mr. Mangue see what happens to men who wage a war on women, especially their own daughters. The country should follow the lead of the Vatican this past week in waiving diplomatic immunity for a defrocked priest who had served as the Vatican’s Ambassador to the Dominican Republic. Rev. Federico Lombardi allegedly molested young boys in the island country. It is right that he should stand trial there and be subjected to the lawful punishment that is meted out by the courts and the people of that country if he is convicted of of perpetrating the crimes.

Meanwhile this young 16-year-old girl, daughter of an African Ambassador, has to start school this week in Arlington with the bruises and lacerations that her father inflicted upon her  less than a week ago. As if growing up these days wasn’t hard enough, the local headlines about the Ambassador beating up his daughter is likely to bring unwanted scrutiny to this young girl.

It is time real perpetrators in the War on Women are held responsible. Waiver of diplomatic immunity in the Mangue case is a good place to start. Are you listening, President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo and Minister of Foreign Affairs Agapito Mba Mokuy?

Photo of Equatorial Guinea President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo and Minister of Foreign Affairs Agapito Mba Mokuy taken September 25, 2013

Photo of Equatorial Guinea President Mbasogo and Minister of Foreign Affairs Mokuy taken September 25, 2013, at Embassy. Taken from Equatorial Guinea Flickr album.



As the NFL season begins this week, all the teams need to cut their rosters down to their top 53 players (excepting injuries). And the inevitable has occurred – the St. Louis Rams have cut Michael Sam.


You know who else got cut from the St. Louis Rams yesterday? Mitchell Van Dyk and Christian Bryant.

Who are they? They are two of the other players that St. Louis drafted in the 7th round. (The remaining 7th round draft pick, Demetrius Rhaney, is on the injured reserve list, which means that he likely will not play at all this season after a knee injury in the preseason.) So, just like that, none of the 7th round draft picks that St. Louis took will play for them this year.

But because Michael Sam got cut, it is apparently a BIG DEAL. Sam, after all, is the first openly gay man to play for an NFL team. His drafting attracted HUGE media attention – and even a phone call from President Obama. (Yes, we see where your priorities lie, Mr. President.) And now that he has been cut, as so many other 7th round draft picks are, this is also apparently a BIG DEAL. Every single media outlet has covered his release from the team.

Now that he’s been cut, however, people are remembering the previous critiques of Sam’s football ability. He was a part of a good team at Missouri. But just being a part of a good team does not guarantee you a spot in the NFL. However, because the media is so wrapped up in the narrative of the openly gay man playing football, you’d think he was the only one being left out – which validates former NFL coach Tony Dungy’s concerns that he was lambasted for expressing about Sam being a distraction to the Rams.

Sam, for his part, was classy and gracious.

Other people who know zip about football and just want to keep the media narrative going… not so much.

I think that the Rams really and truly wanted Sam to be a standout player. Sure, the media attention would have been intense, but it would also have meant media coverage and ticket sales. And that is what the bottom line is – ticket sales. Sam would have had to be a standout player in the preseason in order for the Rams to justify keeping a 7th round draft pick. Surely Michael Sam, as someone who believes in his own football ability, would not want to be a media prop for the team. The team exists to win football games. In their consideration, Sam wasn’t good enough to help them win those games. And like so many other 7th round draft picks across the NFL, he was let go.

He might play again, who knows? And yes, someday there will most likely be an openly gay man who makes the opening day roster for an NFL team. But it should be because he’s earned a spot there by being one of the 53 best players the team could buy or draft, and for no other reason. And this year, this time, for this team – that wasn’t Michael Sam.


Amanda Marcotte is For Women! Unless Their Story Wrecks Her Narrative. Then Never Mind.

August 30, 2014

New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is having a book published, and of course, the excerpts that will drive the most buzz were released first. In her book, Gillibrand alleges incidents of sexual harassment by male colleagues and at least one man identified as a “labor leader.” Naturally, with such teases in front of them, the […]

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ISIS Targeting Pope Francis-Israeli’s Warn Italian Newspaper

August 30, 2014

This has been a busy month for ISIS (Islamic State In Syria), or ISIL (Islamic State in the Levant) if you are running with the Administration’s moniker for the best financed jihadi threat the world has known in a long time. They beheaded photojournalist James Foley , they kidnapped more than 3,000 Yazidi women and girls. […]

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Federal Judge Blocks Part of Texas Abortion Law That Required Hospital Level Standards

August 29, 2014

This afternoon, U.S. District Judge Lee Yeakel blocked a key part of Texas’ 2013 abortion law, which would have required hospital level operating standards. Out of the 19 abortion providers currently still operating in Texas, seven would have been left open after this law took effect next Monday. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, who is […]

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Brace yourself – ISIS terror coming through our southern border

August 29, 2014

I feel no satisfaction writing “we told you so”.  But does this surprise anyone? “Islamic terrorist groups are operating in the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez and planning to attack the United States with car bombs or other vehicle born improvised explosive devices (VBIED). High-level federal law enforcement, intelligence and other sources have confirmed […]

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Terror Chatter Up, Obama Strategy is Fundraising

August 29, 2014

This morning we awoke to the news that the chatter across the internet from Islamic terrorist organizations has significantly increased. What does this mean? Could be a variety of things. Is an attack planned and for where? The US intelligence community won’t say. One thing is for sure, given the 13th Anniversary of 9/11 is […]

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Yazidi Women Held As Sex Slaves, But Don’t Ask Obama What To Do About It

August 29, 2014

The reports will turn a normal person’s stomach and fill their hearts with rage. ISIS, ISIL, Islamic State – whatever it wants to be called these days – reportedly has hundreds of Yazidi women who were captured in the Mount Sinjar area held in the prison in Mosul as sex slaves. The accounts are chilling. […]

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