Obama opened Cuba and tourism is flourishing. Now Fidel is dead, it’s a new day in Cuba, so it’s all good, right?

Not so fast.

Those 3.5 million tourists flooding Cuba last year need to eat while visiting. As a result, the goods that average Cubans need to sustain their lives are fulfilling the needs of wealthy tourists and private restaurants. Whatever goods remain for poor Cubans are becoming unaffordable.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z living large in Havana.

President Raul Castro has gone into a knee-jerk Communist response by capping agricultural prices, blaming vendors for “price gouging.” So what have these sellers done? Naturally, they have moved to the commercial market, where they can get better prices.

So while tourists to Havana and other Cuban playgrounds enjoy the variety of goods the island nation has to offer, poor Cubans find simple foods like onions and tomatoes prohibitive. A pound of each could cost a Cuban 10% of the government-allotted salary of $25 per month.

Twenty-five dollars per month. Let that sink in.

Scene from a rural Cuban village. Credit: dailymail.uk.

When a growing economy that benefits only a few collides with poor people who cannot survive on a pittance, what happens?

An economist at the University of Havana warns, “We don’t just have to feed 11 million people anymore. We have to feed more than 14 million. In the next five years, if we don’t do something about it, food will become a national security issue here.”

Can you say Revolution? Isn’t this what Castro railed against in the 1950’s — the rich were enjoying life and the poor were suffering? Ironic, isn’t it?

I know it sounds harsh, but once Raul joins his big brother in Hell, Cuba and her people can finally blossom.


Twitter apparently is fun for President elect Donald Trump. And his twitter fights are epic. Unfortunatley, the media focuses on these tweets and ignores what he and his transition team are doing that is good. Like the DHS and EPA picks. Retired Marine General John Kelly for DHS, who Victory Girl Nina discussed here and Scott Pruitt from Oklahoma for the EPA are great choices. Problem is that Trump himself is off fighting with the media and the United Steelworkers President who leads the union at Carrier. But we know Trump reverts to middle school when he tweets. That should not surprise anyone. I checked and nothing about either Kelly or Pruitt on his official Twitter feed. And that is a shame.

The problem here is that any good things Trump does are easy to ignore in favor of the tweetstorms. Ben Shapiro tweeted the following (I agree with Mr. Shapiro):

Precisely Ben.  Unfortunately, Trump and the Media are going for low hanging fruit.  To give credit where credit is due, the DHS and EPA pick are very good choices.  When their prospective boss grows up and stops the tweets and acting the fool they will be even better choices in my opinion.

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Barack Obama Surprised by Rise of ISIS [VIDEO]

by Toni Williams on December 8, 2016

Last night, CNN aired a two hour special “The Legacy of Barack Obama”. The program was hosted by Fareed Zakaria GPS. According to The Wrap, the interview was conducted in September, two months before the election of Donald Trump to succeed President Obama.

Fareed Zakaria discusses ISIS with President Barack Obama

I haven’t watched CNN in a long time and last night reminded me why I don’t watch. Actually, I only made it through the first 25 minutes before refilling my Scotch on the rocks and channel surfing. It was only thanks to the Dewar’s that I made it as far as I did. Barack Obama is always a bore (for me), but unrestrained by a good interviewer, he become an anesthetic. Oof!

If you need to fall asleep now, you can watch the video:

Zakaria actually told The Wrap:

“I was able to convince them that it would be a serious and substantive look. Obviously they had no idea how it would come out, favorable or not,” Zakaria told TheWrap about “The Legacy of Barack Obama,” airing tonight on CNN. “What appealed to [Obama] was the idea that this would be kind of a first draft of history.”

Zakaria said that Obama is “very aware of history and the way in which history is shaped, the way in which people are remembered” and will go down as “one of the most intellectually-minded presidents” we’ve ever had.

It’s laugh out loud funny that Zakaria said “they (the Obama people) had no idea how it would come out, favorable or not”. It was a giant, wet, sloppy, way too long, French kiss. CNN isn’t Fox News or even Bravo. And, Barack Obama as “ ‘one of the most intellectually-minded presidents’ we’ve ever had”. Is it just me? I find him to be one of the most intellectually uninterested people ever. [click to continue…]


Today as we pause to remember the sacrifices and courage of our Pearl Harbor veterans and those we lost 75 years ago, President-Elect Trump announced retired Marine Gen. John F. Kelly as his choice for Department of Homeland Security.

Who is General Kelly? What is it about him that we should know? How about March 2003 while assistant division commander?

Two Marines (they never really retire) by the name of Bing West and Major General Ray “E-Tool” Smith had a chopper ride with him, one that got a little hairy.

After the immediate danger had passed, Smith let off some steam, marveling, “He had us cold. .  .  . It takes skill to miss something this big right in front of you. Thank God for piss poor shooters.”

Responding to his slightly unsettled passengers with the compassion and solicitousness for which Marine generals are famous, the Boston-born Kelly said, “I thought you guys were used to that!”

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#PearlHarbor75: Remembering the USS Oklahoma and the USS Utah [VIDEO]

December 7, 2016

Today is the 75th anniversary of the “date which will live in infamy.” Three-quarters of a century ago, the sky over Oahu was filled with enemy planes. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor may now be history, but the names of the fallen should never be forgotten. But while the fiery and horrific death of […]

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President Obama and National Security Address: Terror Doesn’t Happen in His State of Denial

December 7, 2016

President Obama patted himself on the back yesterday as he addressed national security for his last time as POTUS. “No foreign terrorist organization has successfully planned and executed an attack on our homeland. And it’s not because they didn’t try. Plots have been disrupted. Terrorists have been taken off the battlefield. And we’ve done this […]

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No, Josh Earnest Didn’t Really Say Our Pearl Harbor Veterans Are Bitter [VIDEOS]

December 6, 2016

It has been 75 years since the United States was thrown into World War II after the Japanese attacked our forces at Pearl Harbor. As with many other anniversaries, this attack shocked a nation and woke a sleeping giant. World War II changed the physical and geopolitical map of this world in ways we are […]

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Social Security Turns into Scrooge for a Disfigured Royals Fan [VIDEO]

December 6, 2016

Professional sports players come in all forms. There are the jerks. And the genuinely Good Guys. Likewise, fans of sports teams can be hardcore idiots or likable folks. I’m proud that my beloved Kansas City Royals have been voted as having the best fanbase in baseball. So it’s no surprise to me that my fellow […]

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Sore Losers: Recount Lunacy, Rogue Electors, and Making John Kasich President

December 6, 2016

As Jill “Scammer” Stein continues her assault on our nation’s democratic voting system and tries to hold us all hostage to her unproven claims of voting irregularities—while simultaneously, and curiously, holding a bitch-fest in front of Trump Tower yesterday… …and her lunacy spreads to three melting snowflakes in Florida: #BREAKING Florida voters file lawsuit asking […]

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Baby It’s Cold Outside is about Rape? Really?

December 5, 2016

Tis the season for holiday songs. We can debate which carols and holiday songs are our favorites over cups of apple cider while watching the snow fall. My least favorite songs are Baby (or Buy Me Stuff Sugardaddy) and The Christmas Shoes (just no). In comparison, “Baby it’s Cold Outside” is rather cute. And here […]

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