Did some of the Brits who voted to leave the EU do so as a poke in the eye to Barack Obama?

UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage seems to think so.


Farage by the Thames. Credit: newsweek.com

In an interview on Friday with Sirius XM’s Breitbart Daily, Farage said that Obama’s threats to the UK if they decided to vote Brexit were seen as insults. His remarks can be heard here.

‘Project Threat’ to be honest with you. Threatening people too much actually insults their intelligence and the lesson from the Obama visit is even more fascinating. Here’s the most powerful man in the world coming from a country that we’ve always had a huge high regard for…and a lot of people in Britain said, ‘How dare the American president come here and tell us what to do?’ And, it backfired and I think we got an Obama – Brexit bounce because people do not want foreign leaders telling them how to think and how to vote.”

In April, Obama visited Britain, where he threatened the nation with going to the ‘back of the queue’ in trade deals should she decide to leave the EU.

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Last night Britain shocked the world as it voted to leave the European Union.

One group of Brits that were overwhelmingly in the Remain camp were the millennials, who, as one British newspaper put it, were “screwed over” by “old people.”


Anti-Brexit poster with Donald Trump and Brexit leader Boris Johnson. Credit: Matt Cardy/Getty Images.

A chart provided by YouGov, an international polling group, showed how nearly 80% of young Brits were opposed to leaving the EU.


Another of YouGov’s polls showed how strongly “europhile” British millennials are, as opposed to older adults (who undoubtedly have more wisdom and experience, but who cares about that? It’s feelings!)


And did the British millennials whine about the referendum’s results? Boy, did they whine! All over social media. Because they’ve “lost opportunities,” or something.

Even American actress and drug rehab frequent flyer Lindsay Lohan live-tweeted the vote on Brexit. Why she did so is anybody’s guess, but the economics genius predicted that that it will take 15 years for the British pound to return.

She also supposedly asked “what would #MARGARETTHATCHER THINK OF #Brexit?”

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In a move that many truly didn’t think would happen, British citizens cast their votes in favor of leaving the European Union. The voter turnout was one for the record books and puts US voter turnout to shame.

In fact, the voter turnout was around 70% with the final vote showing Leave winning by 51.9% over Stay’s 48.1%. The charts at this link make for a fascinating read on voter mindset across all of Great Britain.


When was the last time US voters had that kind of percentage? Far too long ago. But I digress. It was interesting watching some of the reaction and commentary last night. There is, understandably, significant concern regarding jobs, welfare, healthcare, and more after the results became clear. [click to continue…]


Sure as summer follows spring, and as garbage attracts flies, celebrities are out en masse calling for more gun control.

You may remember this emotion-laden call for restrictions on our second amendment rights that celebs made back in 2012. They called it a “demand to end gun violence,” but what they really wanted was to take guns out of everyone’s hands, except for, you know, their bodyguards and such.

Now, while Senate Democrats are making hay out of the Orlando shooting with their hippie-style “sit-in,” celebs are jumping back on their anti-gun bandwagon.


The reigning queen of publicity whore-mongering, Kim Kardashian, tweeted this comment, which revealed her complete ignorance of the difference between terror watch lists and the FBI’s Most Wanted List.

She was immediately — and deservedly — schooled.

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