She has no answers for addressing the exploding costs of illegals invading her state. She has no answers to address the reports that ISIS is at her borders. Nor does she have answers on how to retain the robust Texas economy left behind by the retiring Rick Perry. So Perky Pink Sneakers, Wendy Davis, is doubling—or is it quadrupling?—down on what she does best: Exploit her opponent’s handicap in an attempt to use it for political gain, and then accuse him of doing what she just did. During a radio interview this week when asked if Greg Abbott is exploiting his disability:

Here’s the rest of her statement:

“That he suffered a tragedy and that he’s overcome it. And that’s to be admired. But the real point here is that while he rightly got his day in court, and he sued a homeowner and he sued a tree company, and he got millions of dollars, he has been fighting and his public service career, ever since, to close that door behind him. And that’s the real issue in this race.”

Greg Abbott’s disability is the “real issue in this race?” Not the economy, not national security, not the threat of homeland terrorism, not the annihilation of our healthcare system, not freedom from tyranny. No. It’s Abbott’s wheelchair. Well, one of you is “certainly making sure that people are aware” of that, Wends. It’s just that figuring out which one is which requires a mirror. And a lot of soul-searching. Keep digging, Wendy, you haven’t found the bottom yet.

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Last night, as I’m multi tasking between the Broncos/Chargers game and checking on news around the world, I see a Breaking News Item. Yes, it is indeed true. There is a doctor in a New York hospital who tested positive for Ebola. As we now know, he has been identified as Dr. Craig Spencer.

Here’s the deal. Dr. Spencer works with Doctors without Borders. Because of the work that organization does, which includes travel to very poor and unhealthy countries, he is not unaware of the dangers that any medical professional faces. I’m sure, given the Doctors without Borders reputation, that Dr. Spencer was very aware of the gravity of Ebola. Doctors without Borders certainly should’ve been, but they’d rather issue a press release that does its best to distance itself from one of their doctors.  You see, he’s not a doc… he’s a field worker.  NICE

Dr. Spencer, you went to Guinea in September of this year. For those who night not know, Guinea is a country battling a massive outbreak of Ebola. It is so bad, that over 900 people who have died from Ebola in that country.  Let me say that again, you went with the Doctors without Borders team to Guinea in September of THIS year. You work for a few weeks in that disease stricken country, and then travel back to the United States on October 14.

Dr. Spencer, unless you were hiding under a rock, you were most certainly aware of the Ebola patients that the United States has seen these last few months; Dr. Ken BrantlyThomas Eric Duncan, who lied to customs and to Texas Health Presbyterian, putting numerous people at risk, and Nina Pham, one of the nurses who cared for Duncan.

It is bad enough that the CDC has yet to figure out what protocols are needed for the hospitals. They keep changing, which leaves health care professionals around this country in the dark should a patient present with Ebola. Moreover, we have the our men and women of the 101st Airborne plus others with the National Guard and Reserves deployed TO those Ebola stricken countries…without all the necessary medical equipment they need to protect themselves and others.

Dr. Spencer, I’m going to ask you something.  You KNEW that Ebola is a huge problem and that it had traveled to the United States. Can you please explain your travels around Belgium before you arrived back in the United States? Can you PLEASE explain why you used Uber to jaunt around the city? Dr. Spencer, you knew that there is growing uncertainty regarding the few or many ways this disease transmits. And yet you took the subway?! Dr. Spencer, you knew that your body was starting to react and that it was likely serious, and you went bowling?? In fact, as a medical professional, whether you want to admit it or not, you absolutely knew when your body temp is above normal. And yet you STILL went out in public rather than checking yourself into the hospital.

Folks, Dr. Craig Spencer is a medical professional who has worked in ER’s and worked with Doctors without Borders for quite some time. He is a medical professional who likely has more than a rudimentary training in infectious diseases and emergency room protocols. So the ultimate question is this. Why would he place family, friends, and innocent bystanders at risk until he was absolutely sure he is free from the disease? Because, you see, he didn’t, and wasn’t. And now the health care authorities for the city of New York, for the State of New York, the CDC and many others are fanning out across the city to somehow try to find everyone that Dr. Craig Spencer came in contact with.

As Chelsea Carter of CNN reports:

“The physician is a dedicated humanitarian on the staff of New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center who went to an area of medical crisis to help a desperately underserved population,” the hospital said in a statement, without directly identifying Spencer.
“He is a committed and responsible physician who always puts his patients first. He has not been to work at our hospital and has not seen any patients at our hospital since his return from overseas. Our thoughts are with him, and we wish him all the best at this time.”

By the way,  this “dedicated” doctor has a fiancee, named Morgan Dixon.  Due to her exposure, she is now under quarantine.


AND, two of the good doctor’s friends are under quarantine as well.

According to CDC Director Tom Frieden:

“When someone gets Ebola, they are not very infectious initially, but they become increasingly infectious the sicker they get,” said CDC Director Tom Frieden.

Frieden added: “Ebola is a scary disease, and it’s fearsome because of how severe the illness is, but it does not spread easily.”

You know what??  There is a small voice inside me that really really hopes that for once the CDC director is right.  But then again, when we have medical professionals acting recklessly after being exposed to this disease in Guinea, leading to a  fiancee and close friends being quarantined, that voice quits talking.  This writer most certainly hopes for the best for Dr. Craig Spencer, and specifically for his fiancee and all those he came in contact with. Yet, at the same time, this writer is TICKED OFF that this “dedicated humanitarian”, who landed himself in the hospital via emergency transport with a fever of 103 has put so many at risk. And for what?  To be back in New York so you can go for a measly 3-mile run?  Dr. Spencer, Ebola is a VERY serious disease.  The United States is spending military, healthcare, and security capital to try to deal with it, and you know what? You should’ve known better.


Ebola Comes to the Big Apple

by Kim Quade on October 24, 2014

Indulge me in a little gallows humor here:  this was in my head when I heard about the NYC physician testing positive for Ebola:

“If I can get it there, I can get it anywhere. . .”

(Sung, of course, to the tune of “New York, New York.”)


Ebola — it’s heeere. . .

Yes, Ebola has arrived in New York City, in the person of Dr. Craig Spencer, 33, a physician with the group Doctors Without Borders. He had been in Guinea, West Africa, from September 18 until mid-October, when he flew to Brussels, Belgium. Arriving in New York City on October 17, he was diagnosed with Ebola on Thursday, October 23.

A press conference was held with NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on the status of Dr. Spencer on the evening of the 23rd. I watched the conference in its entirety as it was streamed through NBC.

Here is a timeline of Dr. Spencer’s activities and illness, as reported at the conference by Dr. Mary Bassett, NYC Health Commissioner:

  • Arrived in the United States at JFK Airport, 10/17.
  • He took his temperature twice daily, and “limited” his exposure to other people.
  • He completed a three-mile jog.
  • He took the A-Train and the L-Train on the NYC subway system to a bowling alley. (Seriously?)
  • He began to feel fatigued on 10/21.
  • He developed a fever and gastrointestinal symptoms at around 10 am Eastern time on 10/23.

After he developed symptoms, Dr. Spencer contacted Doctors Without Borders and was admitted to Bellevue Hospital in isolation, where he remains as of this writing. According to Dr. Bassett, he is “fully cooperating” with providing information as to his whereabouts. She also added that his fiancée and two close friends are now quarantined.

As regards Bellevue Hospital, Dr. Bassett stated that Bellevue has developed its own self-contained isolation unit, which is fully stocked. She was questioned by a reporter about the disposal of medical waste; she responded that a contract is in place for its removal.

Dr. Howard Zucker, the acting Commissioner of the New York State Department of Health, indicated that the only place that Dr. Spencer went after developing symptoms was the hospital. He expects him to make a full recovery.

Throughout the conference, Mayor de Blasio, Governor Cuomo, and Drs. Bassett and Zucker kept reiterating how little New Yorkers have to fear about contracting Ebola. Cuomo talked about how eight out of New York State’s approximately 200 hospitals have been designated as part of an Ebola preparedness plan. He said he “knew” that it would arrive eventually. Small wonder, when about 70-100 people from West Africa arrive in NYC daily.

Which gets me to wondering this:  How did this physician from Doctors Without Borders contract Ebola in the first place, if he was wearing protective gear? The Ebola epidemic was in full swing during the month he was there. Dr. Kent Brantley, the original “Ebola doctor” from the Samaritans Purse organization, who was treated at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, is positive he knows where he became infected. In an interview with Greta van Susteren on Fox News Channel, he said he is sure he contracted the disease in the emergency room he served in Liberia. He did not wear protective gear in the ER as he did in the isolation unit. But Dr. Spencer? He stated that he did not believe his protective gear in Guinea had been breached.


Dr. Craig Spencer in his protective gear, as posted on his Facebook page

Furthermore, while Dr. Spencer has been, in the words of Dr. Mary Bassett, “fully cooperating” with health officials, who is to say that other Ebola victims who arrive here will do likewise? They probably will not be physicians. They may, in fact, lie to health workers, as did Thomas Duncan, the Ebola victim who arrived in Dallas from Liberia, and who later died.

I think it’s a good idea that some hospitals be designated to have fully contained isolation units, as does Bellevue in NYC. You know what is just as good an idea? Halt travel from Ebola-stricken nations, and suspend any visas given to residents of those countries, or at least isolate people — including doctors — from those places for the 21-day incubation period.

Who’s with me?

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Bristol Palin Audio Released, CNN Anchor Cackles In Glee

by Deanna Fisher on October 23, 2014

The double standard is staggering and sickening. (See below for UPDATE)

As was well covered last month, the Palin family was involved in what has been popularly called a “drunken brawl” at a party. Of course, the initial coverage made it sound like Sarah herself had grabbed brass knuckles and started clobbering people. The truth is not quite as “fun” for the left, but they are going to have a party with it anyway. Because the truth is that it was a bunch of 20-somethings – Palins included – who decided to mix it up after too much to drink and too many insults exchanged.

The police report paints a confusing picture of the huge fight, with each version of events from those involved differing wildly, no doubt impaired by alcohol.
Indeed, it is not clear from any of the witnesses who started the fight and the report essentially boils down into a he-said, she-said situation.
However, while blame may not be clear, the police report which dates from the night of father Todd Palin’s 50th birthday celebration on September 6, lists Bristol as a suspect, her brother Track, 26, as a victim and Sarah and her husband as witnesses.
It also lists Willow, 20, as a ‘person interviewed.’

But this was worthy of media story after media story after media story. You know, just like every other former governor’s family and former vice-presidential candidate gets covered by national media every time their adult children get into a fight. My sarcasm meter just broke again.

Because while the story of Hunter Biden – you know, the son of the SITTING vice-president – getting discharged from the United States Naval Reserve for doing cocaine is pretty much embargoed by the media, CNN anchor Carol Costello is positively giddy over the Palin story and Bristol’s audio tape. Take a look for yourselves.

Someone check Carol Costello’s chair and make sure there was a puppy pad beneath it, because she might have had a little “accident” while going through her spasms of smug glee during that video clip.

Costello – who would never treat anyone with the last name Biden, Obama, or Clinton this way if they were describing a physical assault to police in raw audio – is getting hammered for her hypocrisy.

Yes, just imagine what would have happened to Costello if she had giggled about Janay Rice being beaten after that TMZ video was released. After all, Costello thinks assault is just HYSTERICAL.

Predictably, the rest of the left is having fun with this, because if a Palin gets beaten up, well, that’s okay.

So, take note. It’s okay to laugh at a woman being assaulted as long as you don’t like her or her family. That’s what Carol Costello says. And we “can all thank her later.” Remember that.

I eagerly await her chortling review of Hunter Biden doing cocaine and using his father’s connections to keep himself rolling in that sweet 1 percenter cash. I’m sure Costello will be equally thrilled to be covering that story.

My sarcasm meter just spontaneously combusted.

Oh, this gets even more disgusting. Carol Costello came vigorously to Janay Rice’s defense because – wait for it – she herself was a victim of assault.

You want to know why I never told the authorities, or my family, that a college boyfriend threw me against a wall and knocked me out? Because, at 20, I thought I deserved it. Some of my girlfriends made me feel that way. My boyfriend certainly did. I was ashamed.
You want to know why I agreed to see him again after he assaulted me? Because when all was said and done I could not believe the charming, handsome man I chose to be with could hurt me again.
I quickly discovered I was wrong about that and I left him.

Which makes her laughter at Bristol Palin’s description of assault especially ugly. Why does this woman still have a job in front of the camera?


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