BREAKING NEWS: Court rules Obamacare subsidies ILLEGAL

by Catherine Wilkinson on July 22, 2014



Apparently someone DID read the bill, Mrs Pelosi.  Unfortunately for your boss, things did not go well:

The ruling, if upheld, could potentially be more damaging to the law than last month’s Supreme Court decision on contraceptives. The three-judge panel of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals sided with plaintiffs who argued that the language of the law barred the government from giving subsidies to people in states that chose not to set up their own insurance marketplaces. Twenty-seven states, most with Republican leaders who oppose the law, decided against setting up marketplaces, and another nine states partially opted out.

Many people, including Lawrence Tribe, Obama’s old law professor, knew this was coming.  Time to pass the popcorn:

The decision by the three-judge panel in DC federal appeals circuit is the most serious challenge to the underpinnings of the Affordable Care Act since a challenge to that law’s constitutionality was heard by US Supreme Court. The high court in 2012 upheld most of the ACA, including the mandate that most people must get insurance or pay a fine.

Tuesday’s bombshell ruling by the appeals court is expected to be met by Obama Administration asking for a panel made up of all the judges in the same circuit to review the ruling.

If it fails at that level, the administration can ask the Supreme Court to reverse the ruling.

While this will cause mass hysteria within the statist elite circles, we, who have opposed the entire clusterfark that was deemed “affordable healthcare”  hoisted onto Americans THAT DID NOT WANT IT, can cautiously celebrate yet another blow to Obamacare.

I’ll take it.






Members of the United States Congress are elected officials chosen by the People to represent the interests of illegal invaders and their home countries, drug cartels, and racist groups who believe the US should give up part of its land.  At least, that’s what Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) apparently thinks, since he spends his time lately advocating loudly in favor of the current invasion going on at the southern border.  We covered this story very briefly a bit earlier today in another post, but I wanted to specifically address this because it bears some additional research.

On Saturday, Gutierrez told the National La Raza Conference that Obama “assured him during a White House meeting with Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus last week” that he would stop the deportation of “our people.”  In other words, Gutierrez not only identifies with illegals (and NOT with the United States he supposedly serves), but he also says Obama promised him all kinds of things.

“You gave us a down payment when you freed 600,000 DREAMers from deportation,” Gutierrez said. “Now it is time for the president in the United States… [to] free the Mom and Dads of the DREAMers. And to go further. Be broad and expansive and generous.”

So, it wasn’t enough to bring all the “DREAMers”, which is the nice, fuzzy term they came up with to whitewash the invasion. Gutierrez and his reconquista-advocating buddies also want the “Mom and Dads” too…or at least anyone who claims to be their parents.  (Keep in mind that most of the “children” coming across are 14-17 and many of them are not only NOT ‘escaping violence’, but the violence rate in their home countries has actually gone down since they left.  What does that tell you?)  Gutierrez still won’t be happy, however.  He wants Obama to “go farther.”  To be “broad and expansive and generous.”  In other words, let anyone in here who comes.  Never mind their criminal history.  Never mind that they have no job skills, no loyalty to this nation, no understanding of anything except the word “gimme.”  Why would he advocate this?  Simple.

He went on to say that illegals should all get citizenship, and they should “punish” those of us who “criminalize” the ongoing invasion.

I want you to really read that.  I want what he is saying to truly sink in.  This is an elected official of the United States of America, openly advocating to a racist-terrorism group that they should 1) invade us, 2) get amnesty, and 3) punish Americans citizens who stood in the way of them getting what they want.  Invade, Take Over, Punish.  That’s what you do when you’re conquering a region.  You invade them, you settle in, and then you punish anyone who stood against you.  Make no mistake: a sitting member of the American Congress is loudly advocating that foreign nationals take over the United States and punish us.  If that’s not treason, I’m not sure what is.

“…whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason…”

La Raza is all about war.  That’s what the reconquista movement is about—”taking back” land by force they see as theirs, or at the very least, invading us, getting citizenship, and using that citizenship to further Mexico’s agenda in the United States.  By the way…if you’re new to La Raza, here’s some background.  They’ve been friends to the PLO, and have been aligned with other terror groups.  (In fact, here’s a site by E. F. Mohammed Martinez you might be interested in.  His top article is addressed to Murietta, and it’s titled “The White Supremacist Filth of Murietta, CA…”)

La Raza’s ‘army’ is the Brown Berets, and if you want to see some racist, pathetic, pro-violence propaganda, you can view their site here.  One more thing…Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor is a former member.

Someone needs to remind Mr. Gutierrez who he works for.  If he isn’t putting the interests of citizens (and the will of the People) above all else, then he needs to be removed.

By the way…that “someone” is us.  We the People.  Remember?  Or are you too busy watching the latest episode of The Bachelorette?


UW-Madison Adopts Diversity-Based Grading

by Kit Lange on July 22, 2014

So much for higher education; it appears whoever’s running UW-Madison is just high, period.  Apparently it’s not enough to use race as a determining factor in admissions, now the UW’s flagship school is going to force “just the right percentages of individuals” in both program populations and grading.  In other words, as professor emeritus W. Lee Hanson explains with disgust:

Suppose there were a surge of interest in a high demand field such as computer science. Under the “equity” policy, it seems that some of those who want to study this field would be told that they’ll have to choose another major because computer science already has “enough” students from their “difference” group.

Sorry, but we already have enough whites in this program.  You’ll need to study something else.  May we suggest Gender Studies with a side of Interpretive Dance?  At this rate, the orientation class for incoming white freshmen will soon be titled Why You White Honky Devils Can’t Get Into The Program You Want.

Then there’s the new grading policy:

Professors, instead of just awarding the grade that each student earns, would apparently have to adjust them so that academically weaker, “historically underrepresented racial/ethnic” students perform at the same level and receive the same grades as academically stronger students.

Never mind teaching your child to have good study habits so they can get good grades.  It won’t matter.  If they’re the right color (read: non-white), they’ll still get good grades whether they spent the weekend in the library studying, or laying in the gutter drunk.

The one bright spot in all this is one little word: self-identification.  You see, liberals never really think through the consequences of all their stupid little policies and rules.  As a result, they shoved through some interesting legislation.  According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, people can “self-identify” as whatever race they want…and whatever they choose to identify as has to be considered their race on any reporting paperwork.

  1. Q: What should an employer do if it believes that an employee is of a different race or ethnicity than the employee claims to be?

    A: The employer must accept the employee’s self-identification by race and by ethnicity. Self-identification is a basic principle underlying these changes to the EEO-1 report. See 70 Fed. Reg. 71296.

Basically, this means that if Little Johnny claims to be Latino, or black, or African-Chinese-Samoan-Purple on his paperwork, even while staring at the admissions officer with his big blue eyes from behind locks of shockingly ginger hair, then forever after Johnny is whatever he says he is.  Am I the only person who sees some real opportunities for good, clean havoc here?

…and how sad is it that we’ve come to this?


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In a move displaying what true, decisive leadership ought to look like—are you paying attention, Barack Obama?—Governor Rick Perry has announced he’s deploying up to 1,000 of Texas’ National Guard troops to help secure portions of our southern border. It’s about time.

In a news conference Monday afternoon, surrounded by cabinet members and Texas Adjutant General John Nichols, Governor Perry was all business. No inappropriate giggling, no running from bad news seen on his television, just doing for our nation what the “inept” Barack Obama will not.

“‘I will not stand idly by while our citizens are under assault and little children from Central America are detained in squalor. We are too good of a country,’ Perry said.

‘The additional resources are not aimed at the children themselves, Perry said, describing them instead as a ‘force multiplier’ to help the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) ‘combat the brutal Mexican drug cartels that are preying upon our communities.’

The troops could detain people if asked, Texas Adjutant General John Nichols said at the press conference with Perry, but they are planning to play a ‘referring and deterring’ role by deterring cartels with their visible presence and referring any immigrants suspected of being in the country illegally to DPS.

Perry argued that the elevated response at the border by DPS personnel has already acted as a deterrent force and reduced apprehensions. That operation comes at a cost of $1.3 million per week. A state memo obtained by the McAllen Monitor, which first reported Perry’s plan to deploy the National Guard, indicated the new efforts will cost the state of Texas $12 million per month.”

Love him or hate him, he’s taking the necessary steps to protect Americans. Here’s the entire press conference:

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John Kerry, smart diplomat, had a huge hissy fit on Fox News Sunday

July 21, 2014

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July 20, 2014

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Israel Solving the Hamas Problem

July 19, 2014

As the IDF ground operation continues into Gaza, the objective will be to weaken Hamas to a point where they will be willing to negotiate with reasonable terms towards a long term end of hostilities. At present, the offensive’s main objective is to find and destroy the tunnels that Hamas has so successfully been able to […]

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