Why Illegals Should Not Respect Our Freedoms

Why Illegals Should Not Respect Our Freedoms

A new website at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) website serves as an FAQ for deported illegals lawfully removed aliens who want to get back across the border, answering such burning questions as how being deported will affect their appeal.

As explained in ICE Policy Directive Number 11061.1, Facilitating the Return to the United States of Certain Lawfully Removed Aliens, an alien who appeals his or her final order of removal to a federal circuit court of appeals may continue to litigate his or her case after being removed from the United States. Your removal will not affect your right to continue to pursue your case before the court. Although you may be abroad for the pendency of your case, the court of appeals that is currently reviewing your petition for review will nevertheless be able to review and make a decision on your case while you are not in the United States. In order to ensure that you receive notice of the decision entered by the court in your case, you should follow the court’s procedures for providing updated address and contact information.

So, not only can illegals fight to stay (for reasons other than imminent danger or political asylum etc.), they can use taxpayer money to do it.  The US will even notify them when their case is finished, somewhat like how your mechanic calls to tell you that your car is ready.  The best part is, if the court decides after they’ve been deported that they can come back and stay, the US may foot the bill to “facilitate their return.”  Which, of course, means that you and I will pay for them to be brought back here.  If the case drags on, they can apparently be flown back to testify, as well.

Because we are so excited to bring in more unskilled labor and unassimilated elements to our already jacked up and overdiverse (read: “not subject to the powers thereof”) society, we will also roll out the red carpet for them when they get back.

If you are returning by air or sea, ERO will work with the ICE Homeland Security Investigations Law Enforcement Parole Unit (LEPU) to arrange for you to be issued appropriate transportation documents by the U.S. Embassy or Consulate abroad. The commercial air or sea carrier will rely upon that documentation to authorize you to board the U.S.-bound flight or vessel. ICE will coordinate with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) at the port of entry in advance of your arrival by air or sea. If you are traveling by land, ICE will coordinate with CBP personnel at the appropriate port of entry concerning your return to the United States.

Some may argue that this site is nothing more than timely and necessary information.  The problem is what this information represents—a culture that says our laws mean nothing, and that being a citizen brings nothing more with it than what can be obtained by walking across an invisible line in the brush.  Being an American is nothing special now, it seems.  It has become literally as simple as showing up.  Freedom is a commodity, a warped idea where “a better life” means “at someone else’s expense.”  The American Dream now means simply reporting to the Border Patrol when you get to US soil.  Estoy aquí.  Dame cosas gratis.

I am here! Give me free stuff.

We citizens are angry about this to the point where even in Oregon, a state so blue it borders on indigo, a measure that would give drivers licenses to illegals was soundly defeated.  But do we have the right to be angry?  Do we even have the right to complain about them showing up and treating our land like a dump, our economy like their private trust fund, and our rights like their entitlements?  Everywhere we look, we are abdicating our own rights.  Washington’s I-594 gun control initiative just passed, putting thousands of law-abiding citizens in the position of being felons, much like those souls in CT who refuse to register their guns.  In the wake of the law’s passage, however, we see citizens who claim to love liberty shrugging as if this major infringement is no big deal.  Just pay the fee.  Just register.  Just follow the law, whatever the law is.  One article even called for Washington residents to apologize to Mike Hope, a RINO former state senator who authored another lesser gun control bill that was defeated two years ago.  Had we given up a little liberty then, so the story goes, we wouldn’t be in this mess now.  It’s our own fault, and now we have to deal with it, apparently.  That’s how sheep talk.  Unfortunately, that came from a fairly prominent “libertarian”.  He must be a bit confused on what liberty is.

Another WA resident told me that he didn’t want to partake in any “rabblerousing or protesting or whatever,” because “that just lets ‘them’ know you’re not happy and then they’ll think you’re a troublemaker.  Better to just go along for now.”  Seriously?

My personal favorite was the guy who told me that “if the government shows up at my door, I’ll handle that problem.” When asked if he would be joining us in Olympia on December 13 to engage in a mass violation of the new law, he immediately shook his head.  “I don’t want to get arrested.”

It is no wonder the illegals pouring in have no respect for our way of life or our freedoms.  We as a nation do not respect them either.  There are far too many people—even among conservatives and so-called ‘liberty’ folks—who have nothing they are truly willing to die for.  As my dad told me once when I was growing up, you only truly believe what you are willing and able to defend.  How many people do you know who are willing to show up at their state capital and engage in actual defiance of an unconstitutional law?  How many of you are willing to go to jail today to stand up for the liberty you are losing every day?  How much easier do you think that decision will become, as our country is turned into something none of us recognize?

If we expect to take our country back, the change doesn’t start with the Democrats or Progressives or liberals or whatever we call them.  It starts with us.  No one will respect our nation, our way of life, our liberties, until we do.  No one will care about them—including our own government—unless we are willing to fight and die to keep them.  As the saying goes, a courageous man dies once.  A coward dies a thousand times.

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