White People Not Welcome in Multicultural Space

White People Not Welcome in Multicultural Space

White People Not Welcome in Multicultural Space

Apparently, a couple of White men didn’t get the memo. White people are not welcome in the multicultural space at Arizona State University. It was such a horrifying spectacle, White people in a multiculti space, that several Women of Color felt the need to harass, bully and berate the men until they left and the space felt safe again.

The above in to be read with tongue firmly in cheek.

It boggles the brain that any red-blooded, hard-working American is giving over their hard American dollars over to most of the institutions of higher learning in this country. Rather than centers of learning where ideas are challenged, the colleges and universities are incubators of Marxist bullies. But, then you knew that.

In June, our Nina wrote a post about a young woman who escaped from North Korea. She was appalled at the safe spaces and speech police on the campus of Columbia University. Read Nina’s post here. This woman lived under the rule of “Dear Leader” and was shocked at what she found at Columbia. That’s how bad it has gotten.

Wonder what she thinks of today’s episode in cultural exclusion? Two White people (men) were studying in the multiculti space at Arizona State University. Not bothering anyone. People of color were in spaces around them. Two female students decided to confront them.

I first saw the two minute version of the video on Ryan Fournier’s twitter feed. The two minute version doesn’t convey the full nastiness of the females of color. The seven plus minute version adds a lot more context to just how ugly these two women are.

The two women are part of the ASU Multicultural Solidarity Coalition. A year ago, the two were among the signatories to a letter to The State Press. The letter begins by excoriating the university for having in person classes and then goes on through the Woke Encyclopedia of Trite Phrases to ask for a multiculti safe space for marginalized people. After they got the space, they kvetched that it is too plain and people only come to study. Watch the video and understand that these two have ugly, angry souls.

The pair, who call themselves “femmes of color” attack the two white people because there is a “Police Lives Matter” sticker on the one white guy’s laptop. The white people are told they are making the space uncomfortable. Then, the real fun begins:

“You’re white,” the woman behind the camera said. “Do you understand what a multicultural space [means]? It means you’re not being centred.”

“White’s not a culture?” he asked.

“No, it’s not a culture,” both women explained “White is not a culture. Say it again into the camera – white is not a culture. You think whiteness is a culture?”

The situation only grows more fraught from there.

“This is the violence that ASU does and this is the type of people that they protect,” the first woman said, with the camera still trained on the two male students.

“OK, this white man thinks he can take up our space, and this is why we need a multicultural space, because they think they can get away with this sh*t.”

No, White is not a culture. Neither is Black, Hispanic, Middle-Eastern or Asian. Take me, for instance. My culture could be described as Tennessee Scots-Irish. Austria may be white, but I am not immersed in Austrian culture. My neighbor is not of Middle-Eastern culture. He is Syrian and Coptic Christian. His culture has been changed by 21 years of living in East Tennessee. We were still a new neighborhood and got excited every time a new family moved in, so I remember the day Youhanna and Salwa got here.

Do you see what I am saying? Arizona State University has done these femmes a huge disfavor by not educating them. They want to lump all White people in to a no culture bin. Saying white people have no culture is racist. But, they don’t understand the nature or influencers of culture. To the femmes, all black people are the same and that is very sad.

One of the femmes berates the men because being a law enforcement officer is a choice. She didn’t have any choice being black. The police choose to wearing a badge and shoot people like her. Again, she quotes from the Woke Encyclopedia of Trite Phrases, the Untrue category.

The best use of the Woke Encyclopedia of Trite Phrases is when one of the kids asks where he should go. Femme One says:

“Yeah, the whole rest of the campus, the second floor, the first floor, the whole MU, every single part of the campus centres you. This is the only space that you’re not centred and you’re still trying to centre yourself, which is peak white male cis bullsh*t,” the first woman said.

I know that it’s sad that she is such a bigot, but I laugh every time I hear or read that phrase. Femme One and Femme Two from the video are far from marginalized. They are the majority on almost all college campuses. They are entitled, privileged, mean girl, carcass worshiping, melanin supremacists.

And, they are oh so proud of themselves. They justified themselves for defending their space:

“So anyway, that’s why we’re here, they’re going to make a scene and go talk to their Karens and all of that, but it’s important to recognise why we have to do that and what a multicultural space means.

“Because multiculturalism doesn’t mean that ‘Oh, we all come together and hold hands’, it means that you provide space and you protect the most marginalised. And sh*t like that is — makes this space uncomfortable.”

There are now three women for every two men on college campuses, for very good reason. What man wants to be confronted by bellowing termagants like Femme One and Femme Two every day. White people not welcome. White men even more so.

Featured Image: Kevin Dooley/Flickr.com/cropped/Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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  • Chris says:

    If i pulled this crap with any color besides my own.
    I figure..
    1-i would most likely get pummeled sooner or later.Heck maybe even yrs after the fact. With my words spome back to me as i lay on the ground beat.
    2-I would expect to be taken to court by the Feds along with a dozen others most likely.

    Why are these places not being Sued into Bankruptcy?
    Why are the Feds not rolling them up?
    Why…is this being tolerated.
    There must be a Lawyer that wants to yap infront of SCOTUS

  • Gene says:

    As a black man with 55 years of experience, fighting racism with more racism is going to produce more racism.
    Leftists and liberals of all colors infantilize non- whites by teaching them that they themselves are not responsible for anything wrong in their lives. So they will stay in university wasting time studying lesbian amputee dance theory and continue to be angry because now instead of being just useless, they’ll be highly educated and useless. No one should be ashamed for appreciating this country! Barack Obama happens no place but here!!

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