While we sleep, Daesh is creeping

While we sleep, Daesh is creeping

While we sleep, Daesh is creeping

While Americans were fussing about  flags and gay marriage, Daesh was doing their sick perverted version of an outreach. Normal people do things like open houses, Vacation Bible School, door to door or street evangelism like the LDS, Jehovah’s Witnesses, or the Chabad women passing out candlesticks. Daesh outreach is lethal. They are busy trying to kill anyone not fitting their model of a perfect Islamic man or woman. Arab News columnist Osama Al Sharif stated the following:

The world is engaged in a war against Daesh. But the franchise is expanding quickly and new battlefronts are emerging in Muslim countries as well as in Europe and North America. The most immediate danger comes from lone wolf attackers, who may not be directly tied to Daesh, but carry out their attacks in its name.

These secondary battlefronts will soon become primary ones. Daesh will eventually be defeated in Iraq and Syria, provided that countries that support it out of sympathy or for political expediency realize that they will eventually become targets as well. But the longest confrontation will take place within Muslim societies where the romantic appeal of the Islamic State “model” attracts even those who are classified as moderates.

But that can’t happen here. Right?

Once is chance. This was the scene Saturday in San Diego:

Discovery of several mortars, on a weekend when the federal government is warning police about terrorism, forced the closure of Route 163 in Mission Valley for nearly two hours Saturday.

The freeway was closed at about 1:30 p.m., between University Avenue on the south and Friars Road on the north, a one-mile stretch of freeway that includes the Interstate 8 interchange in Mission Valley. It was re-opened to traffic at 3:17 p.m., fire dispatchers said.

Several mortars — possibly explosive metallic shells — were found on the freeway, but no details about how they appeared there were released. A San Diego Fire-Rescue bomb squad was called out.

I drove that expressway for years when I lived out there.  My family and friends still do.  This is a main artery that these unknown jokers shut down. Now this can be anything from kids to anarchists but the timing is……suspicious.

Twice is coincidence. In New Jersey, there was an arrest of a suspected Daesh member:

Another suspected member of a reportedly ISIS radicalized terror cell was arrested in New Jersey Monday, as the metropolitan area goes on hyper-alert for the threat of an attack during the Fourth of July holiday.

As CBS2 Political Reporter Marcia Kramer reported Monday, experts said they think the terror threats are very real, because ISIS is actively trying to radicalize people in the Tri-State Area.

Among those radicalized people, according to authorities, was Alaa Saadeh – the 23-year-old West New York, New Jersey man arrested Monday. He was believed to be part of a group interested in detonating a pressure cooker bomb at a New York landmark.

Again too close to family and friends.  And yes it is a good thing that these morons were caught.

Three times is conspiracy: Daesh admitted planning and implementing acts of terror in the Middle East.

As CBS2 Political Reporter Marcia Kramer reported, ISIS has now claimed responsibility for two attacks — one on a Shiite mosque in Kuwait and another at a beachfront hotel in Tunisia. But terror experts at the Pentagon in New York were trying to determine whether the incidents were coordinated centrally, or whether they were coincidental.

“That’s still being assessed, but it’s being assessed in the context that ISIS put out a call within recent weeks calling on attacks during the period of Ramadan,” said John Miller, NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism. “So that’s something we’re going to factor into how we look at this.”

Dear fellow citizens, Stop sleeping and wake up: this is a lot more important than Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner, a Confederate battle flag or any of the silliness the media highlighted. Daesh wants. Us.All.Dead. For a review, Daesh wants heterosexuals, homosexuals (who they throw off roofs when the down low becomes overt), Christians, Jews, Muslims who are not psycho like them whether men, women or children DEAD. And they pick their holy month to murder. And desecrate holy sites.

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  • Penny says:

    Yup…..the world is asleep, but America is almost comatose about this danger. Because of “Guess Who”?!? And his weak willed, bound to destroy America, Communist mindset. He, and Holder, have made inroads into the defenses that were never thought possible. And, everyone is afraid of him and his IRS and back-pocket media. Look what they’ve tried to do to Scott Walker, pure innuendo built up into attacks on his character. Rubio buys a boat, and the media makes it a yacht. Filthy dirty politics….Stalin style!

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