Was Meghan Markle Secretly At The Coronation?

Was Meghan Markle Secretly At The Coronation?

Was Meghan Markle Secretly At The Coronation?

Who doesn’t love conspiracy theories, right? Well, the fun ones anyway. That is how we are going to categorize this one. The theory is that Meghan Markle snuck, traveling from California, into the Coronation of her “unconsciously biased” father in law, King Charles III. Her disguise was that of a stereotypical 1970’s male porn star who is stuck in that time warp. Look, it makes as much sense as needing to be in California for a four year old’s birthday party. Heck, I like games. I will play.

The New York Post published this fun game yesterday afternoon: “Royal fans convinced Meghan Markle snuck into coronation in disguise.”

Nothing screams “disguise” like a wig, glasses and a mustache.
Some Twitter users are convinced that Meghan Markle showed up to Saturday’s coronation of King Charles III in disguise, despite her staying in California with children Archie and Lilibet.
Keen observers took particular notice of one standout guest among the crowd of 2,200 at Westminster Abbey, arguing that the attendee looked like he was covering up his identity.
One person even suggested it could be the Duchess of Sussex, 41, sneaking her way into the event.
“[Meghan], you’re not fooling us…” they wrote on Twitter.

Nope, it’s not the Dollar Store Duchess Meghan. It IS Welsh composer Sir Karl Jenkins seated next to Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber. They both composed pieces played at the Coronation. We hope that MI6 isn’t quite as stupid as the United States Secret Service or any other OGA. If they were, they would be jumping on poor Sir Jenkins thinking it was Me-Again, when it was just some poor schmoe who has been so busy composing, he hasn’t left the house since 1978.

That Doesn’t Mean That Meghan Didn’t Sneak In In Disguise

Princess Eugenie is pregnant. Like 11 months pregnant. For real. Like the baby’s head is between her thighs pregnant. Sorry to the men out there, but women know what I am talking about. What if Eugenie isn’t pregnant and she snuck Meghan in the big, big bump?

Doesn’t it look like Eugenie could fit several adults in that bump and coat. It would help explain why Harry stuck so close to Eugenie. He is not allowed to be very far away from The Markle Claw. While Harry was stuck behind Aunt Anne’s Great Red Feather, Eugenie wasn’t. Meghan had the better view, and what Meghan wants, Meghan gets.

Holy Heck, The Grim Reaper

The Daily Mail reports that the Grim Reaper made an appearance at the Coronation. Possible. Charles is 74, not that that is old, but he has sausage fingers:

Every big party attracts some uninvited guests, but royal fans joked that they’d spotted the angel of death himself at Westminster Abbey today as Prince Charles was crowned.
Onlookers were convinced they spotted the Grim Reaper at Westminster Abbey this morning during the historic ceremony.
In the middle of the aisle, a hooded figure in all black can be seen waltzing across in full view of the camera, before eerily disappearing again.

It would be ominous and might have been Meghan coming, in disguise, to exact her revenge, but I think it was Sword Girl or one of the other robed people with long implements.

Nah, Meghan had to stay home for Archie’s fourth birthday. You ever had a four year old? You can tell them that their birthday is next week, they won’t know. But, you could take them to Grandpa Chuck’s Coronation party (too young for the Church itself) and the child would see pictures later. Middle school bragging cinch. “I was at my Grandpa’s Coronation party.” Boom. Can’t beat that.

The Sussex’s missed the point again. Le sigh.

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