Vox Feminist Writer Wants Every Day to be Christmas

Vox Feminist Writer Wants Every Day to be Christmas

Vox Feminist Writer Wants Every Day to be Christmas

Like the swallows returning to Capistrano, Christmas brings out the traditional Leftwing whinging about fairness. Vox writer, Anne Helen Petersen, doesn’t disappoint in an article that is the essential Left Spinster lament: “How dare it be more expensive to live alone with my cats than with partner?”

A regular feature of Vox, this writer’s whole oeuvre revolves around money and Why Can’t I have it ALL? Just in time for Christmas, Petersen vomits up a 5K+ word article — albeit chock full of actual data — about the American conspiracy against single people.


Think about your household’s monthly expenses. There are the big-ticket items — your rent or mortgage, your health care, maybe a student loan. Then there’s the smaller stuff: the utility bills; the internet and phone bills; Netflix, Hulu, and all your other streaming subscriptions. If you drive a car, there’s gas and insurance. If you take the subway, there’s a public transit pass. You pay for food, and household items like toilet paper and garbage bags and lightbulbs. You buy furniture and sheets and dishes.

Now imagine paying for all those things completely on your own.

Um, ok? Is there something wrong with being financially responsible for your own life? We don’t know how Ms. Petersen was raised, but for most normal people, the milestones to functioning adulthood include one’s first job, paycheck and moving out of Mom-and-Dad’s home to make your own life.

Petersen feelz that, YES by golly, there is something wrong with paying for my own stuff if that married couple in the next apartment are :::gasp::: sharing, not just their lives, but their bills! OH.THE.HUMANITY!

We’re not exaggerating:

Single people should, in theory, be the purest embodiment of American values of self-sufficiency and individualism. That they’re not speaks to the fact that we don’t venerate the individual — we venerate the individual family. The family fosters the conditions for the individual’s success: The spouse helps create the conditions that make success possible; children (at least theoretically) keep the individual grounded, focused, and humble. Which is why so many narratives of “individual” success either start with that family already firmly in place or — as is the case with so many rom-coms and memoirs, from Sex in the City to How to Be Single — end there.

This kind of anger … borne of covetousness or narcissism … is a feature, not bug, of the anti-family Left. It is an article of faith that all inequities in life are to be remedied by The State and individuals be forever protected from any consequence of either the natural vagaries of life or even one’s own individual choices.

Rachel explained. “That’s the huge difference between being partnered and being solo: the ability to build savings. And I feel like if an emergency happened, there would be some sort of safety net.”

Petersen’s implication being that single mom Rachel should never, ever worry about that safety net if only Santa Clause Government didn’t hate her singleness.

American society is structurally antagonistic toward single and solo-living people.

Is it really American society hostile to singles or Petersen and her ilk that are hostile to people who have loving and functional marriages?

*[Marriage has] become a tool of class reproduction, benefiting those who’ve always benefited within the American class hierarchy: financially stable white men and the women married to them.

Ooooo!! Marriage is classist and white supremacist!!

“Racist marriage” does a lot of heavy lifting here when all studies indicate that a stable, heterosexual marriage is not just good for the partners, but for their children, too, regardless of the melanin involved. Of course, Petersen rejects the idea that two parents offer more than just dollars in raising their kids …

More stability means fewer of the behavioral and educational problems associated with kids who grow up in single-parent homes, the vast majority of which can be traced back not to the fact that they only had one parent but that the one parent’s finances were unstable,

Yep, it’s all about the Benjamins, not the parenting, right? Vox has long dismissed the behavior of feral kids due to inadequate parenting.

Scrape away the majority of Petersen’s perfidious use of data and what you are left with is yet another anti-family screed pushing a policy that she, and single people like her, should never have to become adults. She wants an endless Christmas day where The State stands in as Santa Clause, to make sure that she never experiences any hardship or sorrow. And it is all to be financed by Other People’s Money.

What a sad, miserable Leftist. Vox is certainly the perfect home for this spoiled child.

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  • Robin H says:

    When did having a roommate become taboo? Back in the “olden days” no one ever expected to live by themselves when they first left home. They were either married or lived with roommates. Daughter graduated college in 2019 and shared an apartment for 2 years until her salary rose enough to let her live alone. I guess these are the same kids that grew up in homes with more bedrooms than kids and never had to share. They’d be appalled at what I and my husband had to endure growing up, 4 kids sharing 2 bedrooms and one bathroom for all of us, including parents. I really hate this new crop of whiners.

  • JimmyJack says:

    Feminist cant find a good man to pay for things.

  • Cameron says:

    “Now imagine paying for all those things completely on your own.”

    I did. No car so I relied on the bus to the point that my friends called me for bus routes instead of the transit company. Lived below my means and improved myself.

    And as much as it breaks her little heart, families are kind of the core of society. Sure, being single has its perks but there are problems that come with that. What she wants is for consequences to be removed so she can have happiness and it’s reality’s fault for not bending to her will.

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