Voter Registration Fraud in California Reminiscent of Ohio Election Fraud in 2012

Voter Registration Fraud in California Reminiscent of Ohio Election Fraud in 2012

The attempt by Democrats to affiliate healthcare insurance sign-ups with voter registration has infuriated me since the first draft of the healthcare registration forms were released in early 2013. The initial draft of the online application had a question asking if the applicant wanted to register to vote when s/he finished signing up for healthcare on the website or the state exchange. Luckily, when liberty-loving people who reviewed the draft form raised a stink over voter registration being linked to applying for healthcare insurance, HHS changed the form. But apparently California is still hell-bent on growing the Democratic party by linking healthcare to voting.

CA voter fraud
The Democrat Party box had been marked prior to mailing.

Recently a La Mesa, California, couple received a letter from the state’s Obamacare website, Covered California. Inside was a voter application form, and when the wife (an accountant) skimmed through it, she noticed that the party affiliation boxes were in small print and were easily missed. On the form sent to them, the couple noticed that the box before “Democrat” already had an X in it.

When the couple made inquiries, they were passed around from one agency to another, with each pointing the finger at the others. Although I applaud the couple for reporting the fraud and attempting to get to the bottom of things, in the end it will not matter. Even if authorities can trace the serial number of this couple’s form to the desktop of one sole individual agent in the Secretary of State’s office, it will not matter. Even if the agent admits to marking the form prior to mailing, it will not matter. And even if that agent says that higher-ups instructed agents to mark the Democrat Party box on all forms they mailed out, it will not matter. No one will ever be reprimanded, much less charged with the crime of voter fraud that has been committed by someone.

melowese richardson
Melowese Richardson

Recall the case of Melowese Richardson, the Ohio election official who admitted she voted more than once (as many as five times, in reality) in the 2012 election. Richardson admitted that she filled out an absentee ballot and also voted in person in the 2012 Presidential election. She learned of the charges against her when a news reporter caught up with her outside her home. It is surprising that she even was called before officials to answer to the charge of voter fraud and additional crimes for being an election judge. When asked if she would fight the charges since she has freely admitted to voting twice for herself, once for her daughter, and at least once each for two other people, she replied, “Absolutely. Absolutely, I’ll fight it for Mr. Obama and for Mr. Obama’s right to sit as president of the United States.”

Eventually Richardson was convicted under Ohio state law of several felonies. She was sentenced to five years in jail. However, just this past week a state judge dismissed the felony conviction and allowed Richardson to plead guilty to lesser charges and get out of jail free after serving only eight months. It’s no surprise that she has become a hero and is held up as a martyr for the Democratic election-fraud-for-Obama cause.

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If an Ohio election official can get away with patently disregarding election laws, there is no chance in hell that this instance of Democrat voter fraud in California will receive even a slap on the wrist. After all, any Democrat will tell you that there is no such thing as voter fraud in this country.

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