Did voter fraud hurt Republicans in New Hampshire? [video]

Did voter fraud hurt Republicans in New Hampshire? [video]

Did voter fraud hurt Republicans in New Hampshire? [video]

President Trump’s voter fraud commission, the Presidential Commission on Election Integrity, is claiming that it has evidence that out of state voters in New Hampshire may have clinched the 2016 election for the opponents of Kelly Ayotte and Donald Trump. Last November both Republican candidates lost in the state by small margins – Trump lost to Hillary Clinton by 2,732 votes, and Ayotte lost to Maggie Hassan by 1,017 votes.

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is the vice chair of the Commission on Election Integrity.

New Hampshire allows same day registration and voting. A person may use his or her out of state ID to register. The new voter indicates he or she is a resident of New Hampshire. However, out of the 6,540 voters that registered on the same day as voted in New Hampshire, now, ten months later, very few have followed through with that state’s requirements to obtain a new driver’s license, or show another indication of domicile by registering a car. Only 1,014 have gotten a new license, and only 213 have registered a vehicle. 

The numbers alone don’t prove fraud, but they do support the idea that many same day registrants don’t take New Hampshire law seriously. If they did intend to be residents they should have followed the law and obtained a new license or ID within 60 days of moving to the state. Perhaps only 213 of those people had a car to register too. But if anything is shown, it is that same day registration does not help to ensure that properly domiciled people are voting in national elections.

The Commission has asked all states to provide it with voter information in order to find these types of questionable data. Most problematic are the areas where more votes were recorded than are registered voters. Many states are only complying with the request on a limited basis, saying releasing this information will just provide the government with data it can skew to meet its political narrative of voter fraud. This is a legitimate concern, however, the Democrat approach to make voting easier only leads to these types of problems. Voting is a serious undertaking, and no one who is eligible to vote should be turned away. But if presumptive voters do not follow the rules to vote, then the votes of all the other properly documented voters are canceled out. Laws should not be written that undermine that right, but same day registration laws do just that, creating too much opportunity for fraud and lack of accountability.

The Commission is holding its next meeting in New Hampshire on September 12, 2017. Electronic voting and election statistics will be discussed.

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