Vick loses endorsements; NFL pulls jersey

Vick loses endorsements; NFL pulls jersey

Michael Vick is in a lot of trouble. He’s innocent until proven guilty, but in the media, his fate already seems decided. It was no surprise when it was announced that Vick has been suspended from his Nike endorsements, and the Donruss trading card company has pulled Vick’s card. Meanwhile, the NFL and the Falcons have stopped selling his jersey. TMZ has the story:

Michael Vick is in deep doggy doo-doo with his endorsement partners for his alleged role in a dogfighting ring. The Atlanta Falcons quarterback has been suspended from big money contracts with Nike, Reebok and a trading card company, thanks to a federal dogfighting indictment against him.

This week, Nike suspended Vick without pay, and released a statement that “Nike is concerned by the serious and highly disturbing allegations made against Michael Vick, and we consider any cruelty to animals inhumane and abhorrent.” The company vowed to stop selling Vick-related products but chose not to terminate his contact until his case was filed. Due process of puppy law!

Reebok opted to stop selling Vick’s Falcons jersey, as has the NFL, which has suspended sales of Vick’s number 7 jersey on And the Donruss trading card company has pulled Vick’s card from new packs.

I said it before, but Vick isn’t going to be able to run his way out of this tight spot. Even if he is found innocent, and I hope to God he is, I get the feeling that his reputation may not ever rebound.

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Can’t run your way out of this one, Vick.

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