VG Presents: Leftist Douchery Roundup

VG Presents: Leftist Douchery Roundup

VG Presents: Leftist Douchery Roundup

Put on the hip-waders, loyal readers! If the 2016 election taught us anything about Democrats, it’s that they have an endless supply of butthurt and bile at any tiny loss of power. Scratch a leftist, reveal a wannabe totalitarian. An insane wannabe totalitarian.

Oh, look! A “reporter” for The Daily Beast!

Who is welcome in New York City? Hmmmmmmmm… (as seen on Facebook)

NYC Leftist sign of hate

Another blue-checked Leftist zombie dribbling out her brains as she blames the Pittsburgh shooting on President Trump’s moving the American embassy to Jerusalem or something …

But was this “correspondent” for GQ Magazine at all embarrassed by her attempt to tell Jews that only Hellenized Jews deserve at seat at the table? Naw.

Isn’t she special?

Not to be left out of spittle-flecked hate of President Trump, and everyone that doesn’t toe the Trumpy McHitler and all his supporters are Nazis line, we find a reporter from The Guardian, flinging poo at another reporter that she is responsible for the Pittsburgh shooting. Yes, really.

Ivanka Trump is a Jew, but that doesn’t stop the Left from attacking her as complicit with anti-Semitism. Here’s a couple of examples:

And let’s not forget how Leftists just love them some dog-whistles and code words!!

I bet that mangina has never said word-one about all the Leftists who scream KOCH BROTHERS at every successful libertarian or conservative group.

The douchery of Leftists is strong out there and too easy to find. These people are rank with the stink of desperation. They’ve all achieved a certain amount of success and spent at least 8 years under the Obama administration as bien-pensant idols, expecting little else but worship from the Little People.

Their hatred of Trump is really their hatred of you.

Vote straight Republican ticket on Nov. 6. We cannot allow Democrats to gain back one iota of power.
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UPDATE: Welcome Instapundit readers! Make yourself comfortable, stay a while.

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  • Nicki says:

    As an American Jew whose family HIAS helped settle in the US, that Ioffe twunt is an embarrassment to every Jewish person whose brain hasn’t been addled by leftard politics.

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  • Kate says:

    Such ugly people, Leftists.

  • Da Bear says:

    Nothing like a local coffee shop, two blocks from my home, to get the unvarnished truth.

    I’m sitting with my morning brew reading how wonderful it was that the Dodgers got wupped, when a group of 12 folks, mostly 20’s, and the leader in her forties, orders and they sit across from me at a large table and hold their meeting.

    They are true believers, door bell ringers for the Democratic candidate for Assembly in Kali.
    The leader was real piece of work, White, but wearing a black and white “Palestinian” keffiyeh around her neck, and carrying a notebook with the OFA (Organizing for Action) logo , Obama’s own Revolutionary Guards.

    Let me report just the most salient instruction that was told to these folks….. Lie. Just ask the home owners what their political concerns are, then feed these concerns back as positive positions for the candidate. Taxes too high? Feed back the candidate want to lower taxes. More gun control? Feed back the candidate want more gun control. Too many immigrants? Feedback that the candidate wants to review the situation.

    This went on, ad nauseum, for 15 minutes.

    Then one woman asks the leader about the candidate’s position on Israel and what should they say? I stare at my laptop, listening, not daring to look at the group.

    The leader clears her throat and very softly says, “Tell them Trump is Hitler, and only the Democrats can save the Jews from the next Holocaust.”

    The woman who first asked the Israel question then asks, “But, what if their concern is that there are already way too many Jews in power in America? Ya know, they are all ready on-board with us.”

    I look up for a moment.

    The leader smiled like a hungry shark,” Give ’em the usual feedback, but don’t leave until you get an email address and a phone number. Those folks are our most valued future recruits, and will get personal attention from the state and national OFA.”

    My wife would be proud, I just walked out. I walked back home, saying prayers for our Republic’s future.

  • Sixty Ville says:

    You’d think they would at least change the douche once in a while instead of re-using it over and over again.

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