Trump is right to fire Priebus, he was weak [video]

Trump is right to fire Priebus, he was weak [video]

Trump is right to fire Priebus, he was weak [video]

Reince is out, Kelly is in. The Whitehouse shakeup of the Chief of Staff has reportedly been coming for weeks. It all came to a head yesterday and was marked by the traditional Presidential Daily Tweet Storm.

Personally, I never liked Reince Preibus. He did not project himself as having much confidence in his own leadership and I blame him for the out of control nomination process. When he was chosen for Chief of Staff I felt that it was Trump’s olive branch to the Establishment (sort of like him keeping Comey on as FBI Director). Ok, but it turns out Reince really isn’t much of a leader after all. He couldn’t rein in the Establishment up at Congress and so it is really no surprise that Trump let him go.

Trump tried it the RNC way and it didn’t work. Now onto another approach. Classic Trump, though some people are still wringing their hands because they don’t understand him. But what’s to understand? He’s a pretty simple guy. Look at his history to understand – and don’t look at it with judgmental eyes – just look at it to help us understand his methods.

Reince Priebus, former Chief of Staff

Trump is certainly a man that has no fear. This would be exhilarating for some (Scaramucci, for example), and over-the-top intimidating for others (everyone else who hates Trump, though they all have different ways they react to it). Trump doesn’t think much about how things look – that has never mattered to him before so why start now? He is a play-by-the-gut kind of guy. What feels right? – then let’s go that direction. More often than not, his gut pays off, so he trusts it. Does it look like he’s going in circles, like he’s off track? Not to him. He’s adjusting course mid-stream and he likes it just fine. That his seemingly unpredictable behavior ferociously upsets the Estabishment, the media, the liberals, and the Never-Trumpers is a happy byproduct for him. For he is not unpredictable, he knows exactly what he is doing and if people would only set aside their preconceived notions about what they want him to be their panties would automatically unwind.

Trump is not a perfect person and he won’t be a perfect president – only Barack Obama will only ever be able to claim that title, you know. No, Trump is a rough and tumble guy from the construction lots of New York City who’s had success doing things his way for a long time. He’s not about to change now. Get used to it and learn to deal with it. He’s teaching people how to negotiate with him, but they haven’t learned their lessons yet. He’s got more resolve and stamina than they do, though they haven’t run out of steam. What people need to do is pay attention to how to deal with him. Meeting his force with an opposite force isn’t going to do it. Real leaders figure this out and are able to forge working bonds that build relationships. Trying to overpower Trump at his own game is futile. They need more finesse in the Whitehouse. Since we all know that won’t be coming from Trump, somebody needs to wise up and manage the situation. Otherwise, the shakeups and the beat downs will continue until morale improves.

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  • skillyboo says:

    The best leaders know when to change course because the current one is not working and as you stated Priebus definitely wasn’t accomplishing anything.

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