Trump Derangement Syndrome Lives On

Trump Derangement Syndrome Lives On

Trump Derangement Syndrome Lives On
The grief. The passion. THE DRAMA.Source:Twitter

In two weeks, Donald J. Trump will have been President-elect (and then President) for one year. In that time, we’ve seen writers crying about how difficult it is to write in the world of Trump. We’ve seen Hollywood notables reneging on their promises to leave the country if he was elected president. But, most of all, we have seen certain residents of our country becoming so upset with the fact their beloved Hillary didn’t win the election that they have fallen victim to Trump Derangement Syndrome. It is closely related to the Bush Derangement Syndrome but has caused even more chest-beating and victim-status claiming. It culminates on November 8th with the “Scream helplessly at the sky on the anniversary of the election” event in Boston.

Yes, you read that right. Someone has organized an event for all those so broken-hearted at Trump’s continued existence as President that they are gathering to “scream helplessly at the sky”. So far, 4,000 Facebook users have said they will attend and another 33,000 or so are “interested” in attending. Can’t you just see it? Thousands of people standing in Boston, lifting their faces to the sky and screaming helplessly – as if that is going to accomplish anything except possibly hurting their throats.

According to Cambridge activist Johanna Schulman, President Trump has “attacked everything about what it means to be American.” Forgive me as I laugh hysterically for a moment. I don’t remember people with MAGA caps and wearing masks and hoodies rioting or forcing universities to shut down events by liberal speakers. Those who have been attacking our right to assemble and right to free speech have been Antifa, supported by the liberals of this country. Hmmm, I don’t see how that fundamental right has been attacked by the President.

Not that facts matter in this case. We lived through the entire Obama Administration where President Bush was blamed for anything and just about everything that went wrong. Now, because members of the Left still can’t believe Clinton lost the election, they are acting like kids on the playground who aren’t getting their way. Instead of throwing themselves down and kicking and screaming, they are going to stand around the Boston Commons and scream to the sky. And why? To make themselves feel better. Can anyone say spoiled brat?

According to the Newsweek article, this screamfest has no real goal it is aiming for. They aren’t hoping to accomplish anything that might bring about a policy change in the Trump Administration. Instead, the protest will give them “the unique opportunity to vent their rage by shouting at the darkening skies above, all the while expecting nothing in return.”

Calling President Trump’s inauguration a tragedy, Schulman goes on to say, “While the event calls upon people to Scream Helplessly, we want to convert that sense of helplessness into resistance, into action, and maybe even into optimism.” Isn’t that a lot like saying “I’ll hold my breath until I turn blue if you don’t do as I want”?

Reading some of the comments, that’s pretty much what they are saying. “I’ll be screaming in L.A.,” reads one comment. “Wokest Event of the Year,” reads another.

Oookay. Why am I reminded of college students who are so fragile they can’t handle anyone who might have an opposing view to them? Or how about the UC Berkley students who claimed they shouldn’t have to take an in-class exam because “they aren’t privileged enough to be able to handle it emotionally or something.” Their professor refused to give in to their demand that they be allowed to take the test at home and with time to prepare. Instead, he offered to meet with them after class to discuss their concerns. They refused to do so, choosing instead to take their complaint to the Department of Ethnic Studies.

In that case, as in the case of those who feel so traumatized by President Trump’s election, the students weren’t acting as adults or doing anything positive — negative or otherwise — to change their circumstances. Instead, they are pitching a fit and all because something happened they didn’t like and if we don’t make the big, bad man go away, they’re going to scream and hold their breath until they turn blue.

The adults are most definitely not running the asylum.

Paul Bois with The Daily Wire said it all:

Have a great night, lefties. By all means, scream until your voice goes hoarse. Scream until Fay Wray has to come back from the dead to reclaim her title. The rest of us will be sleeping comfortably in our beds.

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  • Brian Swisher says:

    Allow me to suggest that they follow this up with a “Pissing Into The Wind” event.

  • Dana says:

    Uhhh, in two weeks time, it will have been one year since he was elected, but we have to wait until January 20th for him to have been President for a year.

    • Scott says:

      Dana, this is the left we’re talking about … PLEASE don’t confuse them with facts! They’re already operating well beyond the capability of their tiny coddled brains…

    • Amanda Green says:

      You’re right. I wrote the article late last night and, even though I tried checking the dates, I obviously got it wrong. Trump was inaugurated on Jan. 20th. He was elected on Nov. 8th. I can only plead a tired brain as I wrote this late last night. Will correct.

  • Johnny says:

    ” The rest of us will be sleeping comfortably in our beds.”

    Not me.

    I’ll be standing as near as I can get to one of these demonstrations (not too close – it hasn’t yet been conclusively proven that progressivism is not a communicable disease) rapturously enjoying the symphony of left-wing lament.

    Scream, my dears. Scream HELPLESSLY.
    It doesn’t get any better than this.

    But wait – what about November 8th, 2020?
    Oh, be still my heart!!!

  • GWB says:

    My first thought was not a nice one. I wondered if there are any tall buildings around this venue with windows that open. The rest of the thought is crude and inappropriate behavior. (Yet, still more productive than what they’re doing!)

    My second thought was less crude. But very “money-grubbing capitalist”. I say we go up there with bags of Hall’s Ricola* cough drops, and sell the individual cough drops to people leaving the event for …. maybe a quarter each? Whatever it takes to turn a handsome profit off these mush-brained meatheads.
    (* Ricolla is probably much hippy-er than Hall’s. It’s probably even organic or something.)

    The adults are most definitely not running the asylum.

    Heck, the adults are walking by the asylum, wondering who let the kids out of day care.

    • Scott says:

      GWB, a quarter hell, sell em for $5 each..most of those idiots have, as my mom used to say “more dollars than sense”.. and give em a real hipster name, you’re guaranteed to sell out!

  • GWB says:

    Ya know, one of the scary things is…
    This is how you get a mass round-up of certain people. I mean they’re demonstrating that they’re obviously mentally deficient and unhinged, to boot. These people should NOT be let out in public without a therapist (or at least a minder).
    Of course, rounding them all up sets a precedent for the next prog President. Unlike the progs, we can foresee the consequences of our actions…..

  • Steve S. says:

    This will be four days after the “Day of Rage” on November 4. Maybe by this time they’ll have something to scream about.

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