Transgendering Our Military

Transgendering Our Military

Transgendering Our Military

Transgendering our military is nearly complete. Okay, this is too much. Our military is becoming nothing but an activist organization. First, General Mark Milley leaves a blaze of white rage on his way to the retirement field. Doing so leaves the military open to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) influencers to take over.

Let me introduce Lieutenant Colonel Bree Fram, a man pretending to be a woman in the United States Space Force.

Bree Fram served for eight years in SPARTA leadership roles, culminating as President and Board Chair from April 2021 to April 2023. SPARTA, an organization that advocates and educates about transgender military service, is dedicated to the support and professional development of over 1800 transgender service members. A member of SPARTA since 2014, Bree focused on policy and advocacy work. Additionally, she provided educational briefings on transgender and diversity issues to military and civilian audiences.

Bree is an active duty Lieutenant Colonel in the US Space Force and resides in Northern Virginia. She is an astronautical engineer by education and has experience in program management, research and development, policy, strategic planning, international affairs, and congressional affairs.

Lt Col Fram came out as transgender on the day the transgender ban in the military was dropped in 2016. She is currently one of the highest ranking out transgender officers in the US military. –

He is an activist and part of a group of people who are forcing these ridiculous new policies onto the rest of us. Not only are these men pretending to be women, but their group is growing in numbers. They are bullying their way into institutions and organizations with this nonsense.

Jim, I’m with you, but it seems we are outnumbered.

With academic medical centers now on the side of transgenderism, it is wide open season, and everyone is coming out. When a radical group has the medical industrial complex on their side, we are done. I guess the activists made the right move by infiltrating the healthcare industry first.

So here we are.

Lieutenant Colonel Bree Fram, an engineer with the United States Space Force and activist for transgenderism in the military, spoke at the National Character and Leadership Symposium, the theme of which was “Embrace Culture, Empower People.” The military official states that he is a co-leader of the Department of the Air Force LGBTQ+ Initiatives Team, which he says is “dedicated to eliminating barriers to LGBTQ+ military service in the Air and Space Force.” – Daily Wire

And good on Daily Wire for not using She/Her when writing about Fram. This celebration and glamourizing of untreated mental illness is destroying so much.


More from Fram:

“We must focus on … intentional inclusivity,” Fram said before adding, “For all of you out there, I ask you to set out your symbols of pride, share your pronouns in your email, particularly if you’re a person who doesn’t think they need to, initiate difficult conversations about racial and gender barriers, and share a bit of your vulnerability in a way that draws others in.” Daily Wire

Now, we are at intentional inclusivity. And if this isn’t activism, I don’t know what it is. He encourages people to share their pronouns and directs that at those who don’t feel they need to. And initiating difficult conversations about racial and gender barriers? That sounds like a setup. If someone came back at him with their beliefs, that person would be more than likely be reprimanded.

So Fram was an activist with SPARTA PRIDE, and now he is in the Space Force and giving extreme left-wing propaganda speeches at our military academies?

Fram isn’t the only dude making history and blazing trails in our military. The following video (from a year ago) is so disturbing on so many levels.

This guy in the video, Haut? And his commanding officer? It’s ridiculous. The interviewer asked the commanding officer what would happen if other leaders in Sgt Haut’s work field gave him any problems about his transgenderism. The commanding officer said he was sure some common sense would be spoken. What?

Dealing with transgenderism in our military is certainly nothing new. Installing a Diversity and Inclusion officer years ago in our military might have been the start of its downfall.

In 2021, The Daily Beast did an article on Fram with his wife and children. Those poor kids, the image in that article is heartbreaking. Apparently, he is still holding his family hostage married to Peg.

God help us all.

Feature Image: West Virginia National Guard/Flickr/Public Domain/edited in Canva Pro

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