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Transgender Harrassment: Gender Rights Trump Privacy

Transgender Harrassment: Gender Rights Trump Privacy

A teenage boy who claims he is transgendered has been harassing girls in the restroom that he is allowed to use because he thinks he’s a girl.  WHat’s that, you say?  A teenage boy who claims he is really a girl too is given access to the female restroom, and begins harassing the girls while there?  In fact, let’s break this down one more level.  The school let a teenage boy use the women’s restroom, and are surprised that he is harassing the girls. 

In related news, standing in the middle of the freeway gets you hit by a car.

Here’s where the plot thickens, however.  Naturally, the girls complained to their parents and the school.  The parents, with good reason, were also upset.  Hey, there’s a boy in our girls’ restroom.  He’s harassing them.  This is a problem, right?  Wrong, says the school.

‘The boy’s rights as a transgender trump their daughters’ privacy rights,’ the school has told concerned parents.

Since when does a teenage boy’s “right to be a girl” trump the right of real, biologically appropriate girls to use the bathroom without harassment?  Apparently, it does now.  In fact, the school has threatened the students with removal from sports teams and even hate crime charges if they don’t stop complaining about the harassment.  Because, when you’re being harassed in the bathrooms by a teenage boy, the best course of action is to shoot a shotgun on the front porch and pee on your attacker…oh, wait.  I’m confusing my liberal anti-rape and sexual harassment strategies.

The school even suggested the girls give up some or most of their restrooms in order to accommodate their transgendered classmate.

That, right there, is the icing on the cake.  There is absolutely no possible justification for this.  In fact, this happening at all is ridiculous.  Teenage girls should be able to go to the bathroom without being harassed by anyone, including a teenage boy who either thinks he’s a girl or just figured out the fastest way to get access to the inner sanctum and simultaneously get an iron-clad defense.


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  • Dejah Thoris says:

    Diversity is Perversity…

    They believe in the right to privacy, except in the case of bath-room privacy.

    I predicted this would happen. If I was a teenage boy, I would claim I was a girl too so I could spend some time hanging out in the girls locker room enjoying all of the tickle fighting we allegedly do.

    Sounds like lawsuit time to me….

  • Merle says:

    I’m surprised this isn’t happening in California. Sounds about right for them.


  • Kevin says:

    Define harassment. What is the transgender girl doing that is considered harassment? If his/her “presence” in the restroom is considered “harassment” by the other girls, then that’s not harassment. There’s missing information and without the missing pieces it’s hard to assess the situation.

  • DL says:

    Harassment by anyone anywhere especially a student is a serious offense because it seems to never end. I was just wondering though, because the article only talks about privacy, does anyone know exactly what the student’s harassing behavior was, or is the student’s use of the female restroom being considered as harassment? Just wonderin’

  • Nina says:

    Lets call the harassment what it is shall we? That kid is bullying other kids. Period. Full Stop. If that kid is allowed to continue – and it seems obvious that the school is giving the kid full rein . . . the bullying will be allowed and its highly likely the bullying will escalate. And then the school will have an even bigger problem – that they caused.

    DL – I can take a guess as to the bullying behavior. Shoving, slamming open stall doors while a girl is in there, looking under stall doors, possibility of inappropriate touching, and verbal bullying about the girls looks/bodies. I bet I’m not far off the mark unfortunately.

    • Kevin says:

      I re-read the article multiple times … it only uses the word “harassment” and doesn’t describe the behavior. Nowhere does it state the youth has been involved with, ‘Shoving, slamming open stall doors while a girl is in there, looking under stall doors, possibility of inappropriate touching, and verbal bullying about the girls looks/bodies.” If that were happening, the article would be filled with reports of children being “shoved” in the restroom.

      I have accommodated transgender youth in all of my residential programs for the past 20 years. Every night in one of my programs we have at least one transgender child. In the 20 years of respecting and accommodating these youth, I’ve had a problem once. And the problem wasn’t due to the issues of sexual identity. The problem was due to a significant mental health issue that was untreated.

      I do not tolerate two youth of the same sex disrespecting or mistreating each other. The same goes for a transgender youth in the program. The same expectations are placed on all youth no matter their gender or gender identity.

      DL – If you have a link to another story that describes inappropriate and unacceptable behavior of this transgender youth, I’d like to see it. Otherwise, you can’t jump to the conclusion she/he is behaving inappropriately just because the word “harassment” is being used. As a parent, if the school said your child was “harassing” other people, you would immediately ask what is he/she doing? Tell me his/her behavior. If they wouldn’t/couldn’t describe the behavior, you would probably call the principal a fascist and pull your kid out of school and rally your fellow compatriots around the inappropriate treatment of the school and they’re infringing on your right as a parent. Give other people the same due.

    • GWB says:

      I agree, Nina, that it would be nice to know more of the particulars so we can adjudge properly. But the premise is still the same: why is this boy being allowed into the girls’ bathroom when they are complaining?

      If this were a normal situation, the girls’ complaints would trump (in the progressive worldview) any examination of the facts. However, the “transgender” boy ranks higher in the grievance pantheon, so his desires trump the girls’ complaints here. This is really not where a just and moral and free society would be.

  • OldSoldier54 says:

    This is freakin’ LUNACY! I suppose this is what we get when people with single digit IQs make policy decisions.

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