Facebook Blackout: I’m a Traitor to My Gender Because I Won’t Participate in the Virtual Burka Protest

Facebook Blackout: I’m a Traitor to My Gender Because I Won’t Participate in the Virtual Burka Protest

Facebook Blackout: I’m a Traitor to My Gender Because I Won’t Participate in the Virtual Burka Protest

Friends, I am going to let you in on a secret operation to make the men of this world feel really bad.

Women are being instructed to blackout their profile pictures on Facebook in order to show the world what it would be like without women. I wasn’t supposed to tell you that.

This is characterized as a project to prevent domestic abuse. You will be instructed not to share this with men, to pass it only to women. Will you comply?

Not surprisingly, I will not be participating. I do not belong to the mob, and I do not subscribe to groupthink. Because of these selfish actions, I will likely be labeled a traitor to my gender, and perhaps even a self-loathing female. At the very least, I’m sure I will be banned from the sisterhood.

But let me tell you something – you untamed, misbehaving, radical feminists – you are standing in the place of the patriarchy when you order me to do something I think is counterproductive and stupid. So I am going to think for myself, and politely decline to join your man-hating club. I know many of you proclaim that you don’t hate men, but you need to look a little more closely at your actions. What you do isn’t meant to enlighten men, it is meant to shame them.

Most importantly, I would like to draw your attention to the first thought that crossed my mind when I received this directive: Man, that reminds me of a burka. So I am supposed to cover myself in black and become invisible to provoke men to wonder where I am? If I wanted to experience oppression and be forced into silence there are lots of places I could go, but I won’t volunteer for it on Facebook!

Look, I know a lot of women, especially young women, are lost, and are trying to navigate their lives in this utopia feminists call The Patriarchy. The feminists have told them lots of lies about how women are more limited than ever, how women are more targeted than ever, and how masculinity is more toxic than ever. But it’s just not true. Our society, in America, is more equal than ever, more accommodating than ever, and men are (sadly) more placid than ever.

Women have never had so much opportunity and it is frustrating to see them set these self-imposed limitations. What is even more frustrating than the damage they do to themselves individually, is the damage they are doing to women’s place in the world generally. Feminists keep moving the goal posts so that they have new things to complain about, but if yesterday’s feminists were to look around and see the dynamics we have going on today, they probably would’ve been pretty impressed. We’ve come a long way baby, said Loretta Lynn, in 1979!

Feminists wanted a sexual revolution, but come to find out they can’t handle it the morning after. They wanted women to be in the locker room, but come to find out they can’t handle a little rough talk. They wanted to be taken seriously, but come to find out they have made a mockery of themselves by presenting as fragile teenagers who need chaperones and vocal coaches. Women need to take responsibility for themselves and quit blaming their shortcomings on men. Men have graciously moved out of the way, but please let’s not expect them to be doormats too.

In the end this blackout operation is one of the most juvenile ways to approach awareness, (aside from the fact that it’s already been done). It’s just like the bratty kid who gets mad and takes his ball and goes home. The problem with that is, nobody misses his whiney ass and they just go get another ball and keep playing.

If you want to be in the game, you got to stay in the game. Here’s to all the independent women who won’t be participating in the Virtual Burka Protest.

Live well, ladies!

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  • Stephen Ippolito says:

    Important truths – and well said, too.
    So refreshing to read. Thank you, VG’s.

    PS. that word “refreshing” is something that I am happy to find myself using increasingly in this age of The Donald. It was a sensation that I initially felt on first really listening to him on the campaign trail leading to 2016.

    It was so rare an emotion in the political context that at first I couldn’t even put a name to what I was feeling.

    So refreshing to have proven, self-evident truths and common sense now pushing back in the public arena against Orwellian PC.

    The Left won the cultural war a long time ago but yet hasn’t been content to cease fire. They are no longer progressives – just social engineers. We on the conservative/traditionalist side are the real resistance.

  • Steve LaVergne says:

    Do the other 55 genders get to participate or are they excluded like men are?

  • CaptDMO says:

    “… blackout their profile pictures on Facebook in order to show the world what it would be like without women.”
    Sorry, without a FULL MONTY commitment of ENTIRELY “disappearing” their “social enabling accounts” , and painstaking removal of their “histories”, I just can’t take such folk seriously.

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  • It’s a shame that these 3rd wave feminists have decided that instead of being strong and confident and stuff, they will instead be Victims. As always, I refer back to a real feminist, Alice Paul, who refused to be a Victim http://americanhistory.si.edu/collections/search/object/nmah_1067243

  • BlueEyedDog says:

    In general, these women want their cake and to eat it too. You can’t have it both ways. I have been the lone female on an engineering team of 10 for over 5 years. If I pulled these types of stunts I would lose the respect I have today. In reverse, my husband worked with an all female team and the back stabbing was just ridiculous. There are reasons some women don’t get respect they think they deserve.

    • Jim says:

      When working in a state government public service department in Australia some 20 years ago I was lectured by an aggressive Lesbian Feminist that even talking tersely or forcefully to a female colleague of equal rank was sexual harassment. I had spoken my mind to a lazy, bludging woman who was notorious for avoiding rostered in-take work duties so that I and others, mostly blokes, had to cover her duty. As for women back-stabbing, that’s a given in organisations staffed with mostly matrons, e.g. welfare and early childhood. Many of the matrons do not want men working in their areas of occupational interest and Power.

  • Shana says:

    It’s not about erasing anything. A burka is a daily and enduring religious choice, and not at all an accurate comparison here.

    Nobody is asking folks to be permanently silent by asking if they will stand in solidarity for 24 hours. Granted, I would have liked the wording to be more inclusive, but I have also seen men and other victims of domestic abuse blacking out their picture in solidarity regardless of the “instructions”.

    Most women don’t consider themselves feminists or part of any “wave” or “mob.” This narrative of shaming folks for standing together behind a demand is designed to water down the fact that millions of women worldwide have become very vocal They’re just fed up with the constant disgusting behavior of folks that can’t keep their impulses to touch or talk sexually to people that aren’t receptive, under control. People are tired of the subsequent punishment for not playing along that inevitably follows.

    The great thing is, you can choose not to participate, and there isn’t going to be a line of folks waiting to call you a “traitor” or expel you from any “sisterhood.” If anything, you will get props for towing the line. There isn’t a conspiracy to emasculate men. Only a call for an ousting of abusive forms of power. It won’t stop as long as humans live.

    • Mimi says:

      Thank you Shana. . .You basically said what I was going to so I won’t be repetitive. I don’t understand why this is even an issue. . .participate or don’t, no one will oust you from any “sisterhood.”

      • Nicki says:

        Considering how women are being subjugated and abused in many of the countries that mandate this garment, I find it interesting that you don’t object to using it to virtue signal your opposition to domestic abuse – as if ANYONE sane would support it!

        Plus – this is cultural appropriation at its finest, if the left is to be believed.

    • Nicki says:

      A CHOICE??

      Try not wearing one if you live in some of those mostly Muslim nations and then tell me how much of a choice it is!

  • Aimee Germain says:

    This is an inclusive event, one that I am personally not participating in for healthier reasons than yours, and does include men. Men can be, and healthy stable ones are, against domestic violence and sexual assault. The thing that people like you never seem to grasp is that there are millions of Male feminists. Your reductionism to man hating is the neon sign of screwy. You made zero substantive points because you swallowed in your own biases and false assumptions.

    • Jenny North says:

      Aside from the ad hominems you flung my way, apparently in place of any substantive points you *could* make, I am curious as to your other “healthier reasons” for not participating? What’s more healthy than asserting independent thought, I’d like to know?

      For the record, the information I saw said pass only to women. Because the absence of WOMEN was the point of the blackout. If men get erased too, doesn’t that dilute the point that women are trying to make with the virtual burka? Can’t even get a coherent message for a protest. Sheesh.

    • Darleen Click says:

      People like “us”?

      There is nothing more “reductionist” than an ideology that doesn’t respect individual differences but judges you on identity – whether it is race, sex, or sexual orientation.

      You don’t judge on character, you judge on intersectionality.

      The virtual burka is virtue-signallying of, at best ignorance of Liberty-based rights, at worst, sheer misandry.

      “Male feminist”…. I’ve yet to meet one who uses that self-descriptor who isn’t an insufferable Leftist who wants to tell me how he knows my experiences as a woman better than me. :::snort:::

      Seek help for your projection.

  • Ari says:

    Thanks for the all black photo! I used it to participate in the FB blackout

  • Scalia says:

    //you untamed, misbehaving, radical feminists – you are standing in the place of the patriarchy when you order me to do something I think is counterproductive and stupid//
    You are overreacting. No one forced you to do so. Its a part of a project for domestic abuse and let me tell you that a black dot was asked to be drawn on your palm if you are being abused to let others know about it without alerting your abuser. No one is gonna shame you, its always boils down to our choices. The survivors don’t seem to have a problem with it Use better examples and stop with that overreaction. You are no better than anyone else out there until you do something worth appreciating for the survivors.

    • Jenny North says:

      “You are overreacting.” Oh, am I being hysterical? Would you like me to shut up? Be careful, you are treading into Patriarchy territory.

      “The survivors don’t seem to have a problem with it.” Why do you assume that I am not a survivor? Why do you assume all survivors think the same way? What do you not see that you are promoting groupthink?

      “No one forced you to do so.” I never said I was forced to do anything. I live in America where I am free to dissent, thank goodness. But peer pressure is a real thing and it is a silencing mechanism. In America I have the freedom to present another point of view, and I won’t let your shaming of my opinion silence me. Protests like this are stupid and counterproductive. I am interested in equality for women and when I see people promoting things that make them look stupid I am going to say something.

  • mac says:

    It would be better for all involved on every side of this issue if they just removed their Facebook accounts completely and never went back to Zuck’s data miners. I realize the concept of personal privacy is considered old-fashioned by many these days, but those who see it as such don’t understand the jeopardy in which they have placed themselves by plastering their lives all over the Internet. As a law enforcement official once told me, “If you knew as much about Facebook as I do, you wouldn’t have a Facebook account either.”

    • slickwilly says:


      I used to work for a certain Armed Service, in a job that gathered information about people with the option to kill them in various and violent ways. We used radio intercepts, scouts, and so on to put a picture together of our enemy on the battlefield.

      And people VOLUNTEER the exact information needed to track and, if necessary, eliminate them. Don’t they realize the NSA is keeping ALL your little posts, in case they want them for something later?

      No social media!

      (Yes, commenting here could be tracked back to me: they already KNOW who I am, and where I live. People with sensitive clearances are tracked, you know. I still refuse to allow my family to use social media)

  • Smokeand ashes says:

    This is one of the worst of slacktivist ideas to come along. I rolled my eyes when I got the message about it. This does nothing but feed into tribalism. We are not monolithic and trying to force us into participating in a worthless virtue signaling charade is insulting. If they really want to do something donate to a DV shelter something that actually is meaningful but that would require more than a finger swipe.

  • Johann Amadeus Metesky says:

    Unless women are prepared go full Lysistrata and deny men the one thing that they can’t provide for themselves, most men will keep on keeping on, whether or not women blank out their faces on Facebook. Women are just as capable of abusing people as men are, unless you think women are a special sort of human beings that don’t act like human beings. Women are just as likely to physically abuse men as vice versa and women are much more likely to abuse their children.
    The Sisterhood, though, is indeed powerful and there is social opprobrium for any male or female that challenges it. Don’t believe me? Watch how feminists react to this comment.

  • Robin H says:

    After the first women’s march those of us that didn’t participate and didn’t support it were bullied and denigrated. We were told we were being controlled by the patriarchy and we just didn’t see it. I agree with you completely. If we don’t see things the same way as these 3rd wave feminists it’s because we aren’t as enlightened as they are, not because we just may have a difference of opinions. It’s tiresome. I actually laughed when I read the reason for the blackouts. It’s like a Twitter protest, all noise and no results.

  • Jenn Tidd says:

    It’s stunning to me how much you apparently bored little snowflakes can put so much energy into something so innocuous. And talk about victimhood? LOL. Would that my life was so meaningless that FB campaigns of any kind could elicit such outrage. LOL, bless all your little hearts. Get a life. It’s fun!

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