This isn’t our country anymore-Dinesh D’Souza, James O’Keefe and the 2014 Communist Manifesto

This isn’t our country anymore-Dinesh D’Souza, James O’Keefe and the 2014 Communist Manifesto

Many mornings I sit down with my coffee and my breakfast, and like large numbers of Americans, my iPhone, and review the headlines on a favorite news site. My personal favorite happens to be the Drudge Report, and this morning I found a bevy of depressing headlines awaiting me when I popped open the app and started perusing.

The first depressing story was about New York governor Andrew Cuomo and his targeting of conservative journalist James O’Keefe (of Project Veritas fame). O’Keefe’s group are the ones who caught Wendy Davis’ campaign staff mocking her Republican challenger in the Texas governors race for being in a wheelchair, which our own Catherine Wilkinson wrote about yesterday here. It seems that New York’s Department of Labor has been bugging O’Keefe’s office, which is located in Westchester, NY, demanding financial documents “for months”. It seems Mr. Cuomo is learning a lot from watching our harasser in chief go after his political enemies by using instruments of the state-IRS targeting Tea Party groups ring any bells? Mr. O’Keefe is taking the high road (as usual) and had this to say in response to the continued harassment of his organization:

“Governor Cuomo’s shocking words this past week aren’t simply words. Governor Cuomo and the New York Department of Labor are on a witch hunt, demanding all documents and financials since our founding. … His goal, of course, is to harass us and limit our effectiveness by tying us up in court. Just like President Obama used the IRS to target and suppress conservatives, Governor Cuomo is using his Department of Labor to do the same exact thing.”

Governor Andrew Cuomo-My what a big mouth you have!

Which leads us to the next story to catch my eye this morning. It seems Dinesh D’Souza is beign indicted on charges of violating campaign finance laws for acting as a bundler for his former college friend Wendy Long when she was running for the Senate seat vacated by Hillary Clinton. So let’s get this straight-Obama’s bundlers get ambassadorships and conservative documentary makers who expose Obama’s less than attractive ideological roots get prosecuted for possible reporting mistakes? Ok, we have arrived at the stop better known as “Banana Republic“-and no I am not talking about the store!

Michael Moore’s humble abode-looks like a Communist dwelling- right?

The final story that caused me to shut the app down, lest I lose my breakfast, was the one outlining the creation of a new communist manifesto with contributions from prime time Commie hipocrites like Michael (Three-Cheeseburgers) Moore, Obama’s favorite terrorist mentor Bill Ayers, and cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal (whose lawyer, Debo Agebile, was just nominated by Obama to head up the nations top civil rights enforcer at the Department of Justice-oh joy!). If that isn’t an all star line-up of socialist freaks I just don’t know what is! It seems that they all outline “how to get from where we are to where we want to be” in the book which will sell, comrade, for the minimal price of $10.11 (evidently they seem to have forgotten that selling things for profit makes them part of the “cancer” of capitalist endeavor). The convicted cop killer (Abu-Jamal) wants to ban prisons because after all according to his co-author Angela Davis (former Communist Party USA head and Black Panther leader):

“The concept of ‘crime,’ like much that we today take for granted, is a sociopolitical construct.”

This comment makes me wonder if Ms. Davis has ever experienced a break-in at her home and whether or not she would see that as a purely “socio-political construct”. Somehow I doubt it.

UC Santa Cruz Professor Angela Davis-another reason to go to a private University

All this leads me to believe what the title of this post says-this isn’t our country anymore. This America is the sad shell being sluffed off of our formerly vibrant nation and unless we all do something and start reversing our course I am afraid that we will continue to get the government we deserve and watch our beloved freedom shrivel up and die on the vine.

Update: According to my good friend Daylight Disinfectant it seems that the New York DOJ may be forced to drop their investigation into James O’Keefe’s financial dealings through his organization Project Veritas. He discussed this possibility with James on while filing in for an Oregon talk show host on KUIK. According to Daylight Disinfectant, Mr. O’Keefe was hopeful that the entire investigation may be drawing to a close due to lack of evidence.

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  • ALman says:

    The other morning, while being assaulted by the day’s headlines, I looked at a line of bottles. One in particular, Bushmills, caught my eye. (I’m going digress for a moment. Even as I write this, the tranquility of the moment is disturbed by the fact that my spell-checker identifies “Bushmills” as an error. So, my moments are already interrupted by the dreaded red underscore. What’s wrong with them? Don’t they know that Prohibition has ended?).

    Continuing with my original line of thought, I considered how nice it would be to take my bottle of Bushmills, a few cigars (which I’m not supposed to have), and drive into the mountains to an overlook. There, I could enjoy enjoy both. Should I happen to see some large mushroom clouds, I think that the fools had finally gone and done it, they had blown up the world.

    I don’t dwell on this, because I realize there are more immediate threats to us. You’ve identified a few in your article. These, coupled with others of more recent time, got me to wondering. (This is dangerous when not, not, having had some libation and cigars, as they could be readily pointed to as the source of my bizarre thinking).

    For some time now, the Left has had the Right “on the ropes.” In a sense, they have been offensive, in more ways than one, while conservatives have been defensive. Over time, might not each of them become very strong in their respective role while weaker in the opposite one? So, if the Left wants to get rid of the Right, they would then have little challenge or resistance. Thereby, not only will they become weaker for not having played much defense, they would also become weaker at offense as there will be fewer opponents on which to focus.

    Now, the Right by continually “playing” defense realizes that the “game” cannot be won by this strategy alone. Thereby, they begin to concentrate on their offense with the potential of having a better all around “game plan”.

    So, while we may have whiplash at shaking our heads over the Beavis and Butthead of New York,
    concerning Moore about whom we wish there was less, about the convoluted thinking of Davis who is still crazy after all these years, and the witch-hunts (if they, the witches, think this is profiling they can go back to their cauldrons) of our government, there just may be hope yet. That what has been making the Left stronger could be the source of their downfall. And, what has been a source of weakness for the Right may become their strength. If not, you’re all welcome to join me at the overlook. (smile for the camera)

    • A.Men says:

      For the last 30 years McCain won elections in Arizona!!! Voting liberal dimocrap policies into Law! Now he has been censured by the GOP of Arizona! Wow! How impolite!?!

      This the USA we have been voting for!!!

  • Jennifer says:

    Beautifully explained, as usual. Here’s hoping we don’t end up on the overlook as a last resort. But, I certainly will raise a glass to your logic!

    • ALman says:

      I wonder want their desired outcome is? Do they really think that we’re all just going to roll over? It seems to me that there is already enough objections, though they may get their way in the near term. However, in the long term, there will be a reckoning of sorts.

      Not to offer false or illusory hope, since things could get even meaner than they are. Yet, look at the Duck Dynasty situation. It was as if people “swarmed” in response to what took place. Maybe, we need more of this. A concentrated “pushback” by the people. The steps might be small ones. That’s okay. Just as long as they are in the direction that’s good for us all.

  • What liberals claimed happened in the 1950s because of “McCarthyism” is actually happening in the 21st century because of Obama.

    • ALman says:

      It makes me wish I was in my 20’s. In addition to chasing the gals, I would like to be a graduate student in American history taking a fresh look at that period in our country’s history. History may not be so kind to Obama. He may go a similar route that Lenin and Stalin did in Russia.

  • Xavier says:

    An underlying theme of Jennifer’s essay is what I call The New Inequality. Laws are being created, ignored and selectively enforced at the whim of what has become a single branch government. Belonging to an entitled race, religion, or sexual preference group is now both a justification to punish perceived enemies and a shield of immunity for those actions. Conversely, people and organizations which oppose the subversion of their God-given and Constitutional rights are being targeted, scrutinized, and punished simply for their opinions. If you have the wrong tags associated with your identity, like ‘White’ or ‘Rich’ or ‘Uncle Tom’ (and the list goes on), at the very least you’re going to be punished financially. If you dare speak out, the authorities will find a way to silence you. Dissent will not be tolerated by this regime.

    As Yogi Berra famously said, “it’s hard to make predictions, especially about the future”. But anyone paying attention should be able to see a clear trend in the U.S. toward a malevolent and omnipresent government that seeks to know and control every facet of life. A famous revolutionary once said, “”Democracy is not an end but a means to the conquest of the new state”, and modern technology may finally enable the Socialist Totalitarianism that the left worships. I don’t know how bad things have to get before people decide to fight back, or if it will be too late by then. It may be too late now.

  • Lexie Lee says:

    Obama has quit operating as a “President” and stepped into “Dictatorship” territory. If you oppose him, he will try to make you pay. If he can’t get his bills passed via the normal channels, going through Congress, etc., he’ll simply use his Executive Power. For one who is so guilty of “Abuse of Power,” (and let’s not even get started on all his other scandals — Benghazi coverup, etc.) he certainly has no shame in going after his “enemies” for petty/marginal things. And like any good dictator, Obama wants to make an example of these enemies as he does his best to destroy them, to provide a very public lesson to anyone else who might try to oppose him.

  • Deb says:

    It’s really too bad, what’s happened. Your country seems to have tipped over, the way Canada did back in the ’60s. Best case scenario: you turn into a leftist, socialist state with Big Government, like Canada and European nations. Those are still not bad countries to live in (I’m a Canadian who recently moved to the U.S.), if you can handle way more taxes and bureaucracy, and giving up your guns. There’s still freedom of speech for the most part; you’ll just never make it far in politics if you say what you think, and you might taken to court by an irate leftist (like Mark Steyn was).
    Worst case scenario: you follow the path of Venezuela.
    It’s really too bad. I’ve always admired the America I grew up watching, the America under Reagan.

  • ALman says:

    Actually, there’s another alternative. We need to increase federal revenue, decrease the role of government, do something about the immigration situation, etc. There’s a comparatively simple solution to this.

    We invade Canada and Mexico. Inasmuch as Canada is already “a leftist, socialist state with Big Government”, they ought not mind having a general increase in taxes. Also, for those in the U.S. who are so enamored with socialized medicine, they can go to Canada for this. Meanwhile, those in Mexico who might be inclined to “hop” the border into the U.S. could stay in their own country since they’ll be subsidized for doing so from the tax base from Canada.

    Here in the good ole’ U.S. of A. the Republic is restored and everything is “right as rain”!

  • Teapartyguardian says:

    Just more revenge after they “won” the election…..right, Valerie?

  • Lexie Lee says:

    A couple of words in this blog post really stood out to me — “depressing” and “shut down”. I think those words sum up how so many people feel as a result of the Obama administration’s rule. He’s set up a system to discourage and depress hard-working Americans, and unfortunately, so many of them have simply shut down and given up. Instead of his promised “Hope and Change,” his is the “Stifling Administration.” He is choking the life right out of American motivation and innovation.

    But giving up and shutting down is the last thing we should all do. Not since WWII, have we had so much at stake and so much to lose. Instead we need to fight back and not give up. Your blog is such a great way to do just that — thank you so much for hosting all this!

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