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This Election Day, honor those who defend our right to vote

This Election Day, honor those who defend our right to vote

There’s a lot of talk today about making sure that people get themselves to the polls, about who will win what seat in Congress, and what it will all mean for Democrats and Republicans.

The direction our country will go in the future will be determined by the results of today’s elections, so these are important things to talk about. I want everyone to remember, however, that there are people who defend that right for us. Our men and women in uniform are the ones who defend one of our most cherished rights — heck, in several states that very right is being refused to service-members deployed overseas — and right now, they need us.

Project Valour-IT helps the wounded warriors who have given so much for us while defending our freedoms. Today is a great reminder of how much they’ve done for us, and what they give to us. Take today, election day, as an opportunity to give something back to them. They defend our freedoms, and the need has never been greater. Let’s not let them down, especially when they didn’t let us down. They heard a call to serve their country and answered it without hesitation; today, let us serve them. Donate what you can, even if it isn’t much.

Also, we have some very generous donors who have agreed to match donations for the Marine team. Between 2:00 and 4:00 this afternoon, we’ll be looking to raise $250… and there’s some incentive in it for you, too — if you like seeing bloggers like me embarassed, anyways! Stay tuned to find out what will happen if we raise $250 in 2 hours this afternoon…

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