The Dude Is Not A Lady

The Dude Is Not A Lady

The Dude Is Not A Lady

WWE wrestler Tyler Reks now wants to be known as a woman. The dude is not a lady. If someone wants to play out their mental illness by attempting to become something they are not, having surgery to do so, a gruesome one at that, I guess that’s their own business to do so.

But when you then want to enter the realm of sports for biological women, well, that’s where I draw the line. There are all sorts of acceptance these days of men wanting to become women and then compete in their sports.

Hell, even a 50-year-old man can simply identify with being a teenage girl to gain access to their locker room and compete against them in sports.

So, does Tyler Reks want to return to the wrestling world to compete against biological women? It appears so.

Why do I keep harping on stories like this? Because it is important. And more people should be talking about this insanity.

Remember, I am no psychologist; I am simply stating my opinion here. I have a hunch that after this dude gets bored with his female body, he’ll be on to something else or worse, sadly.

Sidenote: Tyler Reks now goes by Gabi Tuft. I’ll continue to dead-name him, though. But in some of the following quotes, the articles I pulled from refer to him as Gabi or Tuft.

Also, remember that Tyler Reks isn’t a psychologist, but it doesn’t stop him from giving fitness advice to his clients.

“It just goes far beyond fitness and nutrition… All the way up to professional athletes… if it’s not a strong emotion [guiding you] what we see is the moment hunger cravings kick in or and you’re [off your game].”

Tuft said some of the most common reasons people want to become fit are “I want to be my very best self,” “I want to be healthy” or “I want to live a long time.” But for some, those vague and generic goals are not enough.

“We got to dig deep. We got to find the true deep emotion behind it. And once you have that, it drives everything,” Tuft said. – Fox News

How far did Reks have to dig to find out he wanted to change his body, yet again, this time into a woman?

As for transitioning, Tuft had to address changing from “280 pounds of a man.”

“That’s who I was. I was the protector. I was the alpha male of alpha males, and everything I did revolved around that. But when I made the decision to medically transition. It was so powerful that I was truly ready to release all of it,” Tuft said.

“God is it hard to get rid of that much muscle. It is a chore,” Tuft said.

“I was shocked how much muscle I retained,” Tuft said in order to lose all the muscle and obtain a more slender shape. “I forced my body to burn muscle with these long extended cardiovascular sessions at high intensity and stayed in keto for a very long time, and I stopped lifting weights. That’s the short version. – Fox News

So, he sounds like he is addicted to how his body looks.

And now he wants to wrestle with women.

By the way, he was married and now is divorced. Surprise.

He’s been away from the wrestling ring for 11 years. I don’t think it matters how long he’s been out of wrestling. He’ll beat a female athlete without question once he steps back in the ring with a woman. He’s a male.

Here he is, in the ring 13 years ago:

Now, I know full well that wrestling is faked and rigged. Still, I don’t want to see a male who attempted to transition into a woman’s body get in a ring and fake wrestle a real woman. No thanks.

Besides, it is another way to make it normal for men to compete against women in other sports. It’s just yet another example.

Good God Almighty, look how much bigger he is compared to this woman helping train this man to get back in the wrestling ring with a real woman.

Again, I know pro wrestling is fake, a showman spectacle of acrobatic moves and such.

As some states try to protect children from their crazy ass parents who want to transition their children, you have Joe Biden signing Executive Orders to increase access to gender-affirming care and develop ways to counter state efforts aimed at limiting such treatments for transgender minors (source).

This is why it is important to talk about grown men pretending to be women who get internet fame for it because the youngins are watching. Marxist government leaders, along with the help of the medical field, are making this normalized in society. It’s just another way to tear down the family unit and traditional values.

Feature Image: Gerspach Laurie from France, CC BY 2.0, Wikipedia

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  • GWB says:

    Oh, Carol….
    This guy was a pro wrestler. His entire profession was play-acting, pretending to win and pretending to lose, following the script. The only wrestlers that went on to real success parlayed their acting skills into tv and film roles. (And, the occasional RL hero, like Hulk Hogan.) I’m not saying don’t point this stuff out, but this one is a classic case of “former pro wrestler desperately craves return to spotlight”.

    Tyler Reks isn’t a psychologist, but it doesn’t stop him from giving fitness advice
    Ummmm, what does “fitness advice” have to do with being a psychologist?

    • GWB, the reference was to the MOTIVATION to get “fit.” That is psychology. (It could have been written better – but this is a free blog. We’re still getting infinitely more than we pay…)

      As to professional wrestling being an act, with a script – it is still a very dangerous thing. Moves might be planned beforehand, but one very small mistake in carrying them out can cripple an opponent for life.

  • Cameron says:

    And when he or some other tranny kill a woman in one of these sports, the dead woman will be accused of transphobia and you’ll be a h8r for talking about why she got killed.

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