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The Constitution boiled down to one empty sentiment: general welfare

The Constitution boiled down to one empty sentiment: general welfare

For liberals, most of what’s in the Constitution is a problem. They have to dig and distort and pervert in order to get their liberal fantasies passed. Or, they can do what Sen. Jeff Merkley did, and boil the entire Constitution down to just two words, and ignore everything else: general welfare.

That was what he replied when asked where in the Constitution did Congress have authority to mandate health care on every American.

Using the general welfare excuse is like a get-out-of-jail-free card for liberals. The Constitution is not a particularly long document, nor is it a complicated one. But it does not agree with government controlling industries, or mandating what Americans can or cannot have, or government regulation of religion, and so on. Yet all liberals have to do is pull out that little golden ticket: general welfare. To liberals, it cancels out everything else the Constitution says. They can do whatever they want, as long as it’s supposedly “for our own good”. They can use those two little words — general welfare — to excuse all manner of evils. And while there are plenty of wonderful words in the Constitution they could zero in on — freedom, justice, liberty — liberals will always hone in on the one phrase they can use to excuse all the wrongs they’re committing. It’s a perverted meaning, but what does that matter? It gives them the ability to excuse anything they try to shove onto us — amnesty, government run health care, abortion, civilian trials for terrorists — and still be able to say it’s “in the Constitution”.

Don’t think of this as a flaw by our Founding Fathers. It isn’t. What liberals are doing is a distortion and a perversion, and deep down, they know it. The Constitution of the United States is one of the most profound documents ever written in the history of man, and all liberals want to do is twist it around to use it for their own sick means.


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  • newshutz says:

    Since the “general welfare” clause is the power to tax, he is right. The penalty for not having health insurance is a tax.

    The power to provide subsidies for people to buy health insurance is not in the constitution.

  • April 30th entry on my blog:

    Have you read the Constitution? Lately? Are you generally familiar with what it says?

    If not, why not? It’s easily available (at least for now) on the internet. You can probably get a copy that will display on your PDA or cellphone.

    It’s the RULE BOOK that we are supposedly living under. You need to know what the rules are, so that you can spot those times when the government is violating them. The fact that so few people actually know what that document contains is the reason that your government is finding it so easy to screw you.

  • philmon says:

    “General Welfare” … of the United States of America. The United States of America is the Constitution.

    It does not say the general welfare “of the people”.

    That is up to … the people.

    I bought a box of pocket Constitutions from the Heritage Foundation and I hand them out to family and friends.

  • The evils perpetrated in the name of ‘general welfare’ are exactly why the phrase was omitted from the Confederate constitution. But Cassy, why save your disdain for liberals only? So-called conservatives have also largely ignored the constitution in their efforts to expand the power of the central state.

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