General David Petraeus’ Sad Fail on ABC This Week [VIDEO]

General David Petraeus’ Sad Fail on ABC This Week [VIDEO]

General David Petraeus appeared with Clinton sycophant George Stephanopoulos on ABC This Week this Sunday morning. The appearance was called his final audition for Secretary of State in the coming Donald Trump administration. It was a sad fail for the disgraced General and former CIA chief.

I held my nose to watch the ABC program hosted by Stephanopoulos. I was once a huge fan of General Petraeus. I was sad to learn that he had feet of clay, but hoped that there was some explanation. Not that there is any credible explanation for sharing government information with your side dish.

General David Petraeus and side dish Paula Broadwell.
General David Petraeus and side dish Paula Broadwell.

General Petraeus sad and pathetic excuse for sharing confidential information with his mistress Paula Broadwell is that he made a mistake. Well, okey dokey. Not! Sorry, General Petraeus but you were tasked with the lives of our United States treasure. You held the top security clearance. You are a four star General. “I made a mistake” doesn’t cut it. Sell that somewhere else.

Or, as Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters told Time magazine for its November, 2012 article, “The Rise and Fall of ‘General Peaches'”

Ralph Peters is another blunt-speaking retired Army officer and author. “When a man becomes more reputation than substance, his reputation had better be invulnerable,” he said of Petraeus’ plight. “Every successful man has encountered at least one Paula Broadwell. The smart ones don’t take her calls.”

There was something else that really frosted my cookies. He repeated twice that in the last four years he has traveled to forty countries. Well whoopdie freaking do. Hillary Clinton traveled to over 120 countries. I understand that travel broadens the mind, but what did you accomplish, Peaches?

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