#Ferguson: Sunday Pundits talk “Fallout”

Today the Sunday Pundits will be talking about how the nation and world watched on November 24, 2104 as Robert McCulloch, the St Louis prosecuting attorney announced that the grand jury decided not to indict Officer Darren Wilson for Michael Brown’s death. The calm before the storm lasted approximately 5 minutes, and then all hell broke loose.

It didn’t matter that one part of the family asked for calm and for “peaceful” protests. It didn’t matter that the President spoke to the nation a few minutes after the decision as Ferguson started to go up in flames. The protestors, the criminal protestors didn’t care. They were all about destroying property, and they did so.  In spades.


There was a slight, very slight break in all this havoc for Thanksgiving Day. Yet tensions remained high, and Michael Brown’s family themselves fueled the fire with their ‘empty chair at the table’ shtick. The fallout has been so pervasive that this mornings Sunday talk shows will be focusing primarily on #Ferguson. According to Martin Matishak ofThe Hill:

Attorneys for Brown’s family will appear on “Face the Nation” and “Fox News Sunday.” Fox will also interview the lawyer for Darren Wilson, who killed the unarmed African-American teenager in August.
Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick (D), a close ally of the Obama administration and the country’s only black state executive, will go on “Meet the Press.” Meanwhile, St. Louis alderman Antonio French will speak to “This Week.”
Several current and former law enforcement officials are slated to give their opinions on the latest developments in Ferguson, Mo., which has sparked violent protests in major cities across the country.

What will they talk about I wonder? Will Sherrilyn Ifill, president of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, tell the viewers of Meet The Press how appalled she is that over 18 businesses in Ferguson were burned to the ground? Will she tell the viewers that what the criminal protestors did to shut down the Lincoln Tunnel was wrong? Please don’t hold your breath, you’ll pass out from lack of oxygen.

Will St. Louis Alderman Antonio French use his time on ABC’s This Week to ask for the protests at the Brentwood Target and the St. Louis Galleria to stop their destructive behavior and start helping the community to rebuild instead of continuing to destroy it? Will the Brown family attorney, Benjamin Crump, during his appearance on Face The Nation, do his best to help the family backpedal from Brown’s stepfather screaming “burn this B*** down!” the night the decision was announced? I doubt it.

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