Electoral College Will Vote Today [VIDEO]

Electoral College Will Vote Today [VIDEO]

Today is the day. The electors from all 50 dates will be meeting today to formally cast their ballots in the Electoral College to declare the winner of the 2016 presidential election. And when it is over, Donald Trump will be formally declared the winner of the 2016 presidential election.

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At least, that’s what is 99% likely to happen today. That outlying 1 percent? Well, it’s people like the Washington state electors who tried to get themselves released from their obligation (per state law) to vote for the winner of the state popular vote. In case you were wondering, the winner of the popular vote in Washington state, a state so blue that it bathes in Grandma’s hair bluing rinse, was Hillary Clinton. The logic being used is convoluted, to say the least.

Chiafalo and Guerra join two Colorado Democratic electors and a California Democratic elector in suing to overturn their states’ laws. The two Washington electors, like their counterparts, argue that they can’t constitutionally be forced to vote for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, since the Founding Fathers intended the members of the Electoral College to vote freely.

“Plaintiffs may vote for a consensus candidate other than Clinton or Trump upon whom electors from both parties and along the ideological spectrum can agree,” the pair argues in a brief filed by attorney Sumeer Singla. “And they are and should be free to do so if their goal is to exercise their duty as electors to prevent the unqualified Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence from ascending to the highest offices in the United States.”

The pair’s lawsuit was rejected by a federal judge in Seattle.

Judge James Robart rejected the suit.
“The plaintiffs voluntarily chose to become presidential electors and subjected themselves to the rules and law of that position,” Robart said.

This entire “Hamilton Electors” movement seems to be made up of people who have only watched “Hamilton” the musical and not actually read the Federalist Papers. Like these Hollywood celebrities who seem to think that their oft-repeated “multiple celebrities saying the same thing in cutaway clips” will actually sway electors to not cast their votes for Trump.

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