#NFL Insanity Continues As Kaepernick Files A Grievance [VIDEO]

#NFL Insanity Continues As Kaepernick Files A Grievance [VIDEO]

The NFL has some major issues to sort out, and the mess just keeps getting wider, deeper, and murkier.

Last week, spineless Commissioner Roger Goodell tried to fix things with a memo, informing the players that the rules state the players must be standing. Of course, there was no mention of actual enforcement. It was just more of a “hey guys, these are the rules, could you remember that, kthxbai” kind of memo.

So the New Orleans Saints kneeled before the anthem, which contained a moment of silence. A New Orleans police officer was murdered last Friday, and the moment of silence was intended for him.

Officer Marcus McNeil was murdered after trying to subdue a suspect with a stun gun. By all accounts, McNeil, a married father of two, was a excellent officer and the pride of his family.

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