Michael Savage does not love Pecker, but #TrumpLovesPecker

Michael Savage does not love Pecker, but #TrumpLovesPecker

Mark the date and time! I do believe this is the first person to crack on his support of Donald Trump. On Friday, Michael Savage, conservative radio personality said he would withdraw his support for the Teflon Don unless he “disavows” the extramarital affair smear on Ted Cruz published by the National Enquirer.

It’s this big but you’ll think it’s yuuuge. You’ll never know the difference. You’re gonna love it.

On his Savage Nation radio show, Savage declared:

the Enquirer story falsely alleges Cruz carried on five extra-marital flings – charges Cruz refutes as “garbage.”

And, Savage charges, Enquirer owner American Media Inc.’s CEO David Pecker, is a “close friend” of Trump, “flies to Florida on Trump’s private jet” and is “personally involved in the anti-Cruz stories.”

“This is assassination by innuendo,” Savage says of the Enquirer bombshell. “I supported Trump, and probably still will, but if he won’t disavow this guy Pecker and this story I may withdraw my support…. I am not going to support anyone who engages in assassination by innuendo.”


Savage said he’s not blaming Trump for the story, but warns: “If he finds outs that this Pecker is involved, he should get rid of this connection because this is not going to help him at all.”

The owner of the Enquirer is David Pecker. But why would there be any whiff of impropriety on the part of Trump in this sordid attack? Well, it’s not as if Donald Trump doesn’t know the people involved at the National Enquirer. In fact, he knows Pecker very well, has known him for years, and has allegedly had a working relationship with him (supposedly Trump has dumped stories at NE in the past, to his own advantage). At any rate, I am sure this long standing relationship is the reason this clever hashtag has taken hold: #TrumpLovesPecker.



Who is the glorious bastard that authored this immaturity? I’d like to shake his non-Trump sized hand. Well done Patriot.



This is why Michael Savage is the most hated conservative in America.

This is why Michael Savage is the most hated conservative in America.

I’m embarassed that this guy is on our side. He’s got more in common with the Krazy Kos Kids than conservatives. Things like this are why I’m…

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