McAuliffe Math: When The Narrative Gets Inflated [VIDEO]

McAuliffe Math: When The Narrative Gets Inflated [VIDEO]

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe (D-Clinton) lost no time before releasing an official statement and running for the cameras after the shooting of Congressional Republicans at their softball practice in Alexandria.

Gov. Terry McAuliffe at press conference after shooting, June 14, 2017

Of course, when you want to shape the news to fit your agenda, there are bound to be some casualties. Like math skills.

“This is not what today is about but there are too many guns on the street,” the governor said Wednesday morning. “We lose 93 million Americans a day to gun violence.”

“It’s not just about politicians, we worry about all of our citizens,” he said.

“Why are you bringing it up? People are going to criticize that you are bringing up gun control at this time?” a reporter asked.

“I’m talking about it today. This is a very serious issue,” he replied.

It took reporters to point out the math problem before McAuliffe corrected himself.

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