Did the History Channel Crack the Amelia Earhart Case? Or Not? [VIDEO]

Did the History Channel Crack the Amelia Earhart Case? Or Not? [VIDEO]

Did Amelia Earhart fall into the hands of the Japanese in 1937? Does this grainy photograph prove it?

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That’s supposed to be Earhart in the center. Her navigator, Fred Noonan, is said to be on the left.

Moreover, the History Channel is promoting this theory in a new special set to air this Sunday. And, boy howdy, are they promoting it. The promo is about as sensational as a 1950’s B-movie.


NBC is heavily promoting the special as well. Then again, the man behind the research, Shawn Henry, is an NBC analyst, so there you go.

Not so fast, says a Smithsonian curator. Dorothy Cochrane, curator at the Air and Space Museum, says “I can’t really comment definitely on the photography, and I don’t think [History Channel investigators] can either.” She also noted that the image is “blurry.”

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