#Ferguson: NO Indictment of Officer Darren Wilson

The very long wait is over. Just now at a press conference in Clayton, Missouri, Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch announced that the grand jury after months of testimony and detailed evidence review that started on August 20, 2014.  The grand jury met on 25 different occasions and listened to over 70 hours of testimony.  They were the ONLY people who have heard and listened to ALL of the evidence in this case. After all of that, the grand jury was to determine if Wilson was the initial aggressor, was he authorized to use deadly force, or did he act in self-defense?

The grand jury has determined that there is NO PROBABLE CAUSE to return an indictment against Officer Darren Wilson, therefore no True Bill will be issued.

In anticipation of the announcement of this indictment; protesters have blocked streets in Ferguson and are protesting in front of the courthouse in Clayton.  Meanwhile protestors are massing in Denver’s City Park, have LA law enforcement on tactical alert across the city, Chicago dealing with protests, and in other cities around the country.

Now that the indictment is public, will they hold to peaceful protests as the Michael Brown family and even President Obama has asked for?  We can only hope that they will, but given all past actions of the protestors, and the fact that the indictment has not gone the way they demanded it should, it is highly doubtful.  In fact, this writer believes that the protestors will acquit themselves with the same destructive aplomb as they did in August leaving nothing but devastation and shame in their wake.

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