Quote of the Day: The Patriarchy in the Transgender Movement

Quote of the Day: The Patriarchy in the Transgender Movement

According to today’s so-called feminists, women should accept men as our allies and compatriots in arms… if they’re transgender, anyway. If they paint on some makeup, grow their hair long, pump themselves full of hormones, and wear pretty dresses, then they’re pretty much the same thing, right? We don’t need science mansplaining stuff to us. They’re just as much women as we actual women are. Therefore, they’re part of the feminist movement. Make sense?

Not everyone is in line with today’s feminist radicals. Most people don’t think that a dude in drag is the same thing as a real woman. Not even all feminists agree with that craziness. Some of them take offense to the idea that transgender women are just as good as the real thing. And Pia di Solemni just slammed the inherent patriarchy present in the transgender movement in a column for Crux.

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