Putin’s Poodle: Obama and his legacy

Putin’s Poodle: Obama and his legacy

The left likes to call Donald Trump Putin’s puppet. There is a desperation to pin the title on Mr. Trump and ignore a few inconvenient facts about the current administration. The fact that Trump is still President Elect does not stop the venom and vigorous self-righteous condemnations from flowing. However, there is a very convenient silence on the actual track record of the incumbent Mr. Obama. Obama actually is called Putin’s Poodle by the Russians. I would like to note that he and Hillary Benghazi Clinton and Teresa’s Gigolo John Kerry have earned this title with a lot of blood and horror in the Middle East. National Review’s Arthur Herman explains this here:

Mainstream media, and even some conservative commentators, have spent the weeks since the election obsessing on Donald Trump’s supposedly over-cozy relationship with Russia and speculating about whether he’ll be a hopeless weakling when dealing with Vladimir Putin. This view conveniently overlooks that Putin already has a patsy in the White House, Barack Obama. Obama hasn’t earned the nickname “Putin’s poodle” for nothing, and the effects on U.S. foreign policy have been nothing less than disastrous — especially in the Middle East.

The Russians have not been shy in their public disdain for Obama. The picture tweeted of Putin and Obama by Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin is below.

This Washington Times article has a few friendly words from Russia:

The tweet in the name of Mr. Rogozin also contained the message: “We have different values and allies.”

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