Sunday Morning Cafe Cocktails

Sunday Morning Cafe Cocktails

Sunday Morning Cafe Cocktails

Mimosa, Bloody Mary, nice flute of champagne — or maybe a favorite tipple in your coffee. Make yourself one and join me at our own Algonquin Round Table, the spirit of Dorothy Parker abides.

Happy Sunday, dear friends! The first week of June is now at an end and, boy howdy, another week of Facepalm and Cringe [Either a band name or an ambulance-chasing law firm] “Dr.” Jill’s complicity in elder abuse of Creepy Joe continues, from poop to plagiarism while the 80th anniversary of D-Day should have been front and center, not Biden’s decrepitude. The icing on the eclair came when Joe’s handlers decided to steal a chance of a lifetime for American students perform at Normandy in honor of the anniversary. But that’s how the Left rolls, dears. Right over anyone or anything in their way. So let’s pour our bubbly, fill our brunch plates and get to it. L’Chaim!


Chaz 2.0 — now with more terrorism support!

UC Santa Barbara occupies some of the most expensive real estate in California — but under the California sun and the sea breezes, moral courage has blown away.

The so-called “UC Santa Barbara Liberated Zone” is now an “autonomous society” according to the Daily Nexus, where “participating students and community members alike” can partake of various activities such as meditation, “Palestine teach-ins,” and listening to “music for liberation.”

UCSB’s encampment has been extant for about five weeks and counting.

The theater of dangerous absurdity has these Hamasholes playing at being benevolent commies (yeah, like that’s a thing …)

On the weekend of Mother’s Day, the Liberated Zone featured a chat on the “traditions of revolutionary mothering” along with a recognition of the “struggles of mothers in Palestine.”

Unsurprisingly, “many homeless” have found their way to the LZ where they’ve gotten “shelter and solace” in addition to free food. In fact, the LZ held a “Dining Hall Liberation/Free Food Now!” protest last week

“Free Food” as paid for by Other People.

Scratch a Marxist, reveal a parasite.


That thing that never happens, happens again

The alphabet mafia dismisses this all as ‘anecdotal’ or ‘insignificant’ and if you keep noticing it, you are the bigot. Enough gaslight here to replace all the street lamps in New York City.


Pride leadth to cheater’s chutzpah

Not only is it demanded that women and girls “get over” feeling uncomfortable in the presence of a ‘female penis’, but they must be made to cheer on the males who beat them in female sports.

Veronica Garcia, a transgender high school athlete in Washington who won the state championship in the girls 400-meter race last month, complained about the lack of “sportsmanship” shown after winning the race and receiving a medal for it. (snip)

Garcia told The Spokesman-Review the lack of a congratulations from other runners at the meet “somewhat hurt.”

“I guess maybe I expected sportsmanship because I was cheering the rest of them on when they were called. So I guess I expected to get that reciprocated,” Garcia told the paper. “But I didn’t get that.”

Poor baby. He not only steals a medal that rightfully belongs to a girl, but he whines that the victims of his cheating are not sufficiently cheering his victories at their expense.

What an insufferable brat.

Dears, it isn’t sufficient just to rid our society of “Pride” month, we need a Humility month.


I suggest firehoses and paddy wagons

Transport to warehouses, take their DNA, and drop them back in their home countries. No appeal.


Biden’s DOJ goes after doctor who exposed child mutilation in Texas

The Oval Office Child Sniffer is probably too addled to follow the details, but his DOJ got their ideological marching orders long ago. No dissent allowed.

The Department of Justice has not shied from targeting political opponents of the Biden administration: former President Trump; conservative school board protesters; persons praying outside of abortion clinics; and now, doctors who dissent from transgender ideology.

On the morning in June 2023 that Haim was to graduate from Texas Children Hospital’s residency program, federal agents knocked on his door. They had identified him as a potential “leaker,” presumably through forensic examination of the hospital’s computer systems. Shortly thereafter, Assistant U.S. Attorney Tina Ansari began threatening Haim with prosecution.

Now, Ansari has made good on those threats. Earlier this week, U.S. marshals appeared at Haim’s home and summoned him to court to face an indictment on four felony counts of violating HIPAA. His initial appearance is next Monday, where he will learn more about the charges against him.


Your Sunday palate cleanser

We all know a Gene. Could be a father-in-law who has enough tools in the garage — oops, his workshop, my bad — to make Ben Napier blush. Or maybe the guy who opened a small, local nursery with a couple of college friends back in the 70s who can tell you everything you need to know about putting in a veggie garden.

We are poorer when they disappear.


Your Sunday smile

It’s kids like these youngin’s that give me hope for the future.

What started as a casual outing turned into a remarkable moment of scientific discovery for eight-year-old Liam, his 11-year-old brother Jessin, and their 10-year-old cousin Kaiden Madsen.

The boys were on a fossil-hunting adventure when they spotted large bones emerging from a sedimentary rock formation.

Out getting their hands dirty in the great outdoors! And rewarded with a rare find to boot.

Experts estimate the dinosaur was a “teenager,” based on the size of the tibia — about two-thirds the size of a full-grown adult T. rex. The Teen Rex measured approximately 25 feet long and weighed around 3,500 pounds, equivalent to two rhinos. For comparison, adult T. rexes could reach 40 feet in length and weigh as much as four rhinos.

Let’s pray that the boys’ excitement and sense of wonder continue into the future. Tip of Indiana Jones’ fedora to the youthful archeologists.


And here we are again, dears. There’s mere crumbs on the plates and empty glasses as our time together draws to a close. Let me send you on your way to a wonderful rest of Sunday. Enjoy the early summer day and we’ll get together next week. Cheers!

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  • Cameron says:

    Regarding the whistleblower:

    There are people in the DOJ that need to be in prison over this level of abuse. And I mean General Population with the inmates being told anything can happen to the pigs as long as they live through it.

    Now, the Home Depot video? That lady is speaking truth. My wife worked at Lowe’s for a while and knew far more about plants than the manager who insisted that if they weren’t being drowned on a daily basis, they would die.

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  • GWB says:

    So I guess I expected to get that reciprocated
    Which means you don’t understand “sportsmanship” at all.

    Transport to warehouses, take their DNA, and drop them back in their home countries.
    Emphasis on “drop.” A la Pinochet.

    Good on those boys. 🙂

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