Sunday Morning Cafe Cocktails

Sunday Morning Cafe Cocktails

Sunday Morning Cafe Cocktails

Mimosa, Bloody Mary, nice flute of champagne — or maybe a favorite tipple in your coffee. Make yourself one and join me at our own Algonquin Round Table, the spirit of Dorothy Parker abides.

Happy Sunday, dear friends! Let me pass you the champagne flutes — this time with a splash of cranberry juice for a festive color to usher in the first Sunday of December and the countdown to Christmas. Casa Click has been busy with the deco inside and out, been pulling out the time-honored baking recipes for the season and, of course, stacking up all the Christmas movie DVDs for viewing.

Confession here, dears. I don’t really like It’s a Wonderful Life at all. In my considered, yet humble, opinion, there are several better films. Alastair Sim’s Scrooge (1951), Miracle on 34th Street (1947), and The Bishop’s Wife (1947) just to name a few that run circles around Jimmy Stewart’s film. This is a matter of taste, of course. Let me pass you some just-out-of-the-oven classic cinnamon rolls while you attempt a rebuttal. Take your time and let’s get to the rest.


Weaponizing the Feds against citizens

I know I have laughed more than once when seeing videos of British cops engaged — not in bring down criminals who cause great harm — in hunting down the errant tweet or facebook post. But I laugh no more.

The Biden administration’s Department of Homeland Security has had federal air marshals following people for years who flew to Washington, D.C., on January 6, 2021, even if they did not go to the Capitol and were never charged with a crime, according to an association representing air marshals.

Air marshals were allegedly pulled off of sensitive missions to follow potential conservatives, suggesting that not only was a law enforcement agency politicized, but that people with no involvement in politics might have been placed at risk as a result. The finding comes amidst the revelation that the FBI let an apparent child rapist go free to pursue January 6 cases.

Victor Davis Hanson has suggested breaking up the FBI and placing the various units under other appropriate agencies. But that can only be a start because we must purge the federal agencies of people who consider American citizens an enemy.


He sees White People

and he claims having to work with so many white people is affecting his mental health

BBC Radio 5 Live presenter Nihal Arthanayake has said an overwhelmingly “white” working environment is affecting his mental health.

The presenter told a journalism diversity conference on Wednesday: “It’s really affecting me that I walk in and all I see is white people.”

The man is a raging racist and BBC’s response?

Cheryl Varley, a BBC Radio 5 Live producer, said the organisation is committed to tackling the lack of diversity in its newsrooms.

In a sane world, both the racist and the racist’s enabler would be fired. Immediately.


SCIENCE! can not be trusted

Just as our university system has changed its mission from education to advocacy; thus “degrees” are unearned and amount to a little more than credentials, so Western science erodes into shamanism.

Naomi Oreskes, a Harvard professor of the history of science, argued that by “prioritizing scientific rigor” in its mask studies, the Cochrane Library may have “misled the public,” such that “the average person could be confused” about the efficacy of masks. Oreskes criticized Cochrane for its “standard . . . methodological procedures,” as Cochrane bases its “findings on randomized controlled trials, often called the ‘gold standard’ of scientific evidence.” Since RCTs haven’t shown that masks work, she writes, “[i]t’s time those standard procedures were changed.”

If the Wuhan Lung-Rot proved anything, it is that some “scientists” were more about indulging their own paraphiliac reaction to power over people than sticking with actual science.

Masks don’t work against viruses.

Surgical masks were designed to protect patients from having open wounds infected by medical personnel, not to prevent the spread of viruses. N95 masks were designed to protect workers from breathing in fumes, smoke, or dust. When N95s were worn in hospitals pre-Covid, it was usually to protect against the spread of tuberculosis bacteria, not to stop the spread of viruses. As an article on the National Institutes of Health website puts it, “Viruses are tiny. . . . Billions can fit on the head of a pin.” Bacteria are huge by comparison: “Bacteria are 10 to 100 times larger than viruses.” Trying to block a virus with a mask is like trying to keep mosquitos out of your yard with a chain-link fence.

People wearing masks in public broadly fall into three categories — 1) The virtue signaler 2) The True Believer 3) The criminal looking to conceal their identity. Plan accordingly.


Why Democrats are terrified of Creepy Joe NOT running in 2024

VP Roundheels delivers another tribute to her hero, Professor Irwin Corey.

While Newsom did his best to don a cheerleader uniform for the Biden/Harris ticket (and that very weird attack on Ron DeSantis for mispronouncing “Kamala” … instead of just calling her “That empty-headed slattern”), Kamala just keeps publicly humiliating herself.


Your Sunday palate cleanser

Tis the season …


Your Sunday smile

This little girl got a chance at life in a state at celebrates life:


Sunday goes by too fast, dears. I so enjoy our time together and hope the rest of your Sunday is filled with the pleasures life provides in our families and friends. I do ask a favor, my friends. Hannukah begins at sundown this Thursday, Dec 7. Please pray for Israel and maybe find a space to display blue lights in a window or get a mezuzah for your front entrance.

Now go enjoy some egg nog or hot cocoa and I will see you next week. Cheers!

featured image, original graphic by Darleen Click

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  • Cameron says:

    Victor Davis Hanson has suggested breaking up the FBI and placing the various units under other appropriate agencies.

    I have a better suggestion:
    1. The FBI is abolished.
    2. Law enforcement goes back to the states.
    3. The former personnel are permanently barred from law enforcement duties for life.

    • GWB says:

      2. Law enforcement goes back to the states.
      There are still a few things that are nationally enforced. But, yes, the ‘creep’ of stuff upward into federal jurisdiction has been awful. I can only think of a couple of reasons for a federal law enforcement agency: facilitating cross-border law enforcement, treason, terrorism from an outside source, enforcement of our borders. Seems to me they aren’t doing 2 of those 4 (arguably, any of those 4) right now….

      3. The former personnel are permanently barred from law enforcement duties for life.
      That seems a little harsh. I’d let them be mall cops. Or maybe work for the NYC Transit Authority. (Of course, I don’t live in NYC.)

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  • GWB says:

    while you attempt a rebuttal
    Oh, honey. You’re obviously not seeing the same film I am. It’s a play with lots of symbols. It’s a little progressive, but doesn’t stray too far in that from Christian principles. It’s a little sappy, but I think all the best stories are.
    And Miracle on 34th Street doesn’t hold a candle to it. Almost any variation of A Christmas Carol is fantastic, and has some of the same sappy bits as IAWL.

    we must purge the federal agencies of people who consider American citizens an enemy
    I would rather say, we must purge the government of federal agencies that consider American citizens anything other than their bosses.

    all I see is white people
    That makes you a racist. All of them see co-workers.

    Masks don’t work against viruses.
    Making this a categorical statement is almost as bad as claiming they are effective. Masks work, within limited parameters, for limited purposes. What they don’t work for is as a population measure to prevent virus spread.
    What they work for, in limited fashion, is limiting spread of viral load from a mask wearer. And even then, only from someone in the nasty phase of contagion – sneezing, coughing. The whole “a lot smaller than the holes in the mask” is not the whole story. Just breathing out virus doesn’t get caught much by a paper/cloth mask. But all that icky stuff does get caught and that traps a lot of the viral load.
    There is a 4th category of mask-wearer – someone who is actually blecch sick.

    Tis the season …

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