Jessica Valenti Feels Need Causes Crime

Jessica Valenti Feels Need Causes Crime

Jessica Valenti Feels Need Causes Crime

Privileged, Eastcoast rich girl and “feminist” Jessica Valenti caught my attention with a claim so outright laughable that it can’t be ignored.

Jessica, one of the founders of the late and unlamented blog Feministing, has again fallen into one of the Leftist’s hoariest of socialist claims:

Granted, post-Dobbs, little Miss Jessica is attempting to shoehorn that weird Handmaid obsession that jerks the knees of Left-feminist ilk any time the adults in the room talk about things like responsibility. But her jaw-dropping thread of sobsister bleating over the poor, suffering thieves and how hard stores make it for them to … you know … commit crime.

Not one word about what the rise in petty theft has done to businesses across the country and the refusal of Leftwing District Attorneys to prosecute those crimes. Oh no, this is all about making motherhood more difficult cuz Margaret Atwood was right all along!!! RHEEEEE!!

And it’s not like other people responding to Jessica failed to mention the rise in organized petty theft crime and the lack of law enforcement and prosecution, Jessica is not buying it. No, she sneers.

Really, after my 22 years in the law enforcement/judicial arena, it is really rare that shoplifting is done out of need of the item stolen. Addicts steal to support their drug habit; others steal because working for a living is for suckers. This is no secret.

Audacious thieves are showing up with reusable shopping bags, backpacks and even empty suitcases and waltzing out with stacks of London broil steaks, armloads of air freshener and dozens of ice cream pints at a time. Some brandish knives or hypodermic needles when confronted, and a few employees have been injured while attempting to thwart the shoplifters, grocers say.

I was right there working at a district attorney office when Victoria Gardens Mall in Rancho Cucamonga opened and was swarmed by thieves that first Christmas season. We even had a couple fly across country to boost from the high-end stores. Yes, they were caught with close to $10k in merchandise in the trunk of their rental car.

None of them were doing it because “baby needs a new pair of shoes.”

But then Jessica is one of those over-educated — Masters (heh) in Women and Gender Studies — butter won’t melt in her mouth, white-wine lunch with the girlfriends frauds who figures she gets social points for making business owners out to be Javert to all the Jean Valjeans filling their booster bags with hundreds of dollars’ worth of porterhouse steaks.

Bet she’s got a real talent in avoiding jury duty, too.

UPDATE: Welcome, Instapundit readers!

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  • Dana says:

    There was a time when diapers were cloth, and mothers had to wash the soiled ones. Annoying, certainly, especially if poopy rather than just peey, but a woman isn’t a slave to the diaper supply at Big Lots if she has cloth diapers around.

    Disposal diapers have been around for what, just two generations? How ever did the American family survive before 1970?

    • GWB says:

      Heck, my son was raised mostly in cloth diapers. Until we moved to oh-so-progressive Germany, which didn’t have cloth diaper services.

      I will say, however, that without the diaper service, cloth diapers would have been a MUCH more controversial choice in our house!

  • GWB says:

    Yes, the idea that people only steal because they need what they’re stealing is one of those Progressive fairy tales they tell to justify their therapeutic approach to crime resolution. It stands in direct contradiction to Christian explication of human nature and to reality. It’s a parable they tell themselves to salve their conscience.

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