Straight men are homophobic for having a girlfriend… or something

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Straight men are homophobic for having a girlfriend… or something

According to Feministing, that’s just not allowed. And they can’t sing, either. Know why? Because musical theatre is just so gay-friendly that it’s homophobic for straight men to use it. Or something like that.

I hate this kind of shit. First and foremost, it drives nuts when homophobic men use the medium of Musical to instate their homophobic agendas, turning the theaters history of being gay-friendly, gay-supportive, and gay-active on its head.

This was in response to this video:

The feminist screed continues,

Second, is this really the best these two can figure out in the way of the tricky and often exploitative strict relationship statuses known as “platonic” and “sexual,” wherein the blurring of any lines between the two constitutes an annoying and horrifying aberation? For example, it is impossible for the makers of this video to conceive of a situation wherein a man can spend time with both his female sexual companion and his male platonic (?) companion without the implication that everything the female does makes her an evil villain encroaching upon the property of that imaginary world called guyland. Also, I don’t think its too far-fetched that someone would get upset with their companion for spending all day playing videogames and not allowing her access to the game. Would this vid have been more interesting if she was just sitting between the two twiddling her thumbs? Maybe wearing something more provocative? And what is up with the relationship between the two men? To be crying from the multiple times they decided to act upon their sexual attraction to one another?

Just to start with, I don’t think I’ll ever understand what the link is between feminism and homosexuality. Is it because feminists hate men, and therefore all women should be lesbians, meaning that homosexuality is the way to go? I don’t know, and it isn’t that I’m saying anything against homosexuality, just that I don’t quite understand why feminists so often are such ardent defenders of gay men. I don’t really see what gay men have to do with the feminist “movement”. I didn’t really see how this video was necessarily homophobic either — I actually thought it was poking fun at homophobia, personally.

That said, is this video really that unfeminist? It seemed kind of stupid and cheesy to me. OK, so they made the girlfriend look like an annoying bitch. I guess feminists didn’t catch the part where, despite the annoying bitchiness, her boyfriend still chose her over his buddy — doesn’t that say something about how he sees her worth?

I’m not going to go into some deep analysis of this video, because it seemed to me that, more than anything, this video was dripping with sarcasm. That Feministing got so bothered over it was more a statement about feminism than it was about the patriarchy. Feminists can’t even appreciate good sarcasm, which only further perpetuates the “humorless bitch” stereotype so many of us hold for feminists. But hey, even though it’s a video steeped in sarcasm and silliness, it doesn’t matter. It’s sexist! It’s homophobic! It must be stopped! YEARGHHH!

Is the problem here that feminists are running out of things to complain about? I know that perpetual victimhood must get tiring, so you’d think that when this is the kind of tripe they’re bitching about, they’d start to take a hint.

But then, that’d be giving them too much credit.

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  • Mark says:

    Running out of things to complain about? How about taking up the case of that woman beheaded by her husband because she threatened him with divorce. If those old crones hate men so much, this guy fills the bill, so to speak.
    But he’s a muslim, so he’ll get a free walk from these harridans.

  • Mat says:


    When the Muslims eventually take over (which will probably happen because they breed like flies), I’m pretty sure the folks at Feministing will have something much more drastic to complain about. The problem for them at that point is that they’ll simply be beheaded. No more feminism…

  • Just to start with, I don’t think I’ll ever understand what the link is between feminism and homosexuality.

    If that’s meant to be an “Am I The Only One Who” query, rest assured you are not. I’ve been wondering about this for awhile. I think it has something to do with identifying whatever might be considered mainstream, and then going against it.

    I call it the “must have fifty percent female participation in all efforts save for the raising of children” dichotomy.

    And then there’s the whole sex thing. If you’re a sexually mature, active young lady, and you have lots and lots and lots of sex with one guy, whose name means something to you, you get huge minus points on Planet F. Lots and lots and lots of sex with lots and lots of guys whose names you don’t even know…that gets you an atta-girl.

    Is the problem here that feminists are running out of things to complain about?

    The problem is that, and once they’re out of things to complain about, they’re the last to know. Feministing itself displays dozens and dozens of “Help Me Hate This” posts every single month. And they’re all like this: Sometime, somewhere, someone expressed a thought we don’t like.

    Once any kind of equal-opportunity movement digs down into that crusty layer, what it’s scraping against is the barrel’s bottom. Feminism’s been there since we defeated the Equal Rights Amendment. Hell, it’s been there since the first Star Trek got cancelled.

  • RogerCfromSD says:

    In response to “The Vagina Monologues” I have written “The Penis Soliloquies.”

    All the gals at Feministing get free tickets.

  • Lt. York says:

    Fight the Gynocracy!
    All hail the Y chromosome!

  • J David says:

    I see my Freud plaudit was eliminated… Hmmmm, very courageous!

  • andycanuck says:

    So guyland = bad; gayland = good?

  • lurker says:

    What am I doing here? I thought it said “female fisting”. damn it.

  • One of the frustrating things is that if you’re single like I am, some people figure you’re gay. If you date women, some people figure you gotta be gay. If you get married you probably are secretly gay.

    What IS it with feminists and homosexuality, anyway?

  • Dave M says:

    When you’re talking about a particular sub-set of Feminists (the scary Maoists filtering EVERYTHING through ideology), then a lot of time you’re talking about individuals who’re pretty much stuck in “reacting to severe childhood trauma” mode. Gay guys are great (even though they are more directly responsible for women’s epidemic body-image problems than anyone else) because to many of the people we’re talking about, they are percieved as the ONLY men who aren’t constantly conspiring to rape them.

  • CaptDMO says:

    As usual,
    Can a distinct line be drawn between the all inclusive term homosexual, and the minority of GLBT “activists”.
    NOT extending the courtesy of granting “ink” to their more childish plaints would be a start! (You too Morgan!) Sheesh.

    Can a distinction be made between the catch-all accusation
    of prejudicial fear and hatred implied by homophobic,
    and criticism of the behavior espoused by those who disingenuously claim membership in the “feminists and their appointed allies” union as justification to project
    blame and shame for personal lack of unmerited adoration?

    If your going to eat from the tree of knowledge, at least reach for the fruits on the higher branches than the Xena,delusionally significant club. Leave the low hanging fruit to the

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