staying in the house Reagan built

staying in the house Reagan built

so i guess it’s going to come down to this:  mccain or romney. 

mcain is and always will be an american hero because of his vietnam experience however, as a politician, he has been incredibly unreliable to upholding conservative principles.  some call him a “maverick”.  loose cannon is more accurate when you look at the issues in his career that he took a “maverick” stand on:  tax cuts, campaign finance reform, immigration, gang-of-14…  he even has that “open borders” guy, Dr. Juan Hernandez, on his team as a “hispanic outreach” advisor for gosh sakes.  he has, however, been stellar on the War on Terror.

i have a conservative discomfort with romney.  though i believe that positions on issues — especially life — change (it did with ronald reagan), i worry that romney’s change of heart is simply convenient rather then sincere and trustworthy *coughflipflopcough*.  i do however believe he is a fiscal conservative and has a conservative view point on the War on Terror.  and he is certainly more conservative then mccain.

it’s crunch time for conservatives.  with huckabee and paul basically marginalized, we conservatives must either rally to romney or we reconcile ourselves to mccain and all that means.

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