Start Those Virtue-Signal Engines — It’s JUNE!

Start Those Virtue-Signal Engines — It’s JUNE!

Start Those Virtue-Signal Engines — It’s JUNE!

The made-in-China “Pride” merchandise is stocked, the press releases written, the lighting around HQ ready to go rainbow, and HR has badgered the employees to identify the LGBTQQARSLMNOP co-workers so they can be honored. Oh look, it must be June.

Back in the bad old days of the 1970s and gay liberation, the plea from the gay community was always centered on We are just like you except for who we love. All we ask is to be treated like everyone else.

And that lasted for about five minutes before all the talk of gay acceptance turned to demands for everyone to celebrate them, never disagree with them, and OH HONEY never criticize them.

Which in the course of the past few decades – as gays gained a greater share of the public square than their percentage in the population – has led to the public perception, particularly by young people, that gays and lesbians are 25% of the population, when in reality they are about 3.5%. So ubiquitous this perception that even the old fogeys over 65 who should know better peg the percentage at 22%.

Marketing, baby. It’s all about the marketing. And boy, howdy, when the Gay Mafia rolls around to say nice business you got here, shame if anything would happen to it makes the corporate call, boards listen.

Behold Forbes gushing on how to be a good corporate sheep ally.

“Corporate accountability does not begin and end with employee benefits and hiring practices—it extends to how a corporation spends its dollars, philanthropic and political,” said GLAAD president and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis. “It extends to how a corporation takes public stands and lobbies against anti-LGBTQ+ legislation, and how it supports and lobbies for pro-LGBTQ+ legislation, because this legislation impacts LGBTQ+ employees and consumers.”

So GLAAD is there to extort corporations into forgetting their fiduciary duties and to use their corporate clout to bully others into queer politics.

It’s working out well for Disney, wouldn’t you say?

And that’s the rub. All those nice, boring middle-class and professional gays who just wanted to be treated as individuals have pretty much been pushed to the side by the Queer and Trans activists who militantly pursue tots and pronouns. Whether it’s lesbian-feminist organizations fighting against males in women’s prisons and shelters or even one the founders of the UK LGB charity, Stonewall, arguing that Trans advocates have gone too far, it is well past time for the LGB to divorce itself from the TQQ+ jackboots.

Meanwhile, corporate pandering continues, not for a day or a long weekend but for the full month of June. Here Target not only has all manner of June Pride swag but are targeting the youngsters, too.

And drag shows? Just what kind of perverts think that men bumping and grinding while costumed as grotesque caricatures of women is appropriate for school children?

Oh, that kind.

The Trans and Queer factions of the Gay/Lesbian community have hijacked a movement that was, initially, about civil rights. Now it is a Woke cult that is hostile to all Western principles of individual liberty and responsibility.

There is no longer anything to be proud of in June’s month-long shakedown, beatdown and bullying of those who won’t bend a knee.


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  • Bandit says:

    Spot on – remember to stay out of my bedroom except you have to celebrate my queerness each and every day in every gay way and if you don’t then you’re homophobic H8R

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