For My Son, on the Eve of His Graduation from College

For My Son, on the Eve of His Graduation from College

For My Son, on the Eve of His Graduation from College

At this time of year, I’m sure a lot of VG readers are inching up on major milestones in their children’s lives. This is for you!

I was driving by the baseball field near my house yesterday when I noticed the car ahead pulled over and parked hastily halfway off the road. It’s not a place to park so at first I was annoyed. That thought quickly turned sentimental and sappy when I saw a man emerge carrying shoes, running toward the field. Undoubtedly it was a dad bringing his son his forgotten cleats.

005My son graduates from college next week. It has been many years since I have had the “privilege” of chasing after him with uniform parts or backpacks or picking him up from an overheated Land Rover or broken down Jeep. I miss that little boy very much, but somehow I am more than comforted, amazed, and so grateful for the young man he has become.

When he left for college, I may have been uncertain about his future, but he was not. He has made wise choices, and recovered splendidly from not so good ones, and I could not be more proud of the man he has become. I can’t think of a better way to describe his accomplishments these last four years other than to say he has owned his life. He realized he was in charge and whether he succeeded or failed, he would be the reason. It takes some of us much longer to learn that.

This is a big milestone for many of his friends who are also graduating this year. Lately I’ve been running into many of his classmates’ families, and to a person, all these boys have become really fine young men. I guess the “privilege” has only changed form – I am so thankful to have been part of this group of very special people and cherished boys (you know who you are). Congratulations to all those graduating soon and those who are pursuing their talents in every way!

Love you Zack, you have made this momma so proud and my heart spills over. <3

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