Sick of Gun Control Debates? Us Too.

Sick of Gun Control Debates? Us Too.

…So here is some information to help you just win them outright, end the illogical “arguments” surrounding the gun control issue, and go on about your day.

First, this letter was signed by 1100 Green Berets.  In it, they explain not only why gun rights are important, but why you—yes, YOU—should care.

Dana Loesch also debunks the 14 biggest gun control lies here.

Between these two articles alone, you’ll have enough information to pretty much answer any one of the lame, tired, and even moronic arguments given to you by the liberal pansies who think the government loves you and the cops magically appear whenever bad things happen.

You’re welcome. 😉

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  • Catherine Wilkinson says:

    Thank you….sometimes I’m just too damn lazy to round up the many arguments to swat down an idiot who believes “control” is the answer.

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