Shutdown Chow Down, Crumbs and Swiss Cheese

Shutdown Chow Down, Crumbs and Swiss Cheese

Shutdown Chow Down, Crumbs and Swiss Cheese

It’s hard to laugh at our current political and cultural scenes when the world we live in seems to be swirling in that big, galactic porcelain bowl. Then “Crumbs” Pelosi opens her gaping pie hole and one giggle snorts in spite of one’s self. Truth. This week was an epicurean delight in yummy news fit for snark.

1. The Shutdown Chow Down

Victory Girls’ Nina wrote about the dinner that Mrs. Pelosi (Delusional-CA) held in the District of Columbia the very first night of the government shutdown. Read Nina’s post here. She has the yummy bon mots you crave and a picture of the menu.

I am still trying to figure out why there isn’t an adult in the Democrat Party who would shyly raise a paw and say, “Um, excuse me your majesty, but methinks the optics of an expensive dinner, whilst non-essential and military peasants are wondering how to pay the mortgage and feed the little ones, might be ungainly.” This is probably why I am not in public service.

From Patriot Retort

2. No Crumbs For the Peasants

Queen Nancy truly channeled Queen Marie Antoinette, who once totally lost her head over bread. HRM Nancy the Deranged first made her “crumbs” comment about bonuses on January 11, 2018. By the time Deanna wrote about the “crumbs” for Victory Girls, it had been repeated and seconded by Debbie Wasserman Schulz (Lacking a brain-FL). Those two should never take their show on the road again. Read Deanna’s post here and remember next time you vote.

Oops. She did it again. This afternoon, the Daily Caller reported that Nancy tweeted about the GOP Tax “crumbs” again. And, here it is:

In the name of all that is good in the world, stop that female. And, they say that President Donald Trump tweets too much. Speaking of Trump and cheese.

That is one cheesy smirk.

3. If you don’t like crumbs, try the Swiss Cheese instead

The media told us that Donald Trump, the uncouth current Oval Office Occupant, would be snubbed, laughed at and shunned at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. After all, the media knows. They are in the same club as the erudite elite who are invited to Davos, so they thought. Au contraire, mon frere. Those Richie Riches were cheesing on Trump like he was printing money for them. Hmmmm?

Jim Acosta, the perpetually petulant CNN White House scribe, decided he wanted some Whine with his cheese and thanks to the Media Research Center, we have the video:

Whaa! Whaa! “Pitiful display” Acosta would know all about pitiful displays.

That’s it. There are the laughs for the week thanks to your friends Victory Girls. Enjoy your crumbs, peasants.

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  • Scott says:

    Pelosi and Wasserman Shultz need to crawl in a hole and die.. or maybe keep running their mouths, and dig a deep hole form the Dims…

  • Johnny says:

    Too much winning!
    On second thought, not yet…

  • thomass says:

    like usual; dems smoking crack. There are some actual 2018 tax calculators out now (vs ones for doing your taxes in 2018 that have 2017 data)…. my income tax is going down about 22%. Not 2%. Some of the calculators let you enter the data a flip between tax years… so you can calculate at 2017 and then switch to 2018 to see the difference.

  • Scottie says:

    Sorry, but the government workers are basically on paid vacation. They will get every penny in back pay on their next paycheck. So that point isn’t a very strong one. I wish it were otherwise and the “non-essential” employees were simply terminated outright, but that would upset somebody’s apple cart in the Deep State, wouldn’t it?

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